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Girlfriend Exchange, The

  • Release date:
    March 5, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 54m
  • Cast:
    Erik Everhard|James Deen|Manuel Ferrara|Robby D.|Jada Stevens|Riley Steele|Chastity Lynn


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The Girlfriend Exchange

Digital Playground

Genre: Feature

Director/Writer/Camera: Robby D.

Cast: Riley Steele, Manuel Ferrara, Chanel Preston, Erik Everhard, Chastity Lynn, James Deen, Jada Stevens

Length: 114:05 minutes

Date of Production: 4/24/2012


Extras: In terms of extras, the 8:48 minute long Behind the Scenes feature was the best for me. Shot by Jamal Jhonson and edited by Jay Are, it showed off the cast during photoshoots, giving interviews, and mussing for the camera. The inclusion of a standard DVD will appease those who have yet to get a Blu-ray player but frankly, given the quality of upgrade and the current price of such devices, I doubt many reading this will be without one. There was also a photogallery and some trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Girlfriend Exchange was presented in a very appealing 1.78:1 widescreen as shot by director Robby D. for Digital Playground. The movie package included both the standard definition DVD as well as the Blu-ray disc, each looking good though the high definition version was a really nice upgrade. It was edited by Kurt Tortcher and looked decent, the production doing a good job of blending the modest feature elements with the sexual trysts again though they were really basic on both accounts this time, the many close ups used distracting me from enjoying the movie as much as I could have. The 5.1 Surround audio was also clear in both versions of the movie, the difference less striking but the production sounded like the vocals, music, and ambient noises were all put together well enough, no one credited with this aspect of the movie as far as I could tell.


Body of Review: Robby D. is the sole director at Digital Playground these days, the technical consistency of his works a credit to him and his team. His latest fuck flick sent for review is called The Girlfriend Exchange, a showcase title for attractive Riley Steele. The story dealt with a traditional idea of a couple of guys thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the fence who decide to “trade” girlfriends, the idea proving popular until the consequences arise. Of special interest this time will be the casting of sexy Jada Stevens, fuck bunny Chastity Lynn, and curvy Chanel Preston, all of them worth spilling some baby batter over if you catch my drift. The back cover described the movie like this: “Sexy Riley Steele™ is about to make a switch! Manuel Ferrara loses a bet with his buddy Erik Everhard that sees the guys swapping girlfriends. Erik's wild babe Chastity Lynn is all for it, while Riley doesn't know what to expect. After a sex filled night with Manuel, Riley starts the swap and finds herself in Erik's untamed lifestyle which consists of full body rub-downs from sexy masseuse Chanel Preston. Back at Manuel's place, horny hottie Chastity freely fucks James Deen after he compliments her video game skills. Riley gives into lusty temptation and gives Erik all access to her pretty pussy as the girlfriend exchange comes to an end. While dropping Chastity back off at her home James invites himself into a three-way with her and her roommate, bootylicious Jada Stevens. Exciting sex and swapping significant others happen in The Girlfriend Exchange!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Riley Steele, the busty blond featured on the center of the front cover, was up first in bed with Manuel Ferrara. She wore some comfortable clothing and the couple kissed, her panties climbing up her ass as she ground herself into his lap. The abundance of close ups seemed hastily edited this time but Riley expressed a great deal of pleasure as he gobbled her gash, some kissing then resulting in her slobbing his knob actively. While Riley never took much of his pecker into her mouth, she applied some hand to gland action to ready him to pound her shaven pussy in a few positions, some spanking and taste testing ending up with his wad of genetic juice launched onto her face.


Scene Two: Chanel Preston, the curvy hotty seen featured on the lower portion of the front cover, was up next as she prepared to massage Erik Everhard, the happy go lucky guy stretching out on the table after some hilarious dance moves. Unlike most massage therapists, she stripped to service him, a landing patch of pubic hair and some fine curves making her stand out as some of the most premium pussy of the entire show. She rubbed him the right way and applied extra oil on his ass crack, pulling down his briefs as she spent extra time on his ass as he nestled his head between her legs. Erik gave her the oral pleasure she desired and was soon plowing away at her wet snatch, the babe overacting somewhat as she maintained great eye contact with him. He went back down on her a few times and she reciprocated briefly after some active cowgirl position sex, their mutual chemistry a nice touch even if the camera work was not the best. More vaginal sex led to her blowing him to completion, his nut of population pudding landing all over her as she gave some post coital head.


Scene Three: Chastity Lynn, a lean little blond with a decadent side to her, was up next as she masturbated on the couch while playing video games. She wore a bra and white booty shorts initially, pulling off her attire as she continued to rub one out at the thought of the trade in partners she participated in. While Manuel left to go to work, James Deen joined her on the couch, the gal continuing to get herself off while he focused solely on her videogame score, not taking the hint until after she began giving him some aggressive head while he played the game. When he finally caved in to join her sexually, she was also throating his semi turgid hummer, the hand assisted head sparking further interest as they actively fucked vaginally. Chastity impaled herself on his pecker and he diddled her as they continued bumping uglies, her bushy pubes standing out as different as he fingered her ass and continued to tap that snatch with some foot fetish footage, and roughness. It ended when he tossed out a load of spunk to her crotch, Chastity cleaning him up orally.


Scene Four: Riley Steele, looking especially fresh as she sat in bed awaiting her fate at the hands of Erik Everhard, was up next as he made some of the funniest moves to ready himself for her. He lifted her up to remove her panties, savoring her pussy and ass orally as she moaned loudly in pleasure. Riley jerked him off and gave some minimal head from there, the camera work again impeding the best view of the tryst much of the time though there was some active fucking all the same. The oral and vaginal continued until he planted his splooge all over her waiting face, her eye contact helping the scene a little bit in terms of replay value and possible chemistry between the players.


Scene Five: Jada Stevens, Chastity Lynn, and James Deen were up last as the ladies knelt in front of him on the tan couch with their booty shorts riding up their splendid ass cracks. Jada looked especially yummy here, Chastity apparently agreeing with me as she ate Jada’s pussy and ass. Jada reciprocated too but both ladies seemed to enjoy James more enthusiastically than each other, the man orally joining in long before he started taking turns vaginally fucking them. The technical aspects of the shoot weakened the scene a lot, some close up footage abruptly cut into some distant shots, the scene lacking the pacing Robby’s movies usually provide. Still, Jada’s clean crotch contrasted heavily with Chastity’s bush, the lesbian antics continuing throughout the modest tryst as they blew him to completion, Chastity earning the ball batter but spitting it out for Jada to suck up and cumswap with her.

Summary: The Girlfriend Exchange by director Robby D. for Digital Playground was a feature production showcasing beautiful contract star Riley Steele meriting a rating of Rent It or better, amounting to a “must have” for the fans of Riley. The fetching blond contract starlet was as tasty as ever, her sexuality enhanced by the other cast members such as Jada Stevens, Chastity Lynn, and Chanel Preston, not to mention the male performers who again stole the show in terms of feature elements. In short, The Girlfriend Exchange had some pleasing fuck for the buck, a storyline tying the sexual trysts together, and was what I expected of the company these days, a cute feature to share with someone special or to inspire fans of the cast into some self love.


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