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Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew # 3, The

  • Release date:
    April 22, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 31m
  • Cast:
    Casey Calvert|Remy LaCroix|Francesca Le|Mark Wood|Dahlia Sky|Binky Bangs


The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 3

Evil Angel/Buttman Magazine/LeWood Productions

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Francesca Le and Mark Wood


Cast: Remy LaCroix, Francesca Le, Mark Wood, Casey Calvert, Binky Bangs, Bailey Blue
Non-sex role: Rocky the Dog

Length: 151:15 minutes

Date of Production: 11/11/2012, 12/8/2012, 12/16/2012, 1/13/2013


Extras: Unlike many other titles in the Buttman Magazine Choice lineup, this one had some decent extras. The best of the batch was the 20:38 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage, most of the footage amounting to either interviews or photoshoots that showed both directors as active participants in the movie making process, Francesca giving a shout out to those of us who are lactose intolerant (to parry Mark’s comment that he is like ice cream) and Mike Quasar hard at work. There was also a cum shot compilation from the scenes, three trailers, filmographies, photogallery, and some websites, a company trailer included as well as a cast list of the ladies.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 3 was presented in 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen as shot by co-directors Francesca Le and Mark Wood for Evil Angel. This latest outing of the team looked about the same as the last few, the lighting similar but the camera work was well done, the editing hitting the mark and the general visuals appearing to come together. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital using a standard 192 Kbps aural bitrate, the vocals plainly heard throughout the show and no music or other distracting noises getting in the way.

Body of Review: Francesca Le and Mark Wood have been directing and performing in porn for years. Their latest collaboration with Evil Angel is called The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 3, an anal themed movie where a great cast of relatively new ladies show just how much they like getting fucked in the ass. Each vignette offered serious strokability and replay value, the emphasis on quality over quantity making this one stand out from a crowded field. The ladies included popular Remy LaCroix, newcomers Casey Calvert & Binky Bangs, and almost seasoned veteran cutie Bailey Blue with lots of Francesca Le, each offering up a distinctively personal perspective with a bunch of passionate ass fucking, anal gaping, and everything one would expect from one of the reigning couples of hardcore porn.

The company website described the movie like this: “Francesca Le, the pretty, American-Latina MILF with the awesome ass, is up for the fiercest, nastiest anal action; well-hung porn stud Mark Wood is her husband and directing partner. These hard-core swingers, known collectively as LeWood Productions, present their latest collection of crazy rectal vignettes. In "The LeWood Anal Hazing Crew #3," they teach deserving young ladies brutal lessons about proper behavior ... through the use of perverse face fucking and ruthless ass reaming! Francesca and Mark love ganging up on cute young things, making sexual encounters into vicious, two-against-one matches. First is stuck-up popular girl Remy LeCroix, who has been bullying their daughter. They give the gorgeous brat a stern talking-to - and a huge cock to widen her tight sphincter. After a hair-pulling, face-slapping session of breath control and ass-to-mouth discipline, little Remy admits defeat. Next, the team lures beautiful, new porn starlet Casey Calvert over to prepare for an awards ceremony. Instead, they show the all-natural beauty that marriage can be wilder than any bachelorette lifestyle. When Francesca discovers slender spitfire Binky Bangs blowing Mark, she makes Binky deep-throat her husband's massive tool. The twisted pair punishes her transgression with anal domination, lewd rimming and a messy load in Binky's pretty mouth. Lastly, freeloading blonde housemate Bailey Blue gets assigned some filthy new chores. With 20 minutes of revealing interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, "The LeWood Anal Hazing Crew #3" reveals background but shows no mercy. Anal sex for these girls will never be the same!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Remy LaCroix, the foxy little booty babe with the great ass whose career has skyrocketed of late (seen featured on the right side of the cover), was up first as a bully taken to task by upscale dressed Francesca Le and good old Mark Wood. Remy was sitting on an easy chair while the couple surrounded her, Remy’s slutty attire enhancing her own look as her neon pink & black panties were seen under her skimpy skirt. Francesca began by choking her and then removing her top, both of them poking her and slapping her lightly around until Mark’s turgid pecker was right up against her face. Francesca started sucking him aggressively and Remy followed suit, the sloppy head and throating action lading to some seriously heated ass play. Francesca dropped her clothing too and Mark was naked in the blink of an eye, the man plugging her mouth as Francesca fingered the young lass. This led to some active vaginal and then anal boning, Remy soon getting off to all the attention, the gal gobbling gash and slobbing knob with all the chemistry she showed in her recent Cabo Vacation movie. Francesca continually worked the girl over and gave Mark ample reason to keep coming back to her, some foot fetish material included as well. The older couple largely focused the majority of attention on Remy throughout the scene too, Remy forced to kneel before Mark to take a facial of genetic juice, the ball batter scooped up by Francesca and fed to her to swallow.


