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Pretty Dirty 6

  • Release date:
    May 20, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 4m
  • Cast:
    Adriana Chechik|Romi Rain|Brooklyn Chase|Ramon Nomar|Cali Carter|Mr. Pete|Bruce Venture|Anthony Rosano|Clover

Pretty Dirty 6
New Sensations
Directed by Eddie Powell
Date of Production:
Running Time: 2:04:54


Adriana Chechik
Cali Carter
Romi Rain
Brooklyn Chase
Mr Pete
Ramon Nomar
Bruce Venture

Special Features:

Shot in HD
Bonus Scenes: Ashton Pierce/Anthony Rosano from Pretty Dirty 4 (31:12) and Jasmine Rain/Ramon Nomar from A Big Dick for a Cutie 3 (30:31)
Chapter Index
Pick Your Pleasure
Trailers: 2:09
Behind the Scenes: 27:11

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

These girls like it nasty, and they can’t wait to get down and dirty! Join Brooklyn, Romi, Adriana, and Cali as they take a wild ride on a juicy fat cock! It’s about to get blazing hot in here, because there’s 2 hours of filthy fucking coming right at you!

Let’s first give some love to the amazing cover, and the lovely Adriana on the cover. This is one of those films that is filled with ladies that I am not familiar with, but from just watching the intro to this movie, I have a feeling a few of these ladies are going to be on my radar after watching this. I always look forward to seeing stuff from New Sensations, as they always make the scenes look amazing visually, and make sure you see all of the action.

If you read the rest of the review, you will see that this one surprised me right out of the date, with some intense and amazing sex, with some ladies who I had no idea who they were. And not only did I get surprised by the first scene, that awesomeness continued for the first three scenes in this movie. It seemed that perhaps we hit a little bump at the end, perhaps my expectations were too high at that point, but we lost a little at the end, which is a shame, I really thought we had a highest rating going for this one. But you know what, it still deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and be sure and check this one out, cause I have a feeling that you will quickly becomes fans of a few of these ladies after watching this.

Adriana and Mr Pete (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

She is sitting on top of him, giving his back a nice rub down with her hands, then lifts up her shirt and uses her boobs, as she licks his neck and makes her way down his back. He rolls over and she grinds on his crotch, while she plays with her boobs. She leans forward for some tongue wrestling, then he grabs her neck and lays her down, working over her neck, before making his way to her boobs. Off comes her panties and she flips over and bends over, as she back her ass and pussy into his tongue. He grabs her hair and brings her face to his cock, which finds its way into her mouth for some face fucking, as the spit begins to pile up. Some very nice energy and enthusiasm during her oral appreciation. She bends over and he gives her ass a few slaps and then plants her face down with his foot. She screams and moans and seems to want more and more. I have a feeling her ass cheeks are going to be bright red by the time this is all over. She reaches back and gives a helping hand, while she continues the dirty talk. He rolls her over on her side and continues to work her pussy, as she keeps wanting more. I can say that we are definitely starting off in the right direction in this movie. And I think I get to see this lady at Exxxotica in Chicago in a few weeks. She seems to love the rough stuff and he just keeps dishing it out. She climbs off and almost seems to growl as she is back to swallowing his cock, covering it and his balls in her spit. She climbs on for some reverse cowgirl, as he plays with her nipples while she rides him. They continue with some cowgirl, and then she ends up on her knees, testing out the gag reflex and letting more spit drool out of her mouth, before his cock is forced deep in her throat. She lays back and he gives her pussy and ass some finger love, then slides two fingers in her pussy, getting her to squirt for him, and he wastes no time sliding his cock in her wet pussy. But he’s not done making her squirt, as he goes in for round two. It’s back to some missionary until he pulls out and sprays his cum all over, as she begs for it. Well the bar is raised, among other things, for this movie.

