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Daddy’s Girls

  • Release date:
    September 30, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 37m
  • Cast:
    Darla Crane|B. Skow|Capri Cavalli|Maddy Oreilly|Riley Reid

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Daddy’s Girls

Girlfriends Films/Skow Digital

Genre: Feature

Director: B. Skow

Writer: David Stanley

Cast: Capri Cavanni, Alec Knight, Maddy O’Reilly, Riley Reid, Darla Crane, Odile, Evan Stone; Marie McCray, Steven St. Croix, Casey Calvert, Ralph Long (in two bonus scenes only)

Length: 157:23 minutes

Year of Release: 2013

Extras: The best related extra was the 29:55 minute long Behind the Scenes feature where the cast and crew provided some information on the flick, Skow telling where he got the ideas for the movie from, then giving a short biography with clips from his movies for Girlfriends Films. It was a really great extra compared to previous flicks and allowed the others to speak up too, the production shot by talented Alex Ladd and edited by Johnny H. Denmark (Frida Amiston handling sound). There was then two bonus scenes from previous flicks, Truth Be Told (18:57 minutes) and Homecoming (30:21 minutes) as well as six trailers and a photogallery.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Daddy’s Girls was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films. Skow handled the photography of the movie along with Mike Towers and P.P. Peru, the material a bit modestly lit at times but overall taken care of nicely enough. The editing by Edward Anderson was decent in helping further the storyline too. The darker nature of the material was expected given the writer was award winner David Stanley, though some of it creeped me out (incest in porn is on my “no thanks” list, cancer and suicide also big downers). Otherwise, the aural components were suitable, some scoring and vocal levels needing adjustment but the audio generally well handled too. Keep in mind that my copy was a burnt DVD-Rom instead of a regular DVD so some minor discrepancies might arise between the copy I saw and the final commercial product.

Body of Review: B. Skow has made scores of excellent movies over the years, his distribution deal with Girlfriends Films allowing him substantially more creative freedom these days. His latest title coming in for review is called Daddy’s Girls, a drama involving all sorts of weirdness one typically associates with sex like cancer, incest, and suicide (sarcasm noted for the slow of mind). Rather than simply parody a better work as so many others have done, Skow and writer David Stanley have come up with another one of their collaborations that might leave you feeling a bit ill at ease, the end result working sexually best if you discard the negative themes of the movie (conversely, the feature elements work better if you embrace the darker themes). Given the strength of sexual performances by Riley Reid and Maddy O’Reilly though, fans should be happy overall, the others providing some distraction but not nearly as substantial. The back cover described the movie like this: “Bob and Dale are best friends. They're both married. Bob to Gina and Dale to Iris. They both have teenage daughters. Dale's teenage daughter, Samantha, is blind and just back in town from a three month stint at a mental hospital, having tried to commit suicide after Bob took her virginity and unceremoniously dumped her. Meanwhile, Bob's daughter, Quincy has problems of her own, hosting a webcam sex site where she performs nasty acts for older men so that she can vent her sexual frustration over the fact that her own father, Bob refuses to fuck her, much to her horny chagrin.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Capri Cavanni, a curvy blond with big implants, was up first in a neon pink dress that hugged her sweet ass nicely, her tan line quite pronounced as she knelt down in the bedroom to blow Alec Knight. She started slobbing his knob when his secrets depressed him, Capri peeling off her dress to reveal a skimpy G-string and her splendid ass came into view. He continued to talk about how he wanted to bang his friend’s blind daughter and treat her roughly, Capri putting on some sunglasses to get him in the mood (the darkened shades supposedly changing her appearance to look more like his babe of desire). She kept working his shaft as his guilt went away, moving from slow to faster mouth ministrations with some hand to gland combat to increase the friction, Alec busting a nut of genetic juice that glazed her face after some titty rubbing pushed him over the edge.

Scene Two: Maddy O’Reilly, played the blind girl Alec Knight obsessed about, the man disgustingly staying in her room as she undressed, the gal revealing how he raped her in her sleep and made her do a bunch of other things to her that caused her to try and kill herself. She cried out for help and he gagged her to silence her, ravishing her body until she gave in. Okay, at this point I only want to bash the guy in the head with any handy object, not engage in some “me time” but the scene continued forward to show him gobble her gash and ass, his erection raging hard as he went back into her for another round. The mixed message of her starting to enjoy the rape left me hanging too; her sexy form taking his pecker in pussy and mouth aggressively once she came around, his hands pawing her with some intermittent oral by both parties included. He spanked her hard enough to redden her juicy ass cheeks and pushed her down to leave her ass in the air while her head was on the floor, Maddy pushing back to meet his thrusts. He then forced her to suck her walking stick and inserted it inside her, beating off to her face until she glistened with population pudding as her reward; the expression of loathing on her face as he went down on her again, a visitor interrupting their final moments.