Scene Two: Casey Calvert, the perky brunette seen on the lower middle of the front cover, was up next as she came over to get some help from Francesca Le and Mark Wood with her outfit for the AVN Award show. She had only been in porn for a month and her movies were just starting to come out, her all natural body exciting the couple as they had her try on some outfits. The striped dress hugged her ass the best but the blue dress had more slut appeal, Francesca running her hands over the starlet’s body as they discussed anal sex. That was when the older couple jumped Casey to start the anal hazing initiation, grabbing her before forcing her to slob his knob as Mark lost his pants and showed off his turgid member. Casey sucked him off handily, giving him good eye contact as Fran spit in her mouth, her lipstick smearing a little as they continued and Fran held her steady with her feet. They then positioned her with her head down and ass in the air, pulling her panties down just enough so Mark could tap her pussy, the gal’s shapely rump as firm as could be while Fran gave up a lot of dirty talk. From there, Fran got naked too and forced Casey to eat her snatch while Mark banged the girl, a technical DP with an anal plug leading to some ATM and full blown anal soon exciting Fran so much that she wanted some too. Both ladies actively rode Mark’s cock and Bailey was surprisingly strong for such an early scene, the man rubbing out a major nut of population pudding to her face with Fran again feeding the gal some spew.


Scene Three: Binky Bangs, the thin brunette featured on the center of the front cover, was up next as a maid in a revealing black top and animal print skirt in the home of Francesca Le and Mark Wood. He confronted her to find that her mom sent her over to cover for her, Mark commenting on how inappropriate her dress was for cleaning. After some small talk, they decided Binky was better at playing to her sexual strengths, dropping down to blow Mark when he peeled off his pants to sport an erection. After some fun head, Francesca caught her, calling her names and holding her down before forcing her to throat Mark even deeper. While hesitant at first, Binky started becoming a wanton slut with his pecker, Fran spanking her cute ass and choking her until she turned around to allow Mark to bang her wet pussy. Binky nuzzled Fran’s boobs and took Mark in her ass from there, encouraging them to continue using her as they saw fit even as she rimmed Fran. A wand vibrator was applied to Binky’s snatch and Fran showed her how to successfully deep throat, the established woman slobbing knob as a good example of talent. The rough sex eventually drained them all, Mark unleashing his spunk into her mouth as Fran held it wide open, the baby batter swallowed from what I could see.


Scene Four: Bailey Blue, the major new hotty seen featured on the left side of the cover, was up last as she freeloaded off Francesca Le and Mark Wood. The couple confronted her when she was not doing her chores, the final straw for Mark being how she was eating his food. The clueless blond did not see the problem with goofing off for cheap rent so they decided to add some new chores to her list, chores of a sexual nature. Francesca grabbed her from behind while Mark stuck his pecker into her mouth, the gal throating him when pushed to though Francesca gave a show and tell exhibition to make life easier. All their clothing came off as needed, Francesca smacking Bailey around to emphasize things and then stuck her tongue in Bailey’s ass as Mark banged her mouth. The couple swapped her around so Mark could plow her pussy and ass from there, a lot of taste testing and Francesca sharing the cock as she spouted dirty talk and forced Bailey to kiss her ass too. Francesca was the more active rider, especially in anal positions, but both came away as good riders, the team no longer having to force Bailey after awhile. The ending wad of splooge went to Bailey’s opened mouth, the goo swallowed before Francesca marked her as hazed.


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Summary: The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 3 by directors Francesca Le and Mark Wood for Evil Angel was a substantial upgrade from the last volume in the series, earning a healthy rating of Highly Recommended or better given the strength of ladies cast and the adherence to the actions advertised. Each of the ladies did anal enthusiastically, thoroughly getting off with Mark and Francesca. Francesca was the best of the batch (no duh, right?) but Remy LaCroix was again in excellent form, Bailey Blue showed she still has what it takes to compete in the major leagues, and both Casey Calvert & Binky Bangs held their own sexually against some serious competition so I think the series has finally hit its stride. In short, The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 3 utilized the talents of a great cast of ladies in some very amusing anal vignettes, the energy and enthusiasm shown here was well worth checking out.


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