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Squirt Gasms

  • Release date:
    July 9, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 16m
  • Cast:
    Sophie Dee|William H.|William Nutsack|Amy Brooke|Riley Reid|Sheena Shaw|Jayden Lee|Bonnie Rotten

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Squirt Gasms

Jules Jordan Video

Genre: Gonzo, Anal

Director: William H. Nutsack

Cast: Bonnie Rotten, Toni Ribas, Amy Brooke, Jayden Lee, Manuel Ferrara, Riley Reid, Sophie Dee, Ramon Nomar, Sheena Shaw

Length: 135:08 minutes

Date of Production: 6/14/2013

Extras: The best extra was the 20:32 minute Behind the Scenes feature, the ladies interviewed and some photoshoot material included. There was also a pop shot recap, a photogallery, some trailers, and company websites too.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Squirt Gasms was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director William H. Nutsack for Jules Jordan Video. There was great lighting in four scenes, the tease montages were all enthusiastic, and the premise of “squirting” was covered in abundance. There was a company watermark and the editing by Robert Laplanc was balanced enough that even I had no complaints, the ladies caught in action quite well in almost all cases. The aural component was as expected too, the musical interludes during the tease montages fairly generic and provided some beat to go by, the vocals loud enough to be heard with ease (and not having to crank the sound up) though little dynamic range.

Body of Review: William H. Nutsack is the “new guy” director at Jules Jordan Video. His second flick for the company is called Squirt Gasms, Nutsack long having an affinity for women letting loose with the juice (regardless of what most believe to be pissing). The cast included some red hot hotties like Bonnie Rotten, Sheena Shaw, and Jayden Lee, even including cute little spitfires like Riley Reid and Amy Brooke as well as curvy babes like Sophie Dee. If you want to see ladies gushing prolifically during sexual encounters, put your reality blinders on hold, sit back, and enjoy. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Click for individual trailer starring Bonnie Rotten

Scene One: Bonnie Rotten, a heavily tattooed hotty with a body built for speed over comfort, was up first as she teased out by the pool in some sexy black lingerie. Her thong rode deep inside her ass crack and she exuded the kind of sexuality the gal have become known for, the tease moving inside where it eventually ended to find her working with muscular Toni Ribas. Once again, Bonnie had just a wisp of pubic hair above her snatch, her sheer enthusiasm to be working with Toni leading to a single kiss before she dropped down to suck his pecker wholeheartedly, jerking him off and throating him as their mutual chemistry came forth in spades. The messy hummer led to him fingering her to a juicy orgasm, some power porking of her perfect pussy making quite a mess too. They moved to anal sex and some rough stuff too, the water works some of the most demonstrative of the entire movie as she believably moved a lot of fluids out of her pussy in varied positions. It ended when he bust a nut of genetic juice all over her face and upper torso, the man using his cock to wipe some of the baby batter out of her eye.

Scene Two: Amy Brooke, a perfectly slutty blond and exotic brunette Jayden Lee, were up next with studly Manuel Ferrara, after they teased around the house in some skimpy attire. Jayden’s black mesh and Amy’s bright blue outfits left little to the imagination, Jayden’s sultry eyes a nice compliment to Amy’s wonderfully sexy blue eyes. I could have watched them tease much longer but they wanted to devour Manuel on the black couch, the ladies double teaming him orally as well as offering their body parts for him to savor. Both ladies had bald beavers and Manuel loved gobbling gash, some rimming and lesbian antics punctuating the threesome really well as all three worked on each other to get off. Manuel plowed Jayden as she ate Amy’s fluid launching snatch and then Jayden was given a golden opportunity to shower her friends with her own juices, the active riding and superior eye contact provided here elevating the entire scene substantially. Jayden was the more overt squirter of the two beauties but it was tough to say if she was quite as driven as Amy in this wonderful tryst. The scene ended when the ladies knelt in front of him and he tossed out a lot of population pudding, the gals cumswapping it as the camera faded to black.

