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Riviera Trilogy

  • Release date:
    September 29, 2003

Riviera Trilogy: Private Gold 44, 45, 46


Genre: Feature

Director: Pierre Woodman

Cast: Asian Shan, Adrienne Klass, Alexa, Angelica Sweet, Christiane de Nerville, Gabi Black, Judit Nemyo, Alain Deloin, Bob Terminator, Chris Lover, Ian Scott, James Brossman, Pascal St. James, Susan Strong, Angelina Sweet, Nikki Blonde, Sebastian Barrio, Patricia Major, Heny, Nicolette, Sunny Blue, Aija, Reda, Sharon Bright, Ann Kiray, JPX, Katy, David Perry, Mephisto, Zoltan, Carla (others not credited or under different names for those already listed)

Length: 491.5 minutes

Date of Production: 4/01 to 6/01

Extra's: The Report, which is a behind the scenes look at the whole series, photogalleries, production notes, biographies for the women, trailers, making of scenes on the sampler dvd, double sided dvd cover

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. There were a number of slightly grainy scenes and the colors were not always perfect but considering the age of the material (and a few years or so is an age of magnitude in porn), I think it could be said to look pretty good. There was also a bit of shimmer and video noise at times but I think it looked better than Woodman's earlier works. The audio was presented in the same variety of choices Private is known for with my selection being the stereo English track. Sadly, the audio was dubbed, often badly, and those of you who are familiar with Private's dubbing efforts will know why I so greatly appreciate their more recent efforts (worlds apart better that they are).

Body of Review: Private Pictures has a large fan base throughout the world. Part of the reason is the sheer size of the organization while the biggest reason, in my eyes at least, is the number of drop-dead gorgeous women the company has employed over the years. Names like Rita Faltoyano, Michelle Wild, Jodie Moore, Dora Venter, Tania Russof, and scores of others have made their home with the company over the years. On top of that, the company has various series in an effort to capture as much of the market as possible. From the kinky Pirate Fetish titles to the features, to the compilations and the couple's friendly titles, Private has something for almost any taste. In recent months, the company has started taking older series and releasing them as a package deal in order to boost sales by providing a better deal for both parties. I really liked Private Gladiator Trilogy, thinking it to be a tremendous value considering what you got for the price. In the latest such release, The Riviera Trilogy, Private attempts once more to move some of their older product in what is a decent deal for fans of the companies releases.

The movie is a set of three (hence the term "trilogy") releases from 2001 by famed director Pierre Woodman. It details a soap opera style story that revolved around a rich family that lived on the French Riviera. The setting was very rich looking, the cast among the upper echelon of what Private has had to offer over the years and the sex included just about everything you could hope for at a great price. The acting itself varied an awful lot but this is porn and you really can't expect too much from hotty's that show up just before a scene and are handed lines to read (often in a language foreign to them). Suffice it to say, the sex varied in quality too but much less than the acting, which is to be expected. I'm not going to list each pairing (I made that fabulous decision when I had finished the first two movies-which took forever to get the cast correct) since about half showed enough heat to make them worth keeping and most of the others worth watching at least once or twice. If you like Woodman's other releases, you'll likely appreciate the deal this one represents and if you hate his body of work, there'll be nothing here to change your mind. I'm glad I held out on getting this one since the package deal was so much better (cheaper).

The package also includes the latest Private Sampler 7 which has three scenes and scores of trailers from dozens and dozens of Private's DVD movies over the years. You can go to their website if you'd like a listing of them but they are a great way to learn something about the women that are mentioned in the reviews. I'd be lying if I said each trailer accurately reflected the contents of the movie they came from but they do allow you to see what the ladies look like and a brief bit from the movies they come from.

Summary: So, how do I rate a package deal like this with mixed content? Well, I think it was worth a hardy Recommended based on the fuck for your buck quotient going on here. There were some technical issues and the content of the acting was about as exciting as any other weaker release but the sex was almost always worth checking out. I hope to see more of this type of release in the future given it's value orientation but it still falls short of the wonderful Private Gladiator Trilogy.


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