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Panty Pops 7

  • Release date:
    February 26, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 21m
  • Cast:
    India Summer|Kevin Moore|Jada Stevens|Mya Nichole|Jayden Lee|Remy Lacroix


Panty Pops 7

Evil Angel/Buttman Magazine Choice/Jekyll & Hyde Productions

Genre: POV, Gonzo, Panties

Director: Kevin Moore

Cast: Jada Stevens, Kevin Moore, Remy LaCroix, Dillion Harper, Jayden Lee, Holly Taylor, India Summer, Eve Laurence, Mya Nichole

Length: 201:42 minutes

Date of Production: Unlisted


Extras: There was a popshot recap from the scenes, a company trailer, a cast list of the ladies (Kevin serving as the only male), filmographies, and some websites.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Panty Pops 7 was again presented in a fine looking 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Kevin Moore for Evil Angel/Buttman Magazine Choice. The flesh tones and the composition of the shots were usually the best for the ladies but the tease that so fascinates Kevin (and myself) were obviously the most important thing to capture for him; this being his core audience from what I’ve learned over the years. Still, the action was clearly recorded and the raw energy of the cast was caught better than I expected; making it a decent looking fuck flick in most ways, the editing not credited this time but still showing some care going into the final product. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English; the lack of separation and dynamic range meaning the audio was a bit flatter than hoped for. It was low end audio for the most part but given the gonzo niche of the movie, this is to be expected.

Body of Review: Kevin Moore is a director that releases some off the wall kink under Evil Angel’s Buttman Magazine Choice program, the man certainly showing an aptitude for showcasing hot young ladies that sport fine curvy asses. I really liked the last volume in the series that I had for review so there was no doubt that Panty Pops 7would provide some strokable point of view (POV) action by a “regular guy” (Kevin himself) in a fashion that included lots of tease footage and panties wrapped tightly around the labia and ass cheeks of some exceptionally sexy gals. With ten scenes shot over an extended period of time, I knew going in that this was going to work out well, a quick look at the cover making me want to dive into another almost 3 hours of load inducing action. The ladies in this volume included India Summer, Jada Stevens, Remy LaCroix, and others worth checking out, some of the newcomers impressing me as well.

The company website described the movie like this: “Calling all sneaky panty perverts! Fetish director Kevin Moore is on the case, sniffing out the best in POV underwear action in "Panty Pops #7," his latest project for the Buttman Choice line of ass-flavored specialty videos. The lucky director has selected a sultry cast of gorgeous porn girls who love teasing the camera with their sexy asses and nether regions clad in all variety of tempting undergarments. From silky French cut panties to full lacy scanties to cotton drawers and every kind of slutty thong, each sexy lady drives Kevin crazy with her own private fashion show - the kind of irresistible provocation that rightly leads to a spermy mess! The ladies strip, changing in and out of multi-colored and alluringly patterned undies while pleasuring the director's stiff dick with their soft hands, wet mouths and insatiable pussies. After her scene is finished, each starlet sports a splatter of cum on her butt cheeks to enhance her feeling of accomplishment. Featuring a bevy of amazing women - exquisite, hard-bodied MILF India Summer, nasty Asian princess Jayden Lee, adorable sex kitten Remy LaCroix, toned and tattooed Mya Nichole, naturally shapely Jada Stevens, stacked and voluptuous Eve Laurence, frisky blonde Holly Taylor and delightful brunette cutie Dillion Harper - "Panty Pops #7" is a perfect mix of teasing and pleasing that will satisfy the perviest lingerie fetishists.” Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested, and pointing out that the majority of scenes were blowjob only:


Scene One: Jada Stevens, the hottest booty gal on the market right now, was up first as seen on the lower left hand corner of the front cover. She began by wearing some full white panties with pink trim, her labia giving a great camel toe effect as Kevin Moore closed in for his opening shot. She was kneeling on the bed and her perfect ass was in full view, Kevin whipping out his pecker to start toying with her though most of the vaginal penetrative sex took place later. Jada gave some fine tease, rubbing her sweet ass on his cock before slobbing his knob almost to completion. This led to some porking of the pussy, her spit serving as lubricant and a variety of panty changes providing them both with some added stimulation. Jada was an active rider and her scene was one of the lengthiest, her juicy ass exactly what this series was designed for. She blew him one last time before he boned her in a laying down position, the added friction causing him to lose his load of genetic juice all over her fantastic ass.


Scene Two: Remy LaCroix, the fetching young newcomer (seen on the lower right corner) making so many waves over the last year (including winning various awards), was up next as she posed in front of a series of mirrors in an orange top and black panties that reminded me of men’s briefs. She laughed and giggled as she followed Kevin Moore’s directions, pulling her panties down for him to inspect her firm rump, moving to the bed to give him some head as he spied a stack of colorful panties she might try on afterwards. Her hummer was less inspired than Jada’s was but I had the impression she did not want to overwhelm him too quickly, her tempo building up over time but held up for a change in attire, Kevin boning her pussy as she rubbed one out though she was more actively riding in her orange thong after that. Her shaven snatch looked younger than normal but she was just as much a fuck bunny here as anywhere else, her later change into some purple panties eventually pushing him past his limits where he popped a nut of population pudding all over her ass crack.


