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Her First Lesbian Sex 27

  • Release date:
    January 28, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 42m
  • Cast:
    Samantha Ryan

Genre: Gonzo, Threesomes, Widescreen, All Girl/Lesbians, Sex Toy Play

Director: ??

Cast: Celeste Star, Samantha Ryan, Veronique Vega, Nikki Kane, Shawna Lenee, Chastity Lynn

Jesse Jordan, Sear, Chastity Rain

Audio/Video: Audio was fair to good. Video quality was very good.

Length: 1 hours, 48 minutes

Release Date: 1/28/13

Extras: Extras include over 10 Pink Visual trailers, slide show, PV Mobile, a five minute long striptease sequence featuring Samantha, behind the scenes and a bonus scene.

Condoms: No

Overview: There’s always something exciting seeing a girl have her lesbian cherry popped. In this edition of Pink Visual’s Her First Lesbian Sex 27, we have “reluctant” girls who say they’re not into girls yet quickly succumb to the advances of their much more seasoned lesbian muff diving friends. We all know what happens next but it’s what you see is nothing short of messy nut busting goodness.

Scene 1 Jesse, Samantha

Samantha just bought a new accesory that allows her to use her phone as a video camera with a handle, which makes it easier to hold as she seduces Jesse. Jesse admits she’s never been with a girl giving Samantha the opportunity to take advantage of this fact. She records the entire encounter, nicely getting in there with her camera as she laps up Jesse’s clit. We also see some great up close shots of Jesse’s ass when the two engage in some sizzling 69 action. Jesse has an awesome, athletically toned body that Samantha cannot get enough of. She licks her body, sucks on her tits all the while Jesse just sits back and enjoys Samantha’s tongue moving across her body. The two girls nicely interact with one another, there being excellent chemistry and a genuine attraction, which helps in making this a terrific opening scene.

Scene 2 Sear, Nikki, Shawna Lenee

Sear was just recruited by Shawna and Nikki to be a bikini model so it’s important that the girls know what Sear is working with. Not only do they have to check her out but have to sample Sear’s sweet spots. Sear can only lay there as the two horny lezzies have their way with her. Shawna dives down between Sear’s legs while Nikki sucks on her tits, instantly getting Sear creaming away. Sear, who never had pussy before, loves how the girls take turns to suck on her perky nips and all that pussy lapping. Nikki and Shawna engage in a little girl on girl love in front of Sear, showing her how hot is having sex with girls. Sear is definitely turned on and turned out by the end as the girls get Sear to bust her lesbian cherry for the first time.

Scene 3 Chastity Lynn, Tara

Chastity, lying on the couch with her legs spread, waiting for the delivery girl to show up gets excited to hear the bell ring. She gets up, dressed in a thong and bra top only, and invites Tara in. Chastity doesn’t have enough money (so of course this leads to a steretypical delivery person themed porn) and convinces Tara to let her pay in other ways. Tara isn’t girls and is a bit apprehensive, as she realizes what Chastity has in mind. Tara tries to leave but Chastity practically buries her face between Tara’s legs. Tara likes it but still tries to leave so Chastity plants a big wet kiss on Tara, who now is turned on and is letting Chastity take charge of the situation. Chastity laps up more of Tara’s juicy clit, Tara actually guiding Chastity’s head up and down and getting herself wetter. The two engage some pretty hot lesbian play, even Tara does a nice job of getting Chastity off. Lots of exploring going on, with the girls engaging in tity sucking and hot and heavy pussy licking. Tara leaves satisfied with her special tip.

Scene 4 Chastity Rain, Veronica, Celeste Star

Veronica brings her friend Veronica over to Celeste’s house and without realizing it, Chastity is about to be in the middle of a lesbian sandwich. She is very reluctant at first but Celeste and Veronica actually force her to submit to them. They remove her clothing and now Chastity is standing in front of the girls, totally nude, being jerk off material for Celeste and Veronica. Celeste sucks on Chastity’s tits while Veronica strips for her. Once she’s out of her clothes the two starts sampling Chastity’s sweet spots. Both ladies lap up Chastity’s pussy with Chastity slowly getting into the action. Now they got her, relaxed and wet and the two really go to town on their new naïve fuck toy. Chastity creams all over Celeste’s face, then as Celeste sits on top of her, nicely licks Celeste’s clit, getting Celeste to nut all over Chastity’s face. Veronica laps up what’s left and the three engage in a wet threeway kiss.

Summary: I’ve seen a number of volumes in this series and the verdict is, this is the best volume of this series I have ever watched. Just the gorgeous talent alone is worth the price but the strong stroke factor and replay value here has earned itself a Highly Recommended rating. This has just about everything you want in lesbian porn plus the ladies all appeared to have a genuine good time with each other. I loved how the ladies being seduced played up their naïve angles but once they got down and dirty, all the ladies performed in some very intense, very sizzling lesbian sex. This is a winner guys. It’s going in my permanent porn collection.


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