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  • Release date:
    June 24, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 30m
  • Cast:
    Kaylani Lei|Allie Haze|Tyler Nixon|Samantha Ryan|Michael Vegas|Karlo Karrera|Lyla Storm|Brendon Miller

Genre: Feature

Director/Writer: Stormy Daniels

Cast: Samantha Ryan, Kaylani Lei, Allie Haze, Lyla Storm, Stormy Daniels (non-sex role), Celeste Star (bonus sex scene), Michael Vegas, Brendon Miller, Tyler Nixon, Karlo Karrera, Logan Pierce (bonus sex scene), Xander Corvus (bonus sex scene)

Length: 90 minutes

Extras: The highlight of the special features section are the three bonus sex scenes. The first one has Samantha Ryan and Celeste Star in 3 Day Rule. The second scene features Allie Haze and Logan Pierce in If You Only Knew. The final scene has Kaylani Lei and Xander Corvus in BFF's. A nice looking photo gallery, several trailers, a Free Speech Coalition message, and a Wicked Essentials Care commercial are shown too.

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Condoms: Yes

Overview: Rebound is a film by director and writer Stormy Daniels. It is about relationship expert Tessa who is played by Samantha Ryan. When she finds out that her boyfriend has cheated on her, the author needs to think straight in order to write her next book. Along the way, we have, just to name a few, Allie Haze as Tessa's loyal publicist, Brendon Miller as Tessa's brother, Kaylani Lei as her sister-in-law, Tyler Nixon as her cheating fiancé, and Michael Vegas.
Lyla Storm, Tyler Nixon
Scene One: While sipping her drink by the pool on a lounge chair, Lyla Storm  tells her fella Tyler Nixon that he needs no lessons on satisfying a woman. He knows how to reach her G-spot quite easily and effectively. Soon, we see the pair making out. It does not take long for the horny woman to suck his nice looking dick. Then, Lyla lays against his body on her back while humping him. A doggie screw follows that shows off Lyla's beauty well. Meanwhile, I like Tyler's fucking delivery and motion throughout this scene. It's a well applied rhythm that shows off good passion for his beautiful lady. The mish moments are the hottest and most time-consuming as Tyler increases his fucking pace. I got sweaty while watching it. Finally, he pulls out and jacks off on her body. I enjoyed seeing Lyla have a wide smile on her face.
Allie Haze, Karlo Karrera
Scene Two: Allie Haze and Karlo Karrera make love after a rough day at work for her. I am impressed with his gentle and sensual behavior. He worships her leg nicely, but briefly. Then, his lady sucks his manhood with good passionate fondness. When the screwing activity occurs, Karlo fucks her solidly while providing good eye contact with Allie as well as kissing her leg at times. Afterwards, Allie shows her hunger for her man when she applies a rapid back and forth humping motion while in the cowgirl position. A doggie fuck follows where his lengthy rhythm gives Allie that burning sensation. Finally, he pulls out and she jacks him off on her ass.
Kaylani Lei, Brendon Miller
Scene Three: Kaylani Lei and Brendon Miller finally get to make love and have fun with one another sexually. The energy level is quite good and I like seeing Kaylani straddle him. The most romantic moment occurs when they position themselves for their spoonful of sugar screw. Some nice kissing activity occurs too. Afterwards, Brendon fucks Kaylani from behind solidly and then, mishes her with a more determined manner. Kaylani looks so hot when she cums during the final moments of their missionary screw. In the end, Brendon cums a whole lot on the very happy woman's body.
Samantha Ryan, Michael Vegas
Scene Four: Samantha Ryan and Michael Vegas make love in the mountains at the cabin. They kiss in front of the fireplace and on the floor.  Their make out session looks nice. He kisses her tits and moves down her hot bod. Soon, her red panties are slipped off by Michael. Then, when he sucks her honeycomb, Samantha gets off very well. A bj follows. After riding him a bit, Samantha gets off amazingly well during the spooning moments. A missionary screw occurs next that leads to Michael cumming on her.
Final Thoughts: Since Stormy Daniels is an amazing screenwriter, there are always high expectations of her by fans, critics, and herself. So, when it comes to her newest Wicked Passions feature Rebound, the quality of the storyline does not stand up to her previous titles for this line. With the high caliber actors of Samantha Ryan and Michael Vegas in the lead roles, there should had been further or at least, more substantial development of their fondness for each other. Nevertheless, Samantha delivered a very good performance as well as Allie Haze and the rest of the cast. I consider Karlo Karrera a gentle giant. Kaylani Lei and Brendon Miller are good together and provide nice comedy relief. The four sexual performances are effective for a couples-friendly production. Stormy Daniels' non-sex role was effective too. Overall, I recommend this film since it is still a pretty good one for couples.


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