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Tasha Reign Is Sexy!

  • Release date:
    October 31, 2012
  • Runtime:
    1h 56m
  • Cast:
    Randi Wright

Genre: Vignettes

Director: Tasha Reign

Cast: Tasha Reign, Christie Stevens, Danny Mountain, Jordan Ash, Mark Wood. Non-sex role: Randi Wright

Length: 117 minutes

Extras: There is a nice Behind the Scenes segment, a photo gallery, and website information.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: Tasha Reign is Sexy is a film by adult performer Tasha Reign and her production company Reign Productions. Tasha as a director gives her the opportunity to shoot and perform the types of scenes that she really enjoys. It also allows her to show off her acting abilities. Since she stars in every scene, we get a more broader view of this multi-faceted performer.

Scene One: Tasha Reign is excited to have a job interview with Mr. Danny Mountain. She wants to be his personal assistant. On her first day of work, the ambitious woman receives some lingerie and heels on her bed. After putting them on, the woman finds Danny on her bed. It does not take long for the pair to start making out. The chemistry between the pair becomes more solid as they kiss a while. Some titty play occur before Tasha has slid down the man's legs in order to remove his pants. Then, the woman takes good hold of his dick and sucks it. She definitely makes sure to pleasure her boss well by sucking on his balls and providing a solid two handed stroking delivery along with some good eye contact. Afterwards, Tasha gets on top of him for their 69 moments. An exciting doggie screw occurs next as Tasha moans with much emotion while the man sticks his dick into her. The fuck from behind action gets quite heated. The cockriding activities follow. It heats up a lot when he pumps her while she rubs her own pussy. Next, the camera gets good shots of her pussy during the reverse cowgirl ride. Their performance becomes even more intense as soon as their spooning session begins. Danny really applies a solid screwing delivery on the pretty woman. More cockriding action follows before he tastes her sweet pussy again. The cool looking mish occurs that also includes some toe sucking action by the man. In the end, Danny cums in her mouth.

Scene Two: Wannabe sorority sister Christie Stevens puts on her outfit and heads over to Tasha Reign's home for the initiation. After drinking some champagne, the women become quite touchy feely towards each other. The playful behavior continues as Tasha hands over some sex toys to Christie. Then, Tasha sucks the coed's tits and continues to undress her a bit. Eventually, the woman has removed her shorts and panties and places good attention on her cute pussy. Christie is quite pleased and smiley with Tasha's manual and oral massage of her feminine plaything. She really gets off when Tasha vigorously rubs her clit and fingers her pussy. Meanwhile, at times, Tasha is taking photos of the coed's vagianl playground. She also provides good suction while orally stimulating it. Afterwards, Christie removes Tasha's shorts and panties as she places her attention on taking good care of the woman's vaginal muscle. She sucks on it with much energy while Tasha is in doggie position. Tasha gets off very well especially during the fingerfucking moments. I really enjoyed watching Christie eat Tasha's asshole. It really gets Tasha off well too. Then, the toy play begins between the women as Christie sucks on the toy rabbit and inserts it into her partner's pussy. Tasha takes some photos of it. They kiss momentarily. After Christie has completed in pleasuring her sorority sister with the item, the woman sucks on a dildo as Tasha joins in for some fun. They kiss again playfully. Then, Tasha slides down her body and rubs a dildo on Christie's pussy before inserting it into her slowly. The added tongue stimulant on her clit makes Christie enjoy it a whole lot more. Later, Christie is in doggie position while Tasha continues to fuck her with the item while licking her asshole. I was very pleased with their very good performance.

Scene Three: After their dad leaves, Tasha Reign is talking on the phone. Her stepsister Randi Wright continues to flirt with her. Later, we see Tasha in the bathroom. She slips out of her dress in front of the mirror. Her beautiful body is a turn-on. She turns on the water in the tub. The camera continues to focus on her hot bod and ass while she removes her panties and shoes. The cute woman begins to rub her pussy on the floor briefly before standing up to do it. It's at this point that she moans loudly. Her fingerfucking actions are pretty cool as she sticks three fingers up her pussy. Next, Tasha turns off the water and enters the tub. She pours some of the warm soapy water on her body. Then, she begins to finger her asshole with good passionate effort. Next, the woman takes a glass dildo and sucks on it before fucking her ass with it. Her anal play moves out of the tub and in front of the mirror later on as well as on the floor. We get nice shots of her butt and pussy. We get a very good surprise at the end of the scene.

Scene Four: Jordan Ash wants his girlfriend Tasha Reign to be more adventurous when it comes to their sex life. Mark Wood is the understanding friend who thinks that his friend needs to be more patient. While they are talking, Jordan begins to fantasize. We see Tasha in a cage on her arms and legs sipping some milk from a bowl. The girl does a good job in teasing the camera through the bars. She is also wearing a tail that it inserted in her asshole. Later, the guys stick their dicks through the cage so that Tasha can suck their meaty playthings. The mouth fucking action looks pretty cool. Afterwards, Jordan opens the cage so that Tasha can crawl out of it. Then, he doggies her while she resumes her cocksucking activity on Mark. He also plays with her anal beaded tail. The guys switch positions and roles later on. It does not take long until the activity is taken to the couch where Tasha bounces on her man's groin while sucking on Mark's cock. She moans a lot with good emotion. Mark gets to have the hot woman ride him next as he sits on the couch. Then, the scene becomes more intense when the woman gets doggied by Jordan. Once again, the man switch positions and roles so that Mark can fuck the woman from behind. A very heated mish screw follows by her fella while Tasha is laying on the arm of the sofa. Of course, Mark has to get his fucking delivery into her too. He really pounds her hard. The hot energy does not stop as Jordan mishes her again. Just when you thought it might be over, she continues to get fucked by the duo. This amazing scene ends with her recieving their cums on her wide open mouth.

Final Thoughts: Even though this film is only the second one that I have seen from Tasha's production company, I can tell that the future of her venture is quite promising. This flick is totally hot. Her three-way is intense. The girl on girl performance is fun and hot. Her boy-girl action had very good chemstry. Even her solo play was pretty cool especially the anal action. I really enjoyed Randi Wright. I hope that Tasha will develop their storyline for other movies. I really want to see them in a very personal, intimate, and sensual scene. I recommend this well produced film.


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