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Red On The Head Fire In The Bed 2

  • Release date:
    September 12, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 0m
  • Cast:
    Melody Jordan|Dayna Vendetta|Ralph Long|Sarah Blake|Porno Dan|Kira Lake

In medieval times, having red hair was associated with having an animalistic sexual desire.  Five hundred years later, based on the girls in this DVD at least,  I would conclude that the association holds up...

Furthermore, the snooty Irish writer Jonathan Swift, in his most famous work, Gulliver's Travels, wrote that "it is observed that the red-haired of both sexes are more libidinous and mischievous than the rest, whom yet they much exceed in strength and activity." With no male red heads featured in this DVD, I can't necessarily make the same conclusion about red-headed men.  But who cares?  That's not why you should consider watching this release.

Alas, on to the action... four scenes of ginger fucking, lasting over 2 hours in total, Immoral Productions is back with a sequel, serving up 'Red on the Head Fire in the Bed 2' for your carnal consumption.

First up is Melody Jordan, a 21-year old from Virginia; sporting natural breasts, long hair and some grey sweat socks, this girl doesn't get much sun... after chit-chatting for a minute, she turns around and spreads her cheeks, giving us a fine glimpse at her goods.  A nice 5-minute blowjob leads to 69'ing, which leads to Melody getting pumped doggie style before getting spooned; she holds her leg high in the air and shows her impressive flexibility while her clit is tickled... a condom is used in this scene in case you're sensitive to that...

We follow this with some missionary with a magic wand to help her cum, cowgirl, more missionary and then some oral leading to the cumshot.  Interesting to note that while I did not have anything to measure the angle, the cum shot splits this chick's face right down the middle.  Up her chin, over her lips, and up her nose... if you're a math major or maybe an architect, you will go bonkers for the symmetry of this jizz.

The next scene features the seasoned veteran, Sarah Blake.  She burst into the XXX scene about 20 years ago, when I was still herding goats and making cheese back in the Old Country.  It seems that her breasts have gotten enormous since then, and I don't attribute this to a natural growth spurt.  Big-ass titties and a great personality, Sarah knows how to please her man and also how to shine in front of the camera.  For a lady approaching 40, Sarah is cute, toned and ready to reinforce the sterotype that redheads are "fiery".

The scene begins with a knee-high socked Sarah showing us her ass; soon after, she is getting pounded cowgirl and doggie; then some oral, she also brings out the magic wand to massage her clit while she gets fucked missionary...

Off comes the condom and a hot load of cum is shot onto her ass.  I think I see an image of Jesus in the sperm...

A short scene, but this girl's sex appeal makes up for it.  Though naked throughout the scene, I would have loved to have been this girl's thong for a day...

The weakest of the scenes, though by no means a bad one, follows Sarah's.  Kira Lake is your classic pale, skinny, small-titted redhead (also with knee-high socks).  Also potentially blinding to your eyes, she drops to her knees and starts sucking cock with some passion.  Reverse cowgirl, followed by doggie, cowgirl and some hard missionary, her fuck faces were memorable to me...

We follow that with more oral, cowgirl, reverse spooning, doggie and finishing with a massive cumshot to the face, hitting her tongue, chin, in her mouth, her eyebrow and into her hair.

Closing out the foursome of ginger fuckers, Dayna Vendetta is the curviest of the group. Rocking knee-high socks, a pierced belly button and a round, tattooed ass (and back), my first thought was that this girl isn't a real redhead; I tried to match the drapes to the carpet, but the casrpet was shaved - mysterious...

A BJ starts the scene, followed by some aggressive titty-fucking... reverse spoon, reverse cowgirl, 69'ing, doggie, standing missionary, then some sweet cowgirl - this girl knows how to fuck... the scene concludes with more reverse spooning, probably to prevent the guy freom getting knocked out by this chick's swinging tits, and ending with a cumshot on her belly...

Overall, Red in the Head Fire in the Bed 2 was a tasty treat.  While short of the number of scenes (4), what Immoral Pictures did present has me looking around for ginger conventions at local hotels in town. The special features are not special at all - all that is included are four trailers for other films.

In search of carrot tops to help blow your load? This one will do the job.

Why do I feel like going to the drive-through at Wendy's right now?


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