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Pump That Rump Vol. 4

  • Release date:
    August 1, 2012
  • Runtime:
    3h 16m
  • Cast:
    Chanel Preston|Asa Akira|Ryan Madison|Eva Karera|Kelly Madison|Charisma Cappelli

Category: Anal/Gonzo/Web-to-DVD


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Cast: Chanel Preston/Asa Akira/Charisma Capelli/Eva Karera/Ryan Madison

Director: PornFidelity

Extras: BTS/Photo Gallery/BTS Photos/Web Trailers

Release Date: 8/1/2012

Runtime: 197 Mins

 Scene 1:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[Cum in Chanel]

Chanel Preston/Ryan Madison


Tease/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Missionary Anal/Cowgirl Anal/Doggie Anal/ATM/Cum on Stomach (Medium Volume)

The premiere scene in Pornfidelity's 'Pump that Rump Volume 4' begins as we see the astoundingly beautiful Chanel Preston preparing herself for the scene in a video montage. A beautiful tease here set to some rock music as the viewer gets some choice looks at Chanel and her outstanding body before she eventually crawls to Ryan Madison on her hands and knees to being the action. A long muff munching sesh begins the scene as Chanel seems to be working up into quite a frenzy before unsheathing Ryan's meat sword for some bj fun. Anal sets in soon after with Ryan gently guiding his dong into Chanel before giving her some solid anal reaming in the continuing moments. Midway through the scene Chanel points her ass to the sky and the sex reaches its pinnacle here, when Ryan pummels her hole like there's a prize buried deep inside of her and only his dick can reach it. Sex jumps from anal to vag throughout the entire scene and eventually caps off with a pullout that leads to no-handed cum squirt to the belly and tits. Nice scene here, Chanel was beautiful as always!
Scene 2: *Scene to Remember*------------------------------------------------------------------
[Flesh Or Fantasy]
Asa Akira/Ryan Madison
Tease/Female Masturbation/Blowjob/Facefucking/Missionary/Doggie Anal/ATM/Fleshlight Play/Cowgirl Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Rimming/Hand-Toy Release/Cum Eating/Facial (High Volume)
Next up for a rump pumping is superstar porn girl Asa Akira, who starts things out with a fantastic tease montage. I loved this segment, Asa wears several different outfits through the tease and it's ultimately a great sequence that soon leads into Ryan and Asa getting down and dirty by way of an Asa Akira bj. There are some definite moments of greatness through the blowjob, Asa gets pretty sloppy and gives some solid spits and cock-chokes before Ryan then lays her the pipe in a missionary position. Some awesome intensity laced through the scene as well, with anal setting in about halfway through. Asa also uses a Fleshlight at various points to jerk Ryan off before sporadically fucking him in between these intermittent moments. There are tons of ATM's in this scene and the first cumload is coaxed out by Asa as she jerks him via Fleshlight and rims his asshole to help things along, before he eventually finishes her off with a facial to cap off this double cumload extravaganza. A nice scene here overall, showcasing Asa's near-perfect bod through much of it. The chemistry was definitely notable between the two stars as well, making for a good watch that all Asa fans are sure to enjoy.
Scene 3:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[Anal Baseball]
Charisma Capelli/Ryan Madison
Cunnilingus/Reverse Cowgirl/Spooning/Blowjob/Cowgirl/Anal/Missionary Anal/ATM/Doggie Anal/Creampie
Our third scene starts off with athletic softball babe Charisma Capelli taking some practice hacks as Ryan tosses her up some pitches. Charisma has surprisingly good form here, and takes some nice cuts while her breasts are nearly popping out of her tight black sports top. The action begins only a couple feet from where the two were practicing, with a muff munch that eventually leads into a reverse cowgirl style fuck. A solid blowie takes place in the near-middle stages, as Charisma slops up Ryan's dong well before jumping back on for some cowgirl fucking. The scene progresses nicely and moves into a hot tub in the later stages, with the viewer getting some choice looks at Charisma's gorgeous wet tits bouncing as Ryan rails her from behind. A nice scene here, some good moments that got even better when the anal set in, and a great overall chemistry between Charisma and Ryan.
Scene 4:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[Ryan's POV]
Eva Karera/Ryan Madison
Tease/Blowjob/Female Masturbation/Tit Fucking/Missionary/Reverse Cowgirl/Cowgirl/Anal/Spooning Anal/Gaping/Anal Creampie

The final scene introduces super-Milf Eva Karera to the film, as it begins in a bit of a tease format as Eva gives some dirty talk into the camera. A wonderful segment here that soon evolves into Eva jacking and sucking Ryan's hog as we view in a POV format. The dirty talk never stops as the scene moves forward, and Eva's expressions and overall demeanor are quite a sight to see. It continues in a POV viewing throughout the entire thing, capturing some pretty intense moments once the anal begins, and capping off with an anal creampie. Nice scene here again, loved Eva, but there were unfortunately a couple of slower moments.

Click here for a photo gallery & trailer from this scene!


Another admirable release here from the Madison's with some top-notch talent showcased throughout. Some of the tease segments were notably well done, but in almost every scene I noticed some moments that were a little slower than I would have liked. However, I still think this one is a pretty good watch not only for the great girls that are featured in it, but also for some isolated moments of strong sex and nice chemistry. A notworthy BTS segment here as well, as interviews and candid conversation are captured from all of the girls in the film. Give this one a look!


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