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Redheads Are Sexy 4

  • Release date:
    September 16, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 56m
  • Cast:
    Dani Jensen|Ramon Nomar|Bruce Venture|Jordan Ash|Alyssa Branch|Ava Sparxxx|Ashlee Graham

Redheads Are Sexy 4
New Sensations
Directed by Eddie Powell
Date of Production:
Running Time: 1:56:50


Dani Jensen
Ashley Graham
Ava Sparxxx
Alyssa Branch
Bruce Venture
Ramon Nomar
Jordan Ash

Special Features:

2 Bonus Scenes: Jessica Robbins/Tony from Bra Busters (30:35) and Hope Howell/Xander from Redheads are Sexy 2 (29:59)
Chapter Index
Pick Your Pleasure
Trailers: 1
Behind the Scenes: 27:12

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

It’s sizzling hot in here as 4 horny redheads turn up the heat! Dani, Ava, Ashley, and Alyssa can’t wait for a hard dick to tame their smoking bodies. We’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more redheads.

I was able to watch and review a previous installment in this series, and gave it a good review. And due to my love of redheads, I always look forward to any title that showcases these redheaded beauties. And it’s always nice to see a few new faces along with some familiar, that means there is a nice batch of girls to fulfill our dreams and fantasies. We get a great scene with Ashley and one with Ava that deserves some attention as well, you can bet I will be on the lookout for more of her in the future.  And with Eddie Powell behind the camera, you know everything is going to look fantastic and always does a great job of showcasing the girls. And with most New Sensations releases, a plethora of special features included, the highlight being two more scenes with redheads, including the busty and beautiful Jessica Robbins. And this one is going to find a nice open spot in my collection, as it’s getting a HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED from me.

Dani and Bruce

A few sexy stares into the camera and she turns around and showcases her body for the camera, teasing us with glimpses throughout. She rubs her pussy, and licks the taste off her fingers, before diving back in. She grabs a plastic toy and revs up the motor as she begins to moan and purr with delight. Bruce walks in and shares a few kisses, as he finds his way to her tits, sucking on them before heading to her pussy. She reaches down and finds a nice hard cock for her to enjoy, as she gives it a few soft licks and some spit before swallowing it. Both hands and her mouth are doing a great job of making sure every inch is getting attention. He picks her up and sets her on his cock as she goes for a nice ride. She turns around and leans up against the dresser, as she breaks out the toy again for some added pleasure. And you can see the pleasure running down her leg as he fucks her. Kudos to DanI for her oral work on his cock, you can see she is driving him to the verge of cumming a few times. They make their way to the bed, as he slides up next to her and back inside her pussy, which has a little patch growing around it. Some nice chemistry between these two and I would say we are starting off on a good note. Throw in a little finger in the ass from DanI, as the fun continues, and he’s working up quite a sweat, as he mounts her from behind. He rolls her on top as she hops and grinds her booty on his man meat. Back to some doggy, as he slaps her ass and she has her fingers working double time on her pussy and ass, making her cum again. He pulls out and gives her patch a little frosting.

Ava and Ramon

The one thing that this studio seems to do is present some new girls and do such a great job showcasing them, they quickly end up on your radar. And this girl has a great smile and some sexy long red hair, so we are looking pretty good so far. She’d make a great mermaid. Cute petite body and tits and a nice ass, which Ramon is first to enjoy. He grabs on tight and gives her pussy a nice licking with his tongue, before sliding in for some doggy action. She shows off some great energy as she backs her tan lined booty on his cock. She shows off her oral skills and then shakes and bounces her ass, teasing him before he slides inside  and gives her pussy a nice pounding. And she’s a little bit of a squirter as well. She spends lots of time riding his cock, and is great at it, so no complaints here. This sexy lady has put herself in contention for spotlight scene with this performance. She rides him for some reverse cowgirl, as he shoves a few fingers in her pussy while he fucks her. She begs and pleads for his cum and he is going to have some more fun with this lady before he gives her what she wants, and even makes her cum a few times. He gives her a few drips of cum in her mouth, and then a few more sucks and swallows before we are done.

Ashley and Bruce (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

And we follow that up with a redhead we are very familiar with, as she is wearing some sexy light green lingerie. She teases the camera, as the bra slowly comes off and unleashes her tits, as she squeezes and juggles them. She lays down and teases her pussy a little as she continues to flash that smile of hers. And as Bruce enters she gives a huge smile, as she knows what is coming for her. He kisses her neck as he gets a handful of her mountains, making his way to her pussy, giving it some spit. She returns the favor as she covers his cock in spit as she sucks and swallows it, going deep on his cock. And of course, it finds it way in between her tits, as she squeezes her boobs around it. She lays down and smiles again as he slides inside her pussy. He slaps his cock against her pussy, getting the water works going. Once again Bruce is getting a nice sweat going, and she is giving us plenty of squirt as well. She climbs on and gives us a nice booty show, and you have to love that positive vibe she gives off, you can see she is enjoying her time in the scene. And for the shoe fetish people, she’s kept her heels on the whole time. That playfulness continues as she deep throats and gets slapped by his cock on her face. She’s going to need some water when she is done with this scene. He continues to dominate her, as he grabs on tight to her throat as the fucking continues. I think we have another contender for spotlight scene. She bends over and with her ass up, he mounts her once again, and gives her plenty to squirt about. He pulls out and frosts her mountain with some cum as we end this scene.

Alyssa and Jordan

And it seems we once again have another new girl to check out, it’s good to know there is a new rookie class of redheads for us ginger fans to enjoy. She’s getting frustrated with her school work and she checks to see if she is alone, as she slowly ends up with her hand on her pussy. She’s got a few tattoos on her arm and a nice bush around her pussy, much like DanI had in the first scene. She speeds up the pussy play and it seems that Jordan has walked in at the right moment. She doesn’t stop when she sees him and invites him over with her eyes and helps him get rid of his towel and feverishly bobs her head on his cock. He takes a seat on the couch and she slowly takes a seat on his cock, making sure to get every inch inside of her pussy. I think I have seen this girl before somewhere, will have to check on that. She also gives us a booty show, as she rides him, filling up the screen with her booty. They continue with some spoon on the floor, hopefully no carpet burns for either performers. The love fest on the floor continues with some 69 action and then it’s back to some doggy on the couch. It seems we are going to fall a little flat at the end of this one. She’s pulling off her best possessed look as her eyes roll back as she plays with her pussy while he fucks her. He pulls out and gives her a nice load in her mouth, as some of it drops on her tits, as she rubs it into her skin.


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