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Tanlines 3

  • Release date:
    May 28, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 1m
  • Cast:
    India Summer|Kevin Moore|Rachel Starr|Maddy Oreilly|Jayden Lee


Tanlines 3

Evil Angel/Jekyll & Hyde Productions/Buttman Magazine Choice

Genre: POV, Gonzo, Pronounced Tan Lines

Director: Kevin Moore

Cast: India Summer, Kevin Moore, Rachel Starr, Jayden Lee, Maddy O’Reilly

Length: 181:46 minutes

Date of Production: 2013


Extras: There was a popshot recap from the scenes, some trailers, a photogallery, a cast list of the ladies (Kevin serving as the only male), filmographies, and some websites.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Tanlines 3 was presented in a fine looking 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Kevin Moore for Evil Angel/Buttman Magazine Choice. The basic lighting covered the action well so there were not a lot of shadows around during the scenes. The flesh tones were accurate and the composition of the shots was usually the best for the ladies but the tease that so fascinates Kevin (and myself) were obviously the most important thing to capture for him again; this being his core audience from what I’ve learned over the years. Still, the action was clearly recorded and the raw energy of the cast was caught better than I expected; making it a decent looking fuck flick in most ways, the editing looking polished up compared to previous releases in the series but that company watermark still present. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English; the lack of separation and dynamic range meaning the audio was a bit flatter than hoped for. It was low end audio for the most part but given the gonzo niche of the movie, this is to be expected. The musical interludes were pretty decent though and added to the fun but they did not last long for those who care.


Body of Review: Kevin Moore is one of the best directors to engage in specialty fetish pursuits, his titles at Evil Angel certainly showing an aptitude for showcasing hot young ladies. His latest release out for review is called Tanlines 3, where he provides some of the best point of view (POV) action by a regular guy (Kevin himself) in a fashion that included lots of tease footage centering on tan lines in the four scenes. I have liked Kevin’s other series in this vein, this offbeat fetish perhaps better in future volumes should the tan lines be more pronounced, the babe factor quite high with ladies such as Rachel Starr, Maddy O’Reilly, Jayden Lee, and India Summer strutting their stuff so sexily well. The company website described the show like this: “Director/fetish fiend Kevin Moore deeply appreciates sun-worshiping sluts whose flesh shows the shape of their skimpy bikinis. "Tanlines #3" is the newest entry in Kevin's special series devoted to these shameless tarts and their oiled, glistening bodies. His slick, glamorous style of videography is perfectly suited to the sort of high-maintenance beauties who aren't afraid to get down and dirty, pleasuring the director with outrageous tease and animalistic sex that he captures POV-style. First, gorgeous, mature brunette India Summer treats Kevin's stiff prick to a sensuous ride, both outdoors and indoors, and gets her alluring ass splattered in jism. Next, curvaceous stripper Rachel Starr spreads tanning oil all over her shimmering skin, coating her golden globes and powerful buns with shiny grease, before getting her tight pussy railed. Luscious, all-natural Asian cutie Jayden Lee performs an oil-drenched striptease, her enticing tan lines vividly accentuating her soft boobies and round, wobbly ass. Jayden slurps Kevin's tool, squeezes the director's shaft between her tits and bounces up and down on his dick until he explodes. Super-sweet young Maddy O'Reilly is a sun worshiper with a light caramel hue and pale, flawless skin peeking beneath her bikini line. Maddy blows Kevin on the lawn and takes a hard fucking that gets her perfect bottom decorated in hot splooge. Fans who find the female form dramatically erotic in sexual action with exposed tan lines shouldn’t pass up "Tanlines #3."” Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: India Summer, a multi-award winning MILF and all around hotty, was up first as she teased by the beach in a skimpy bikini. The perfect sun lit her up very nicely during the tease montage, her breasts showing a much stronger tanline than that sweet ass of hers I’ve adored for so long, Kevin Moore showing some appreciation for her too as he followed her around in POV fashion. She oiled up and ended up laying on a lawn with a large blanket or towel to sit on, Kevin bantering back and forth with her verbally once the montage finished. India was as seductive as ever, wearing various jewelry and sporting erect nipples, her boobs glistening with the oil and stark contrast of her fleshtone on the tanlines. From there, she actively slobbed his knob and rubbed her pussy against his raging boner, no gash gobbling allowed given it was a POV flick I suppose. In any case, she stroked his pecker and soon inserted it into her neatly trimmed snatch for an impressively active ride, her hand to gland abilities also faring well given the degree of perceived chemistry I noted. Well into the scene the couple moved into the house, India sprawling out on the bed to suck him off again and then Kevin to pound her pussy (as well as use her ass cheeks to masturbate with), the man releasing his genetic juice all over her ass cheeks; her ass tan looking more pronounced inside than it did outside.


