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Pure 18 #26

  • Release date:
    March 12, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 18m
  • Cast:
    Sienna Splash|Rilynn Rae|Cassandra Nix|Missi Daniels|Cassie Lynn|Liyla Shay

Genre: Gonzo, Teens, Web-to-DVD

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Sienna Splash, Cassandra Nix, Missi Daniels, Liyla Shay, Cassie Lynn, Rilynn Rae

Length: 3 hrs. 18 mins.

Date(s) of Production: 12/11/12

Release Year: 2013

Extras: Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Website Information

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Average Quality – Shot in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9

Price of DVD:$22.99

Overview: This twenty-sixth installment in the Pure 18 series falls in line with the many films in the franchise that precede it. It’s more or less what you’ve come to expect from Reality Kings—an assortment of scenes featuring young starlets getting down and dirty. It’s straight from the Web and into your DVD tray.

Scene 1 – Rilynn Rae: (3/5) Rilynn sits idly by as her biology instructor insists that he teach her about genetic diversity and the fundamentals of biology. The two sit on the edge of Rilynn’s bed. Instead of being taught the course material the starlet suggests that if her tutor were to do her homework for her she’d agree to some assplay. He goes for it, of course, and following a nice blowjob take Rilynn is sprawled naked in bed legs spread wide while the old prof looms over her and pounds her pussy with fervor. Later, the foxy brunette rides her partner and switches from reverse cowgirl to cowgirl with ease. During this segment we get to see her nice bubble butt jiggling and glistening wet with clam sauce. After a doggy style romp, Rilynn takes a knee and gets a string of cum shot across her face.

Scene 2 – Cassandra Nix: (4/5) The premise in this one is a little hard to follow if only because of how contrived it is, but I’ll try to explain. Basically, Cassandra and the school janitor meet at her place and engage in awkward conversation. The mop wrangler explains that he stole the test results from Cassandra’s foreign language professor and as per their prior agreement he’s prepared to hand them over in exchange for 500 dollars. When the longhaired brunette comes up 200 bucks short, the janitor isn’t having it. Luckily, the two work out an agreement that involves Cassandra juggling the janitor’s nuts with her tongue. Overall this scene is pretty great. Following a quick BJ the starlet is spanked, pressed up against the drywall and is fucked incredibly hard, with her panties dangling at the knees. Cassandra rides the janitor and as her body does the up-and-down dance on his meat pole he explores her asshole with his meaty digits. Then we’re off to some wheelbarrow fucking and a pretty decent internal cumshot. This scene was a good one, Cassandra is as cute as they come and has a great body. Small perky titties with puffy nipples. What’s not to love?

Scene 3 – Cassie Lynn: (3/5) Cassie is a petite blonde who’s bored at her babysitting gig so she calls an old fling for some afternoon delight. This scene employs a simple and straightforward plot that jolts into a steamy fuck session in no time. The stud undoes Cassie’s purple top, she loses her pants, exposing a small tight behind and then it’s off to Blowjob Island. The starlet does a nice job fitting her guy’s cock in her mouth and comments on how good it tastes. It’s a sensual blowjob with a little stroking thrown in to tease the dude’s cock. Next, the blonde is fingered for a while and after a little ass worship, Cassie gets plowed in the wheelbarrow position. Then she rides her partner, they spoon and fuck and following a little doggie the old flame shoots a load on Cassie’s ass. Rather then calling it good, the scene pushes forward and shows both partner’s talking a short walk to a backyard pool where Cassie washes the vanilla custard from her ass cheek. To my surprise, she hints at maybe going for a round two. Yes! But doesn’t and instead briefly masturbates while she’s covered to her neck in water. Boo!


Scene 4 – Liyla Shay: (3/5) Chris has been doing Liyla’s homework for far too long and tells the starlet that he’s yet to be compensated for all of the wasted hours and won’t settle for a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Liyla, can’t fuckin’ act, but more than makes up for it with a tight body, blonde locks and an overactive libido. After Chris gets a good look at the starlet’s tits, she agrees to give him a handy j. Well, one thing leads to the next and Liyla makes a very valiant effort at deep throating Chris’ python penis. It’s no easy feat, this guy’s dong could choke a mule, but the starlet does her best. Next, the blonde lies on her back and gets dicked fairly hard before getting it from behind even harder. Afterward, the starlet hops on top, takes control, and puts up a nice vigorous fuck and follows that by taking a knee to sample Chris’ honey glaze. Not bad.

Scene 5 – Missi Daniels: (5/5) Missi’s got a thing for her sister’s boyfriend. When the lucky SOB shows up to drop off a purse belonging to Missi’s sister, the sexy brunette convinces him to stay for a massage. One thing leads to the next, Missi’s tits come out to play and after assuring the boyfriend that their sexcapade would be kept secret, the dude just goes for it. He very aggressively tosses the brunette on her back, sucks on her tits and after hearing from Missi that she’s better than her sister in every way, the stud decides to do some muff diving to see if her puss is up to par. There’s a well-executed blowjob sequence where the starlet takes a knee and gobbles knob and then we get to see some first rate doggie style. The screen chemistry between performers is palpable, the sex is hot and the stud cums buckets during the money shot closer. In short, this vignette was pretty amazing and Ms. Daniels is one hot piece and a hell of a performer.

Scene 6 – Sienna Splash: (4/5) Sienna gets a visit from her cheerleading coach who’s positively furious. The hot and very mouthy blonde has been missing a lot of practices and would rather live it up than bend to his will. What ensues is a hilarious argument that peaks after Sienna proves her flexibility by doing a split, follows it up with a backflip and then pulls down her skirt to remind her coach that she’s still very much in shape despite missing practices. As her amazingly fat ass is on display the ole coach exclaims, “It’s like ’83, I’m gonna lose everything again!” I laughed myself flaccid, but I digress. Sienna is incredibly aggressive and commands a very strong performance. She starts off by sitting on her coach’s face and nearly smothers him to death while he tongue fucks her pussy. The stud breaks into a chaotic and highly energetic fit of asshole and pussy eating that’s not for the timid. He tears off Sienna’s blue button-down top before he jams his massive dick down her throat. From here on out Sienna is thrown into a bunch of different positions, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggie and the like, and the whole time the dicking is hard and relentless. During some pretty top notch wheelbarrow fucking Sienna shouts, “Cum for your slut, cum for your whore!” and the coach does. Good stuff indeed.

Final Summation: Pure 18 Vol. 26 is an impressive production that features quality performances from a young cast of starlets whose pussies get drilled by male leads with packages designed to obliterate teen vaginas. This DVD is seriously lacking on extras, but more than makes up for it with the inclusion of six hot scenes that’ll keep you coming back for more. What can I say? This one comes highly recommended.



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