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Anal Dream Team

  • Release date:
    March 13, 2013
  • Runtime:
    5h 18m
  • Cast:
    Lisa Ann|Mike Adriano|Nikki Benz|Asa Akira|Remy Lacroix


Anal Dream Team

Evil Angel/Mike Adriano Media

Genre: Gonzo, Anal

Director: Mike Adriano

Cast: Nikki Benz, Mike Adriano, Asa Akira, Lisa Ann, Chanel Preston, Remy LaCroix; Kagney Linn Karter in the bonus scene only

Length: 318:13 minutes (202:09 minutes & 116:04 minutes)

Date of Production: 2013


Extras: The first disc had a cast list, a company website trailer, and some director websites but the second offered trailers, filmographies, photogalleries, a cumshot recap, cast list, and websites but the best extra was the 88:13 minute long bonus scene from Hardcore Anal Love described below starring Kagney Linn Karter with Mike Adriano.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Dream Team was presented in a visually appealing anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Mike Adriano for Evil Angel. The scenes were all shot with basic lighting to eliminate any shadows, texture, or hints of color variations. The set up was simple with the basic tease, then Mike would join in for various forms of intercourse (a very strong emphasis on all sorts of anal exploits), all in some form of point of view fashion. It was not perfect but this did enhance the replay value for me as it showed more care than usual, fans of well rounded women certain to appreciate it. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English but there wasn’t much to talk about aurally speaking though, the tease portion of the scenes employed music but the rest of the show was fairly easy to hear the vocals even if it sounded like a home camera shot them.

Body of Review: Mike Adriano is one of the kinkier anal directors at Evil Angel these days, his devotion to all things ass related making him increasingly popular. While he enjoys showcasing ladies wearing booty shorts, lingerie, and taking large toys in their asses, he is also known for his love of point of view (POV) work that allows him to partake in the sex, his latest fuck flick to make it my way being Anal Dream Team. The movie was another lengthy double disc effort, clocking in at over five hours (if you include the lengthy bonus scene, even longer). The cast included a set of hotties such as Chanel Preston, Remy LaCroix, Lisa Ann, Nikki Benz, and Asa Akira; truly a dream team worth your time, money, and seed.

Here is what the company website said about the show: “With his tireless work schedule, director-performer Mike Adriano has butt-fucked a huge array of the porn industry's top talent. Now he puts some of his favorite sluts into action in a two-disc, all-star ass jam he's calling "Anal Dream Team" - the five motivated sexual athletes on his all-star squad each possess the rectal experience and superior skill for major league filth. Using his distinctive POV+ camerawork, Mike has his way with each luscious player. Their seasoned abilities make them game for his favorite perversions, including oily butts, medical speculums, ass-to-mouth cocksucking and ass-to-pussy nastiness, saliva-slathered deep-throat blow jobs and extreme anal gapes. Almost seven hours of filthy fun proves that when it comes to ass play, certain ladies run rings around the competition! Amazingly busty blonde MILF Nikki Benz wraps her giant knockers around Mike's meat and squirts melted green goop from her wrecked colon! Asian superslut Asa Akira shaves her pretty pussy and gets all her holes plundered before slurping the director's semen from a big spoon. Lisa Ann, the mature, stacked bombshell, gets her tremendous, greasy ass corn-holed to perfection. Gorgeous and hardworking Chanel Preston gags on Mike's dork and opens her exquisite asshole for a deep reaming. And adorable, young Remy LaCroix goes all the way, worshiping his pole letting it drill a gaping tunnel in her ass. The DVD includes an extra scene featuring spunky anal sweetheart Kagney Linn Karter. The girls of Mike Adriano's "Anal Dream Team" are the world champions of sodomy!” Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Nikki Benz, the blond bombshell featured on the lower left hand corner of the cover in black lingerie, was up first as she interviewed with scene partner Mike Adriano. He spent a lot of time admiring her boobs before going to his usual forte of her fleshy ass, the gal fingering her perfect pucker until he came over to gobble her gash. He then worked over her asshole at great length, Nikki appreciating his devotion to booty duty, his spy camera inserted into her for some unique footage leading her to slob his knob really well. Nikki has been a great performer for years now, the gal not working much these days so her scene looked that much more impressive. The playful hummer than led to a variety of fucking, starting with her tits and then proceeding with her pussy and ass. Nikki gave great eye contact and was an active rider, the mutual chemistry and shared passion elevating the scene beyond what I thought would take place. Fans of St Patrick’s Day will like the surprise coming out of her ass but the anal eventually led to Mike tossing off to a large cooking spoon, Nikki lapping up the genetic juice as she savored the taste one last time out of her ass.


Scene Two: Asa Akira, the lean Asian award winner featured on the center of the front cover, was up next as she shaved her pussy for Mike Adriano, the devotion to detail allowing those into such an act to relish the careful pacing provided. Unlike some scenes, this one had her use shaving cream and a handheld razor, her perfect shave (leaving a triangle patch) looking a bit staged but the resulting snatch as yummy as ever. From there, Mike started going down on her front and back, some brief camera play interrupting the flow a bit but Asa giving him a splendid blowjob as a reward. That led to her wanting him in her ass, Asa aggressively riding him while keeping very good eye contact throughout the scene. As tight as her ass is reported to be, credit must be given to Mike for how long he held out on depositing his wad of population pudding here, her ass shaking antics draining his balls dry of every last drop of baby batter she swallowed out of the spoon he used to aim at (why a spoon???), Asa licking it clean as the camera pulled back to showcase her one last time.


