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Public Affairs

  • Release date:
    April 1, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 31m
  • Cast:
    Jessa Rhodes|Mischa Brooks|Hailey Holiday|Esperanza Diaz

Feature Running Time:  1 hour and 32 minutes

Date of Production:  April 2013

Genre:  public sex, outdoor, reality porn, squirting

Condoms:  no

Director:  Axel Braun

Cast:  starring Jessa Rhodes with Esperanza Diaz, Mischa Brooks, Hailey Holiday, Alex Gonz, Ryan Driller and Alan Stafford

Bonus Scenes:  no

Extras:  behind the scenes, Hustler trailers, photos slide show, sex talk lines, animated chapter index


Director Axel Braun, known for his parody work for Hustler Video, takes us to new levels in Hustler’s latest public fucking video Public Affairs.  And, Braun doesn’t disappoint those porn enthusiasts who are public sex thrill seekers.  I highly recommend Public Affairs. This video is full of risky, edgy fucking in  wide open public spaces that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It’s a mystery how these couples never get caught in the act, especially when they’re hard fucking alongside a busy, multi-lane highway with tons of cars going by, or getting completely naked on a bridge over a traffic jammed highway and fucking standing doggy style. The thrills are high in this homage to public sex, and it doesn’t hurt to have beautiful new girls who aren’t shy. Star Jessa Rhodes really sets the bar high, fucking on the roof of the minivan down a side street and at a public playground in the park.  Axel Braun brings a reality TV style to this flick as he’s involved in the conversations, directing the girls as the couples flow from location to location seamlessly sucking and fucking.  As you can imagine, the fucking can’t go on for too long at each location, so the team moves from spot to spot to continue the sex.  The girls are sexy, flirty and fearless and they all get fucked hard. Pick this one up. It’s an adrenaline rush.

Scene 1: Hailey Holiday, Mischa Brooks, Alex Gonz and Ryan Driller


The movie opens with our public sex crew riding down the highway in a minivan. Hailey Holiday is sitting in the back seat in a short white skirt and pink tank top, making it easy for Alex Gonz to finger her pussy and lick her tits.  Hailey soon leans over to start giving her boy toy a blow job with long, wet strokes. But Mischa Brooks isn’t going to be left out. She’s sitting in the front passenger seat and climbs back to the middle row of seats to suck Ryan Driller’s cock, but not before flashing us with her ass and pussy as she’s climbs over the front seat.  Mischa starts popping Ryan’s cock in and out of her cheeks before going deep.  Now both Hailey and Mischa are slobbering on dick in the van with traffic behind them and speeding by on both sides.  Mischa’s really taking her time slurping up and down Ryan’s shaft. She comes up to catch her breath, while Hailey sits on Alex cowgirl style in the back seat. We see her ass bounce up and down just over Mischa’s shoulder.  The reality TV style of the movie kicks in with director Axel Braun talking with the girls, getting them to take action.

We cut to Ryan fingering Mischa’s pussy like crazy up against the passenger side door, still sitting in traffic, and she loves it. Traffic is moving again and Ryan starts tonguing her now. Hailey is riding Alex reverse cowgirl in the back seat and her pussy is wet. Mischa is back to giving head with her big, round ass propped up in our face. She’s tongue kissing Hailey at the same time.  She moves to riding Ryan cowgirl style and we get a good two-shot of Mischa riding cowgirl and Hailey riding reverse cowgirl while slapping Mischa’s ass and tongue kissing her.


Cut to the crew walking up the sidewalk of a hill with two-way traffic going by. Hailey and Mischa do some serious making out with their tits out in the open, rubbing and squeezing them for everyone to see while Mischa’s skirt is completely raised up over her naked ass. The two couples walk alongside some railroad tracks and Hailey and Mischa start swallowing cock.  We can hear cars going by in the background, but that doesn’t stop these girls as they drop their tops and bend over to be fucked standing doggy style up against the rocks.


Cut to our crew parked at the entrance to a walking bridge that goes over a major highway. Hailey and Mischa strip naked and they’re ready to walk to the center of the bridge and fuck, but not before slurping on more cock.  They suck dick on the side of the van as the director tells them to keep their sneakers on and their eyes peeled.  Maybe they’ll be caught any minute!  This adds to the thrill of the scene. They all four walk the bridge and stop in the center, completely naked with eight lanes of traffic going by underneath.  Hailey and Mischa lean up on both sides against the fence of the bridge and let Ryan and Alex fuck them standing doggy style.  Cars are honking below, but these girls aren’t finished yet. Before leaving they give a little blow job action and take off running for the van.

The group drives off to their next public stop, but get into more action in the van with Ryan eating Mischa’s pussy and Alex fucking Hailey in the back seat missionary style while riding through the neighborhood. Mischa’s cherry gets popped by Ryan up against the side passenger door and she cums, laughing it off and continuing to fuck. She explains that she’s only “finished” four times this whole year and two of those times were with Alex and Ryan.

The next location has Hailey and Mischa on their knees, sucking the guys off on a public balcony overlooking a busy street. Ryan is leaning up against the rail and Mischa is swallowing his balls as Hailey gets to work on the head of Alex’s dick then lies on her back on the floor to take his prick.

We move to another location which has to be the most daring of the film. Our foursome is in a parking lot that runs right up against a busy highway. Cars are shooting past in both directions in the background as our two chicks inhale the boys’ dicks.  As if that’s not daring enough, Hailey leans up against the back of the van for a standing doggy fuck with one of her legs up in the air and Mischa is straddling and fucking Ryan who is standing in the parking lot. A public fuck at its best in this scene. Mischa soon turns to lean up against the van as well to take her pounding from behind. There’s a quick scare with a car coming into the lot that sends our crew scrambling into the van for a quick exit.