Scene Three: Riley Reid, the major cutie featured on the right side of the front cover in a blue top and white shorts, was up next with Maddy O’Reilly, forcing her to take part in a webcam show after trying to seduce her father. Riley wore a colorful crop top and white booty shorts as she climbed into bed with Maddy, Maddy’s naked form showing some nipple erections. Riley made it clear that she had better do as told “or else”, forcing her to remove Riley’s attire with both of them feeling each other up. As her apprehension gave way, Maddy started to get into the lesbian action, sucking titty and being caressed before Riley went down on her for a considerable amount of time. They kissed some more and Maddy reciprocated, Riley having taken what she wanted, some final ass play and cunnilingus ending the tryst before tragedy struck.

Scene Four: Darla Crane and Odile, two older and curvier ladies, were up next after dealing with the erstwhile teenager, seeking refuge in each other’s arms in what quickly became apparent was an ongoing relationship between the two. They were the wives of the two lead males and mothers of the two respective daughters, Odile needing some comfort in Darla’s arms even though Darla’s sickly husband was upstairs. They moved over to the dark red living room couch and made out, plenty of boob play included, a lot of tactile pleasuring taking place before they started going down on each other in turns. The heat of the couple was impressive, both coming across like chemistry filled lovers with some fingering included though someone saw them in the end anyway (a few clips of additional sexual enthusiasm included but only brief bits), no spunk or ball batter included by any of them this time.

Scene Five: Riley Reid, in her cover outfit, was up last in bed with sickly Evan Stone, the daughter of his best friend. He pushed her aside as she spewed forth a series of nasty comments, her disclosures putting him in a state of shock. She made it clear that she thought he wanted her even though she truly preferred to do her own daddy, her hand jerking him off as he choked her in bed. Evan grabbed her ass and helped her rub her juicy little ass on his turgid rod once the initial shock was over, Riley devilishly taking his cock in her mouth for a blowjob as she maintained superior eye contact with him. He snacked on her pussy and ass from there, changing position to bone her like he owned her as she gave a lot of dirty talk (except when her mouth was full of his cock that is). She was an active vaginal rider from there, sucking out his splooge to swallow as the stress of the tryst impacted him more dearly.

Bonus Scene: Truth Be Told: Marie McCray, Steven St. Croix: Marie McCray, the sexy redhead featured on the front cover, was then up with Steven St. Croix on the couch, the gal offering him some drugs to get him going. She toyed with him and soon had him eating out of her hands, his hands rubbing her ass as she pulled his pecker out of his pants for another solid hummer. It was very slowly and deliberately given, Steven then lifting her up to place his cock in her snatch, the pace quickening before he took it down a notch to go down on her pussy and ass some more. He then took her in doggy and a few more positions, the end result being the guy beating off to her chest a nut of splooge that lead to a discussion on the kitchen floor and an extremely creepy plot device.

Bonus Scene: Homecoming: Casey Calvert, Ralph Long: Ralph Long, in his blonde wig and make-up, goes down on Casey Calvert's snatch and eats her butthole and pussy on the bed. Afterwards, the cutie sits on his face and then, begins to suck his dick. She lays on her back with her legs up as Ralph fucks her vaginally and then, anally missionary style. Her moans sound pretty cool. After some good anal, he fucks her in her pussy again. Then, she gets on her side and the guy fucks her with added energy. Moments later, another anal fuck occurs. This back and forth vag-anal activity keeps the viewers' attention on a high point. During the cowgirl ride, Ralph fucks her pretty solidly. I liked seeing Casey reach back and run her hand all over his balls. Casey really feels those sensations during this screw. Some tribbing activity occurs that really gets Casey off incredibly well. Afterwards, a brief anal doggie and very hot vaginal spooning follow. Finally, Ralph cums on her a lot. (review by Apache George)

Summary: Daddy’s Girls by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films relied heavily on darker themes for the feature elements of the movie’s dramatic impact to hit home, the technical aspects and sexual replay value of most scenes enough to merit a rating of Rent It. I hadn’t heard anything about the movie outside of press releases, the movie as yet unreleased to the point where my copy was a burnt disc instead of a true commercial version, but the fanboy contingent is likely to go wild for the incest and rape themes played up so much here, some perhaps under the impression that tackling darker material lends instant credibility (it doesn’t). Still, Riley Reid stood out as providing a solid performance sexually as well as dramatically, a few of the others relied upon too heavily, and those willing to overlook the heavy handed messages might appreciate it on a couple of levels. In short, Daddy’s Girls fit right in with the darker themed titles coming out of the collaboration of Skow and Stanley, my own reservations over topics like rape, incest, and blackmail limiting my ability to derive pleasure from it, the ending seeming so trite as to defy even the twisted logic of the movie itself.


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