Scene Three: Dillion Harper, the sexy brunette shown on the upper right hand corner (next to Holly), was up next with Kevin, the gal on all fours as she went through her extensive selection of panties in the living room. Her white thong dove deep inside her perky ass, Kevin grabbing her and smacking her flesh as her butt was so perfectly positioned for him. She taunted him with some of the choices she had to offer, teasing Kevin as she removed one pair and put on another, some oral and vaginal sex punctuating their scene that was just as full of tease as any of the others. Dillion brought a fresh sense of youth to the mix here, he unwavering sense of fun factor playfulness perhaps a bit less polished than some but welcome even before he landed his load of spunk all over her ass by his own hand.


Scene Four: Jayden Lee, the exotic beauty seen on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up next in tight black stretch pants, her neon pink tank top contrasting nicely with it as she wiggled her cute ass on the white flower patterned couch. Underneath her pants was a skimpy purple thong nestled in her ass crack, Kevin pulling it aside to see the quality of her ass (very high mind you) and pussy that he tested with a light slap. Jayden gave fine eye contact as she slobbed his knob, their dialogue limited but always in keeping with the theme of the action, her rainbow on black panties following suit as the tanned hotty teased the director. I liked how she pulled her panties up her snatch and played with her boobs, other pairs of undies used with the same kind of tease in mind though the amount of vaginal sex they had was limited. The ending black pair and some fucking ended the tryst with a massive load of splooge all over her lower back and ass, Jayden proud of her ability to drain his dragon so readily.


Scene Five: Holly Taylor, the busty blond babe seen on the upper right hand corner of the front cover (next to Dillion), was up next as she adjusted her make up in the heavily mirrored bathroom. She had some white panties on and a bright red shirt, bending over to give Kevin a look at what he bought and paid for during the scene. Her strong legs were especially appealing to me, Kevin nestling his turgid rod between her sweet cheeks on top of her panties, a large stash of panties laying on the bed for her to try on to arouse him showing her willingness to please. She blew him and rode his cock vaginally well enough after that, additional wardrobe changes suitable though not really standing out from the others in a somewhat generic scene. As expected, they fucked until Kevin doused her with baby batter, this time providing a decidedly modest round of semen compared to the last scene.


Scene Six: India Summer, an award winning MILF known far and wide as one of the premiere talents in her respective genres, was up next in the bedroom as she smoothly teased Kevin so very well. While she was left off the front cover, she provided one of the best scenes of the entire flick, the gal trying on a wealth of panties and even jerking him off with a pair as she kept bending over to drive him crazy. Of interest was that her ass was so firm and sweet that his attempts to fuck her vaginally led to a very early launching of ball batter, the short scene showing how experience beats youth more often than not.


Scene Seven: Eve Laurence, a busty woman with blond hair, was up next, her perfect tan and tight body showing that even porn veterans can reinvent themselves as needed. She wore some sheer red panties and a matching bra, shaking her juicy ass as she teased Kevin in the bedroom. She was another that got him so worked up so quickly that he bust a nut of spew on her third pair of changed panties, pulling this off on her camouflaged ass by his own hand.


Scene Eight: Mya Nichole, a skinny brunette with a variety of tattoos and jewelry, was up last in bed as she explored her body with Kevin. She claimed to like rough sex and her six pack of abs was the most pronounced of the entire cast (including Kevin), her bright blue outfit tight enough to see everything underneath. She masturbated as they talked, the gal proving able to suck a golf ball through a garden hose given her oral talents, Kevin rubbing his cock against her panties and crotch (sometimes with her help) to elicit some early seed and her hand job polishing him off to release his nut on her crotch.


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Summary: Panty Pops 7 by director Kevin Moore for Evil Angel/Buttman Magazine Choice was not as appealing to me as a few of the earlier volumes in the series, this being largely due to the fact that he used bigger names previously and the concept was not as fleshed out. Let’s face it, any fetish or kink loses power over time if nothing is done to spice it up, the newcomers in the show here still warranting a decent rating of Rent It though genre aficionados will again want to have a copy for their collections. In short, Panty Pops 7 was strokable even if the replay value was on the light side for a change but I look forward to seeing just what the director will come up with next. Of special note to look for would be Remy LaCroix, Jada Stevens, and India Summers but none of the ladies dropped the ball this time, Kevin providing the “every-man” cock for the viewers to project themselves into rather than the impossibly large performers only a size queen could appreciate.


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