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Public Pickups 2

  • Release date:
    February 26, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 35m
  • Cast:
    Sunshine|Enza Gaines|Bianka|Marla|Janica

Genre: voyeur, amateur

Director: ????

Cast: Sunshine, Janica, Bianka, Enza, Marla

Length: 3:40

Date of Production: 1/30/13

Extras: cumshot recap, photo gallery, trailers

Audio/Video Quality: The video is presented in widescreen color. The picture quality is acceptable. The lighting quality varies from second to second. There is no professional lighting used. Lighting comes from whatever is in the area (natural sunlight, indoor lighting, whatever). The camera work is on the side of terrible. The video is captured in POV (point of view -- first person view of the action from the male participant holding the camera as he does the deed). The camera is very shaky and jumps around quickly. The best angles/views of the action were not always captured. In short it is amateur footage. The audio is presented in 2-channel stereo and is acceptable. There are some portions or entire scenes that suffer from bad audio. For example scene #4 is filmed outdoors on a rooftop, which means the muffled sounds of wind blowing against a microphone.

Body of Review: Public Pickups #2 is an amateur oriented porno that features a dude convincing girls to have sex with him for money. He picks them up in public places and fucks them nearby. The series is captured in POV (point of view -- first person perspective of the action with the male participant holding the camera while fucking the girl). Each scene features the dude approaching some Euro-babe. He spends a fair amount of time talking (keep in mind that they do not speak English and all of the dialogue is in subtitles) the girls into situations that lead to money signs in their eyes and clothes on the ground. Part of the appeal of this video should come from the amateur/voyeuristic feeling of the scenes. While the scenes are likely staged to some degree, they maintain a voyeuristic appeal from the action occurring in public locations. Here's the scene by scene.

Scene 1: Sunshine - Rating 1.0/5.0
Sunshine is an attractive blonde girl with a slender figure and small tits. In this scene the guy finds her shopping for clothes. Long story short, he offers to buy her some clothes in exchange for sex. She's hesitant at first but eventually agrees after more money is flaunted at her. In the dressing room we get to see her try on a black dress. She proceeds to give the dude a blow job. There was a lot of potential for fun here. Sunshine's got a very cute face. Unfortunately the oral bit is short and we see more of the top of her head than I would have liked. Next they engage in sex. He fucks her in doggie, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before unleashing his load on her face. The action itself is on the tame side. There isn't a lot of excitement going on. The only appeal is the "public" nature of the couple fucking in a dressing room.

Scene 2: Janica - Rating 3.0/5.0
Janica is a cute dark haired gal with a nice body and small tits. In this scene the dude catches her getting into a taxi and convinces her share the cab. As they are taken to their destination, the dude chats her up about how pretty she is. Long story short she gets some cash and they fuck in a public place. The action starts with a blow job in the taxi. The cab pulls over and asks them to get out. They find a stairwell to continue the blow job. She takes a hands intensive approach and there is plenty of excitement from watching her suck cock. Next they engage in sex. The dude bends her over and fucks her in standing doggie. They take a break when some people walk through the stairwell. Once they are alone again the sex resumes. This time she rides him in cowgirl. Eventually they rush to get visually decent as someone else passes through the stairwell. So he tells her to blow him and he'll shoot it all over her face. And that's what happens. Overall there was some nice excitement in this scene. I enjoyed watching Janica perform oral sex and the penetration wasn't too bad. The voyeuristic aspect was also fairly good.

Scene 3: Bianka - Rating 2.5/5.0
Bianka is a good looking gal with a nice figure and tits. This opens with the dude trying to talk a blurry faced girl into showing her tits or ass for cash. She tells him to get away. So he finds another eager and willing girl down the street. Bianka is handing out flyers. They talk and she agrees to flash her tits and ass for money (in public on a sidewalk). Eventually he talks his way into her pants. They leave the street and find a secluded corner. She exposes her breasts and sucks him off. She gives a fairly energetic blow job with a lot of energy. It's short but still good. Next they fuck in standing doggie. Eventually he gives her more money to fuck her in the ass. The anal bit is slow going but builds to a decent pace. They also fuck in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Unfortunately the lighting isn't great during these parts and we just don't get a great visual on anything. The action ends with cum on Bianka's chest. Overall I thought this scene had some excitement but there were more technical flaws. At first I didn't think much of Bianka but found her to be pleasing to watch fuck on camera. She had a good energy/attitude that made it fun to watch her in action. Sadly the lighting wasn't great.

Scene 4: Enza - Rating 2.0/5.0
Enza has a somewhat plain, yet pretty face. Her most noticeable quality is a very large set of tits. Those big jugs are a sight to behold. Luckily she is welling to show them off. In this scene the dude finds her at a table alone and asks to join her. It's a rooftop coffee shop. Jumping ahead. He convinces her to go to the terrace of his apartment for some "photographs". Of course he hands over a wad of money and they get into action. The fun starts with Enza exposing her lovely breasts. She proceeds to give the dude a blow job. She takes a slow approach and doesn't seem to do much. The camera work doesn't help out the matter and covers the act at a bad angle. Fortunately the blow job is on the short side. Next they engage in sex. The dude fucks her doggie style. They continue in cowgirl and missionary. Both of these positions provide nice views of her big tits. The action ends with the cum shot on her tits. Overall I didn't think this sex scene was amongst the best. I liked Enza's large tits but thought the scene (blow job and initial sex) was on the dull side. Also since they are on a rooftop, the audio sounds awful with the wind.

Scene 5: Marla - Rating 1.5/5.0
Marla is a fairly decent looking red hair girl. In this scene the dude watches Marla for above as she shops on a lower floor of a mall. Eventually he approaches her and gives her cash to see her tits, ass and clit. This leads to sex in a stairwell. They start with a blow job. Marla is pretty energetic in her oral performance. Sadly the top of her head is viewed a bit too much. Next they engage in sex. The dude fucks her in standing doggie and missionary. She sucks him off some more and they finish in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Marla takes the cum shot on her face and chest. Overall I wasn't really excited with this scene. I thought Marla was pretty energetic throughout the scene but she just didn't appeal to me.

Conclusion: Public Pickups #2 was not my favorite porn viewing experience. I felt the general technical aspects of the video were on the side of poor. I really did not like how shaky the camera was throughout the action and some of the angles elected weren't that great. For example I felt like we saw the top of the gals head far more than we should have. Furthermore there just wasn't a huge appeal to the video as a whole. Individual I think there are some enjoyable moments if you are looking for a voyeuristic/amateur video. However for repeated viewings this video wouldn't do well.


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