Our foursome moves on to the side of another busy highway, parking in a wide shoulder area covered in gravel. Only the passenger side door is hiding Hailey from oncoming traffic as she bends down to suck Alex’s meat. Ryan is sitting naked inside the van and Mischa is bent over sucking him off, perching her ass in our face.  Both guys sit just inside the van with their feet on the ground, allowing the girls to ride them cowgirl style. So, we’ve got a double cowgirl fuck, side by side with tons of traffic buzzing by in each direction in the background. These girls definitely have no hang ups about being seen in the open.  Hailey and Alex even come around to the front of the van and fuck standing doggy style in full view of cars driving by honking their horns.

The crew jumps back into the van for a quick getaway as Hailey slobbers all over Alex’s pecker on the ride to the next destination. Ryan buries his dick in Mischa’s cunt, trying to make her cum again, but it’s his finger action that makes her pussy squirt again and again all over the back seat.  Meanwhile Hailey is begging for cum all over her face as Alex fucks her missionary style, and she gets her wish as he blows his load in her mouth and on her cheeks. Ryan and Mischa are still going at it, the pounding is louder now. Ryan pins Mischa up against the side passenger door and drills her.  Hailey decides she needs more of Alex’s cock and he gives it to her in the back seat again before the team arrives at the outskirts of an airport, parking in what looks like the hanger area. Ryan and Mischa are at it again, lying on a blanket on the ground of the lot. She’s getting fucked missionary style and loving it.  Ryan finally pops his wad all over Mischa’s stomach.

Scene 2: Jessa Rhodes, Esperanza Diaz, Alex Gonz and Alan Stafford

We meet up with Jessa Rhodes in the front seat of the car talking about having sex in a public park. The crew pulls up at the park and Jessa gets out of the van, walks around to the passenger door, leans in and sucks Alex’s dick, bobbing her blonde head up and down. He helps her take off her top then he flips up her skirt, lifts her up and takes her over to the grass in the park and tries to fuck her, but the cops drive by. The two bolt for the van, pulling up their clothes just in time.


We move to an area with public trails where Esperanza gets to show what she’s made of, bending to suck Alan off next to a park bench. Alex and Jessa act as spotters, keeping their eyes open for anyone coming up the trail. With the all clear, Esperanza lies back on the bench table so Alan can penetrate her standing up. She turns around for some standing doggy action. Alan sits on the bench with Esperanza squatting over him for some hot, close-up cowgirl action. They tag team each other out with Esperanza and Alan switching places with Jessa and Alex. Jessa is sprawled out on the park bench on her back and Alex is pounding her. We can see and hear cars racing by on the highway above.  Alex gets bold, taking off all of Jessa’s clothes. She’s completely naked, riding his cock cowgirl style with a bunch of cars parked in the parking lot in the background.  Anyone could be coming back to their car at any minute. That doesn’t stop this pair from switching to some standing doggy action, with Alex slapping Jessa’s ass and eating her pussy.  But we hear Alan shout that someone’s coming, ending the shoot.

Our foursome walks down a trail toward the ocean, with Esperanza and Jessa flashing their asses for the camera.  Jessa and Alex are standing in an open trail and they plan to pick up where they left off with Jessa sucking Alex’s cock and Alex bending to eat Jessa’s pussy. It’s not long before they’re back in their standing doggy position, and we’ve got a close up of the action with Alex’s dick ramming in and out of Jessa’s pussy.

Quick cut to the team back in the car going through a carwash.  Alex is in the driver seat and Alan is in the front passenger seat. Esperanza and Jessa drop their skirts and climb over the front seat for some hot 69 action. Their pussies and asses are in our face with Alex and Alan eating them out. But, Esperanza wants to be fucked and she moves into a reverse cowgirl position, slamming her pussy down on Alan’s cock.  Jessa does the same, riding Alex’s dick in the carwash and even after the carwash is over with Alan driving down the street. They turn down a side street, park and get out to finish the fucking.


Jessa is leaning up against the outside of the van being eaten by Alex while Esperanza bends down to suck Alan’s cock. Alan moves to fucking Esperanza standing doggy style with one of her legs propped up over the car door.  Jessa gets in on the action too, letting Alex pound her pussy up against the car door. Esperanza and Alan jump back in the van when they think somebody is walking up, but Jessa and Alex keep fucking in a standing side scissor. Then Jessa gets bold, climbing up on to the roof of the car, lying on her back and spreading her legs so Alex can get in her cunt. And he does, pinning her to the roof of the car.

The girls round off the day at the playground, stripping naked as they walk over to the slide area. Jessa perches up top so Alex can dine on her pussy. Esperanza sucks Alan’s cock before letting him fuck her standing doggy style over the bottom of the slide. He flips her over on to her back and slams her. Jessa’s getting her pussy pounded too, lying on her back with Alex penetrating her. Esperanza drops to her knees and opens her mouth to accept Alan’s cum which gets on her face, chest and in her hair. Alex is ready to pop too and he pulls out, shooting his load all over Jessa’s chest, hair and face.

Final Thoughts:

Hustler Video’s Public Affairs starring Jessa Rhodes is worth the adrenaline rush you’ll feel when these couples break the rules with their naughty public sex acts. The scenes are memorable and you can’t help but feel like they’ll get caught any minute, but they don’t. These girls came to fuck and they don’t care who sees them, whether it’s in a public park, on a walking bridge over a busy eight-lane highway, on the roof of a car, on the side of the road in full view of oncoming traffic or on a park bench at the top of a winding trail.  Director Axel Braun’s reality TV style of filmmaking in this movie takes us from location to location for unbelievable sucking and fucking in public. The girls are sexy and take control in these wide open spaces. I highly recommend Public Affairs. It brings the thrill and adrenaline back into fucking in public.


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