Scene Two: Rachel Starr, a sexy brunette with wonderful curves, was up next as she beckoned the camera during the tease montage outside in a metallic bikini, her fit body and awesome ass as powerfully enticing as her beautiful eyes for Kevin Moore. She oiled up and kept her bikini on for a very long time, bending over to showcase her ass with its very pronounced tan line as well as her shaven snatch. Anyone that admires shapely and toned heart shaped asses will find her appealing, there was even some foot displays for fans of the genre though not as much as they might care for. She masturbated and was soon teasing on the patio in less stunning lighting, the couple moving inside where it was warmer for them to continue their sexual tryst. Kevin rubbed on her ass in doggy before she oiled up to make it work better for him, the couple actively riding vaginally from there but stopping for oral and other tricks when he nearly bust a load of baby batter early. She put on a fantastic show with her booty bouncing as she impaled herself on his cock too, milking his balls dry of population pudding as his juices flew all over her ass, a big gob of the ball batter lodged right on top of her perfect pucker.


Scene Three: Jayden Lee, an exotic brunette built for speed over comfort was up next as she followed the same formula of teasing in a small bikini outside for Kevin Moore. She caressed herself and gave peeks of her treasures, oiling up on the lawn before resting on the lounging chair in the shade as Kevin approached her. He helped apply some lotion to her body and they pretended he was shy, this slight change in scene dynamic compared to the other scenes not a bad touch at all. She continually told him to not be shy and then reversed places with him, sucking his cock actively as she gave great eye contact to his camera (again held in POV fashion). They then moved into the house on a bed with an animal print comforter, her tan line modest on her ass but her ass well worth some attention all the same. He vaginally porked her bald pussy and she pushed back to meet his thrusts, her boob tan line looking much more stark in contrast while Jayden applied some dirty talk to push his buttons. She sucked him off yet again and went back to riding his pecker, Kevin soon launching his wealth of spunk all over her back and ass, thoroughly glazing her crack to her delight.


Scene Four: Maddy O’Reilly, an exceedingly cute gal with light hair and a love of oil, was up last as she oiled up on the back yard lawn in her colorful bikini for Kevin Moore. The generic music during the tease montage was bland but her outgoing nature helped make up for it, her smile and way she touched herself enhanced by her pronounced ass tan line. She had a fleshy ass but it still had enough muscle tone to it to work for me, her shaven pussy making her look a bit too young for my tastes when shot from the front but otherwise drop dead gorgeous as a fuck bunny over all. Once the tease was finished, she stripped off her top and crawled between Kevin’s legs to blow him slowly, his pecker starting off impossibly flaccid but soon regaining its composure miraculously fast thanks to her efforts. Her seductive eyes and smile warmed him up and her hand to gland stroking suited him given his limited comments initially. Maddy then climbed onto his cock to aggressively ride him, trying him face to face as well as giving the camera a great view of her ass when she turned around. They then moved into a large but mostly barren living room with a white couch, Maddy giggling as she showed off her impossibly fit body (and tan line), oiling up before more doggy pushed him past his limit to lose his wad of splooge all over her comely ass.


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Summary: Tanlines 3 by director Kevin Moore for Evil Angel had a lot of tease involving the ladies having tan lines, but the ladies this time struck me as lesser known talent (to a degree) and the premise just did not grab me like I wanted it to so I rated it as a Recommended. Kevin adored the ladies and they seemed to find a solid level of connection to him because of it, the end result is that every scene provided at least some replay value and strokability, the ladies including Rachel Starr, Maddy O’Reilly, Jayden Lee, and India Summer. In short, Tanlines 3 worked on several levels in regards to generating excitement and enthusiastic hotties going after some cock, the tease elements again a lot of fun if you have even a passing interest in this kind of thing. I’m glad Kevin stuck with it long enough to reach higher levels of replay value and strokability like this one had, perhaps later volumes becoming even better as a result.


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