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Jenna Jameson in Heartbreaker

  • Release date:
    March 19, 2008
  • Runtime:
    2h 0m
  • Cast:
    Janine|Felecia|Tom Byron|Jenna Jameson|Taylor Hayes|Kobe Tai|Dee|Mercedez|Briana Banks|Sunrise Adams|Raylene|Savanna Samson|Nicole Sheridan|Ashlyn Gere|Bobby Vitale|Taya|Rachel Rotten|Chi Chi LaRue

Heart Breaker


Genre: Feature, Couples, Drama, older women

Director/Producer: Paul Thomas

Cast: Ava Vincent, Michael J. Cox, Rebecca Bardoux, Mike Horner, Sharon Kane, Dale DaBone, Briana Banks, Evan Stone, Kelsey Hart

Length: 139 minutes

Date of Production: 9/20/01

Extra's: positions room (see the types of action you want to see), Briana biography, 2 scenes from other Vivid releases with Briana in them, photogallery, 12.5 minute bloopers/out take reel, 25.5 minute Behind the Scenes featurette, spam, CREDITS!

Audio/Video Quality: Both were surprisingly good for a Vivid dvd. The video looked much clearer than usual and the audio was usually very well made.

Body of Review: Heart Breaker is a soap opera style drama about extra marital affairs. There is as much story and acting here as there is sex. For that reason, along with the simple fact that the acting is well done, it should appeal to couples a lot more than your average porno would. That's not to say that the sex scenes were weak, far from it, but the market niche that Vivid is chasing here is among those couples who aren't regular porn watchers. Here's a quick breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Ava, one of the most attractive young gals in the business, had sex with Michael outdoors. It included playing with a toy, oral and straight. The scene was fun, energetic and playful.

Scene Two: Rebecca, an older yet still attractive woman, had sex with Mike in a warehouse scene that included oral, vaginal, and anal sex. I've always been a believer that older women could be just as fun to watch as some 18 year old flavor of the month and she confirmed that belief here. While not as much fun to watch as Ava, she seemed to display some warmth and energy here herself.

Scene Three: Rebecca, back in the saddle again, took care of Michael in the back of a bar. Again, she did the oral, vaginal, and anal sex groove quite well.

Scene Four: Sharon, active in the porn business since the 70's, played an older grumpy woman who used her wealth to score with younger Dale outdoors. The couple was enthusiastic in their oral and vaginal play although I'd be lying if I said she was the most attractive gal here. Sometimes, age is overcome by energy-to be fair, this is not a limitless concept.

Scene Five: Briana, who's face is so pretty that it amazes me she's in porn, screwed Evan in the back of the bar. While she's too lean for my tastes, she did seem to enjoy the oral and vaginal sex here in this fun scene.

Scene Six: Ava, super hotty, has sex with Dale in a booth while others stand around. Oral and vaginal with Kelsey lending a hand (and boob) to assist their fun.

Scene Seven: Briana returned along with Kelsey to take care of Michael in the store. They all participated fully and the scene included oral, vaginal, and anal sex. It didn't have the energy of some of the other scenes but it was better than Vivid usually makes.

Scene Eight: Ava and Mike got busy on a couch before moving to the balcony. Even though the scene had only oral and vaginal sex, it displayed their talents quite well-if a bit too short for my preferences.

Summary: The women all fit their roles in the movie and each added some real heat to the show. That they seemed to enjoy the sex was quite a bonus. The technical values were higher than usual as well which made this one a real winner. If you like plotted porn with decent acting, this dvd is certainly a good choice to share with your significant other. My biggest gripes relate to the implants, the spam at the beginning of the dvd and the fact that there's no feature to cut out the story parts for future viewings.

You get over 2 hours of porn for the price of admission. Considering Vivid's past record, it's good to see them making something other than a compilation once in awhile. Good work!


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