Romi and Ramon

Well next up we have a very busty and sexy Romi, in some sexy lingerie, showing off her curves, as she slowly slides off her clothes. She slides off her bra and unleashes those very nice tits, and then rolls around on the bed, showing off her tattoos on her back, and then motions for her man to join her, as Ramon creeps on the bed, and starts off at her feet and licks his way to her pussy, licking and teasing it through her panties. He stretches her panties, as his finger and tongue work on her pussy, sends her whole body in motion. After some quality time in her pussy, he makes his way to her tits, and then they come together for some kissing and she ends up finding her way on his cock, which must have busted out of his pants. He leans back and she bobs her head on his cock, working it deep into her throat. And once again we have a nice buildup of spit on his cock, which ends up on her face, as she slaps his cock against it. She ends up on top and after a little teasing, he guides his cock in her pussy, and she leans forward, as he gives her ass a few slaps while he fucks her. We have yet another girl who is not afraid to get a little wild and crazy during sex, and that is always appreciated. And that energy doesn’t die as she is back to sucking and swallowing his cock, getting it nice and wet, as he thrusts it in her mouth. He teases her pussy with his cock a bit and then slides it back inside for some reverse cowgirl, as she lends a helping hand. She leans back and they play some tongue hockey while he fucks her, then she ends up on her side and eventually some doggy, as he leans over and kisses all over her body. When he turns up the pace, she gives him a few smiles and some dirty talk to let him know he’s doing a good job. She can barely keep still. He gives her pussy some more oral love and then teases it with his cock, making her beg for it back inside her. He props her up with a few pillows and then gives her feet some love while his cock pleases her pussy. It’s back to some more oral appreciation from her mouth, making sure every inch is covered in spit, before it ends up in between her boobs, as she licks her lips. She lays back and he slides his fingers in her pussy, working his magic until we get a few squirts and then slides his cock right back inside for some missionary. He turns up the pace and then pulls out and leaves a very nice cumshot all over her chest. She licks it up and rubs some into her skin, making those mountains glisten in the light.

Brooklyn and Bruce

Seems like someone is having some naughty dream and can’t seem to keep her hands off her body. She slides her hand down her panties and rubs her pussy, and then slides off her bra, to unleash some very nice tits. Her pussy seems to inhale her panties as her fantasy time continues. But it seems that Bruce is going to have a nice surprise waiting for him, and she smiles and continues to rub all over her body, as he enters the room. He joins her and after some heated and passionate kissing, he makes his way to her pussy, giving it a nice tongue lashing and some spit, as he spreads it with his fingers. It seems he is determined to inhale her pussy, while he is down there. And speaking of inhaling, she does her best to swallow his cock, as he fucks her face, and then gets a face full of her pussy and ass, as his tongue is back inside her pussy. He lays her on her back and after she begs for him to fuck her, he slides his man meat deep inside her pussy, while getting a nice grab of her boob. They roll around on the bed and then settle on some spoon, as she really gets vocal in her excitement. And once again have some nice energy and enthusiasm from our performers in this scene as well. She props herself against the head board as he slides his cock deep in her pussy, as he gets a face full of her tits. She climbs off and slowly makes her way to his cock, testing out the limits of how much she can take. She climbs on top and after teasing her pussy and giving us a slight tease of perhaps some anal fun, he spreads her legs and is back to sliding his man meat in her pussy, while she lets out a few begs to go along with her moans of delight. They continue with some nice spoon, and then he is back to inhaling her pussy, while massaging her tits, before sliding his cock in between her lovely mountains of flesh, and some playful teasing in her mouth. He gives her pussy a nice spit bath before sliding back inside, for some missionary and then pulls out and caps those mountains with his cum.

Cali and Clover

And we end this movie, with the lovely blonde lady, who gives us a nice view of her ass on the back cover of this movie. No pressure, but this has been a great movie so far, and I would really hate to see it end on a sour note. She enters the room wrapped in a towel and they lock lips with some heated kisses, as they run their hands all over each other. She kisses his chest as she slowly makes her way south, as the towel slides off and he knees down to enjoy her naked body. Either she is really short or he is really tall. He dives in and works his tongue in her pussy, getting her motor running a little. She turns around and bends over, really showing off her curves for him. She dances her booty in his face, and then stops when he dives back in to work her pussy over with his mouth and tongue. She gets on her knees, as he pulls out his long sword and she sucks and swallows it, as the spit is covering his cock. This guy could give Evan Stone a run for his money, if you know what I mean. She continues with some decent spit play, but I am waiting to see just a hint of that energy we had in the previous scenes. She crawls on all fours on the bed, as he slips in behind her for some doggy. They continue with some decent missionary as she gives her pussy a helping hand while he shoves his cock inside her. He lays down as she back her ass in his face, while she leans over and continues to suck and swallow his cock. Ok starting to get impressed as she almost swallows him entirely. She leans forward and guides his cock in her pussy, and then grinds her hips on it, getting some friction between these bodies. She lays down and he pounds her from behind and we are finally seeing some traces of great from these two. He slides a finger in her ass, while the doggy continues, then grabs on tight to her sides as he picks up the pace a little. She climbs on for some cowgirl fun, as he grabs on tight to her booty, and even gives her boobs some love as they bounce in his face. She may be tiny, but the girl has a little junk in her trunk. She climbs off and opens her mouth wide as she waits for his cum, and he gives her a few drops, and then she licks up and down his cock a few more times before we are all done.


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