Scene Three: Riley Reid, the sexy little babe featured on the front cover, was up next. She teased in her cover outfit around the house and in front of the contemporary fireplace, her smiles and brilliant eyes projecting the degree of fun she was having. If you like ladies built for speed over comfort, this diminutive young lady will be perfect for stoking your fires, the gal lucking out to work with Manuel Ferrara. Once the tease was over, the couple made out on the white couch in the living room, Manuel spending considerable time diddling her pussy with his hand under her panties before he decided to just remove them for better oral access. She sported a small pubic patch and he loved gobbling her gash, Riley enjoying his efforts to get her off orally (front and back, calling him a “dirty boy” when he rimmed her at length). That led to her tackling his turgid rod, Riley pushing her limits to inhale almost half of it while he fingered her perfect pucker, the gal applying some hand to gland combat friction with both hands as she concentrated on his head most of the time. This led to some passive vaginal fucking, Riley letting him do almost all the work pounding into her and fingering her ass some more before she diddled herself into a frothy orgasm in pile driver (to allow her juices covering her face). Riley licked up much of her juices and he then tossed off his spunk into her mouth for swallowing, Riley looking like she was ready for another round as Manuel fingered her yet again to soak the set.

Scene Four: Sophie Dee, a thick brunette here, was up next in a silver outfit that could hardly contain her curves. She teased outside by the pool on the sunny day, the fountains in the background signaling the theme of the day really well as she shook her money maker. The tease continued in the house while she took a bubble bath, the suds covering her boobs and juicy ass before she was in the living room with Ramon Nomar. Her shaven pussy appealed to him and she had nothing covering it as he fingered her, her aggressive oral as she completely inhaled his pecker in seductive fashion led to a titty fuck, Sophie presenting herself to him for some active doggy where he went balls deep. Her tits bounced a lot as they continued to fuck, a lot of taste testing included between positions as they tried some fluid inspiring cowgirl variations. The rest of the scene was just as strong, Sophie riding him like she was on fire and providing him with some juices as they continued to bone, additional taste testing leading to a facial of splooge.

Scene Five: Sheena Shaw, a popular anal queen with a sleek body and pretty blue eyes, was up last as she teased in a black mesh outfit, the gal scoring it lucky by partnering up with Manuel Ferrara. Fans of all natural bodies and ladies that hint at having crazy mad love of sexual kink seem to adore the blond, her flexible body contorted into all sorts of positions during the tease, the upbeat music by Nutsack working better here than in some of the other tease montages. Sheena glistened with sweat as she continued, the lighting during the main scene between the two looking slightly different than the other scenes (the colors were more saturated), a lot of kissing and pawing by the couple on the white couch leading him to excite her further. Sheena dove onto his cock orally in a manner shaming some of the others too, her black satin gloves adding to the effect of her outfit as Manuel stuffed multiple fingers in her ass. She then gave the most active anal ride, way more active than some of the ladies did vaginal for example, Manuel roughing her up somewhat but clearly with her consent. From there Sheena let loose with the juice and Manuel helped her continue pouring forth her fluids for the camera, the look on her face such that she seemed to forget the camera was there (unlike someone like say Riley), her eye contact with Manuel boosting the scene even more. He ate her some more and she tossed his salad, more anal hammering included with her as the aggressor instead of Sheena just passively offering it up to the man. In terms of volume of fluids dispensed, Sheena was likely the biggest squirter of the entire movie, at very least coming in as a tie, her dirty talk completing her role as the go to hotty for total satisfaction in the movie. The ending round of ball batter was deposited on her face as she knelt on all fours in front of Manuel, the man glazing her face as she attempted to swallow what she could, her post coital head cut short as the camera faded out on the passionate lass.

Summary: Squirt Gasms by director William H. Nutsack for Jules Jordan Video was a surprisingly strong release for a niche genre that has long come across as gimmicky to me. Bonnie Rotten and Sheena Shaw gave the best performances but I couldn’t deny that the others offered up the fantasy act better than many used to for Nutsack’s former company, the hardcore sexual exploits as strokable as ever for me so I rated it as Highly Recommended. In short, Squirt Gasms was fun, displayed a lot of fuck for the buck, and presented a plethora of top rated ladies in such a way that fans are going to appreciate all the fine tuning that went into the production.