Scene Three: Lisa Ann, the extremely popular brunette seen on the left of center spotlight spot of the front cover, was up next as the final scene on the first disc. She wore a loose shirt and tight blue jeans, a neon green thong riding up her ass as she walked for Mike Adriano outside his house. For delightfully meaty rumps, you just can’t go wrong with Lisa so I’m glad he took extra time shooting her from behind. That led to him rimming her and fingering her pucker, stuffing his face between her ass cheeks but also taking some time here and there to shake her ass in an appreciating manner. He gobbled her gash too, moving into the house for her to orally reciprocate in a powerful blowjob that fans will understand as being world class. There was some titty play and their chemistry together was strong, the bout of anal boning continuing for the rest of the admittedly lengthy disc and including some great oiling up action. He fucked her hard, slow, fast, and in a number of positions that suited both of them before he beat his meat clean of spunk all over her crotch and torso, some taste testing by both of them included during the scene.


Scene Four: Chanel Preston, the gorgeous Xcritic blogger seen on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up next as the first scene of the second disc. She posed for him outside against his graffiti wall, her loose shirt covering her pink bikini undies but her stockings drawing the attention of Mike Adriano the most. She had on some garish jewelry and her thong rode deep up her perfect ass as she walked on the treadmill placed outside for her. He commented how some may think she was too hot for anal, causing her to laugh at first but appreciate the sentiment as well, the guy then going down on her extensively as she aurally responded and spread her sweet cheeks wide apart for him to enjoy more. While the first disc focused largely on more experienced ladies, Chanel still has a refreshing newness that serves her well in all her scenes, her impressive blowjob leaving streamers and fond memories as she maintained some of the best eye contact the movie had to offer. While the camera again did not keep strict POV protocols, it stayed true to Mike’s usual premise of an enhanced POV+, Chanel’s makeup smearing though she did not care (she was having too much fun). The hummer led to the expected anal penetration, some foot fetish action included along with ample taste testing by both partners as her backside was pummeled silly by his throbbing member. They ended in doggy on a lounging chair, Chanel commenting as he finished up on her ass, spinning her around to drive his splooge into her mouth for swallowing though little evidence of the semen was provided. As expected, this was a fantastic scene.


Scene Five: Remy LaCroix, the sexy little fuck bunny shown on the lower right corner of the front cover with the great ass, was up last with Mike Adriano. She wore black stockings and a striped bra, her thong nestled deep between her fantastic cheeks as she spoke highly of her previous visits. Mike adored her as well and pointed out her great shape ratio made for movies like this, a bunch of ass tease outside including some time on the treadmill. She was shaven clean and he enjoyed spending ample time going down on her snatch, the gash gobbling followed by even more rimming and ass eating until they kissed and she devoured his pecker. While her blowjob skills were not as refined and experienced as the rest of the cast, she did just fine overall, giving the camera a lot of eye contact along the way. He pushed her limits so streamers laced the frame of the camera, Remy alternating the use of hands with hands free approaches before he began hammering her lubed pussy. This passive porking led to anal and she rubbed one out as he did all the work boning her, sweet Remy pushing back in doggy and impaling herself in the cowgirl variations with a lot of taste testing in between. Mike gave her some intermittent head too, their chemistry together amplifying the lust connection they have established long before this tryst was ever conceived. The last position led to him jerking off into her mouth as she knelt before him, Remy swallowing the nut of ball batter with ease, some post coital head included as the freckled face youth beamed widely claiming she “came four times”.


Bonus Scene: Anal Bombshells: From a latin flavored brunette in the opening scene, we switch things up to a foxy, curvy blonde white lady for the second. Kagney starts her scene off the same way Eva did, talking us up a bit and then showing off her body, paying lots of attention to her very full ass cheeks – yowza! She knows she’s got the curves that matter and isn’t shy about it. Mike plays with her tits and ass and gives her a good warm up session using his mouth the way and where she wants him to. He eats her ass and then they head inside where she sits backwards on the toilet for a bit and shows off her back door. She blows him and then rides him, anally, cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl style. Lots of gaping and cheek shaking here, with a lot of ass to mouth here. She gets all sloppy with the blowjob and then gets on her back and lets him fuck her asshole some more. He plays with her pierced pussy as he reems her and then they go at it doggy style, as she really grinds her ass onto his dong, until he unloads into her mouth and onto her very pretty face. Kagney is one of the hottest gals in the biz these days and it’s with good reason. Watch this scene and figure it out for yourself. Scorching! (by The Mooninite)


Click for Trailer

Summary: Anal Dream Team by director Mike Adriano for Evil Angel was fun, full of hardcore fuck for the buck, and had a great, all star cast so I rated it as Highly Recommended. This was another winner for the anal obsessed crowd and frankly, the strength of the cast was enough to boost the rating up even if they had not all given up the ass. Remy LaCroix, Nikki Benz, and Chanel Preston were great but Lisa Ann and Asa Akira really cranked up the heat here. In short, Anal Dream Team was exactly what a fan might expect of the director, a double disc extravaganza full of kinky anal antics, and starring cover hotties Chanel Preston, Remy LaCroix, and Chanel Preston made it all the better so give this one a serious look for your collections.


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