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Rocco & Kelly’s Perversion in Paris

  • Release date:
    March 21, 2003

Rocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris

Evil Angel

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Rocco Siffredi

Cast: Katty Thurman, Laura Angel, Rocco Siffredi, Kelly Stafford, Alain L'yle, Roberto Malone, Dino, Hannah, Remigio Zampa

Length: 119.5 minutes

Date of Production: 2/7/03

Extra's: fetish menu (choose the types of action you want to see), 30 minutes of extra footage, photogallery, cast list, filmographies of some performers, biography of Rocco

Audio/Video Quality: All too often, the movie looked recorded on a cheapo videocamera. I know that this is supposed to give it a cutting edge look but it really doesn't work for Rocco nearly as well as it used to for Christoph Clark or John Stagliano. Grain, video noise, and poor lighting are not exactly in high demand these days as dvds magnify every problem. The sound was similarly limited.

Body of Review: Evil Angel was once the top of the line Gonzo company in porn thanks largely in part to the efforts of John Buttman Stagliano. His movies with Rocco would always put a smile on my face because even though I know they were scripted, they were always fun to watch and had a lot of humor in them. Now that Rocco makes his own movies, often focusing on the more abusive aspects of sex roles (slapping women, spanking them, forcing them to do things, etc.), much of that humor is gone. I won't deny that a good sized portion of the porn buying/renting market is into this type of action but at the same time, I have to ask myself is the loss of the humanizing factor that John provided Rocco's movies gone?

Okay, in Rocco and Kelly's Perversion In Paris, the couple travel to Paris to engage in hardcore sex. If you are comfortable with the types of acts described here, you'll probably like the movie a lot. While none of the women are top of the line physically, they all seem to be able to do whatever Rocco wants them too. Kelly just doesn't do it for me so you can guess that the high cost of this one is going to be too high a price since she's in most of the scenes. Here's a quick breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Katty and Rocco started off the movie with a bit of ass play (toy up her ass) and choking with gag action (he held her nose so she couldn't breathe while she blew him). Then Laura joined in with some food play (bananas) and the sex continued until the facial. It wasn't a bad scene-both gals had a great ass) but neither were top of the line in the face department either.

Scene Two: Kelly, a regular with the main man here, and Rocco had some hotel room fun in Paris. The implied urine drinking was gross (and for fans of such action, it wasn't shown). There was a lot of oral and anal with some ATM. Pass (oh, and foot play fans will enjoy this one a bit too). The technical qualities like lighting and such were pretty weak here.

Scene Three: Kelly and Alain had a scene in a hotel room. Yes, there was anal and just like the other scenes no condoms were used. But she's rather plain looking and needs a dentist badly. Sexually, it qualified as hardcore but the action sure wasn't anything nearly as interesting as the scenes with Rocco except for her rimming the hairy guy and shoving her finger up his ass. Fair.

Scene Four: Kelly took on Roberto and Dino with the guys playing French cops who ultimately force her to have sex with them. I know it's just a role playing scene between consensual adults but I'm not turned on by men hitting women or forcing themselves on them. Once you get over the conceptual problems, it's nearly as hardcore as a movie by Red Light District but since the movie looked, often enough, like it was recorded on a home video camera, it lost a lot of points with me.

Scene Five: Kelly and Hannah jumped Remigio after some abusive slapping. It was okay if you like seeing essentially the same stuff over and over but neither gal was exactly what I'd call attractive and that makes it tough to sell to my meat puppet.

Summary: Evil Angel is still one of the best Gonzo companies on the market if you like cutting edge hardcore sex. I haven't seen many of their releases in the last year or two (too expensive and too niche for me) but fans of Rocco's antics will likely appreciate this more than I could ever know. I'm sure he really likes Kelly and the others here, and I'm also sure he's very good to them when the camera isn't rolling, but I can't say that I'd pay the better part of $30 to watch women getting roughed up. Like most of Rocco's movies, you'll either love it or hate it with little middle ground. For me, I'll pass this time.


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