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Prom Night

  • Release date:
    November 14, 2012
  • Runtime:
    2h 2m
  • Cast:
    Mick Blue|Mark Wood|Tommy Pistol|Lola Foxx|Anthony Rosano|Abby Cross|Dane Cross|Avril Hall|Chi Chi Medina|Brook Foxxx

Genre: Vignette

Director: Mike Quasar

Cast: Abby Cross, Avril Hall, Lola Foxx, Brooke Fox, Chichi Medina, Tommy Pistol, Mick Blue, Anthony Rosano, Dane Cross, Mark Wood

Length: 123 minutes

Date of Production: ?

Extras: This section has a nice photo gallery, cum shots recap, and several trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

Overview: Prom Night is a film from director Mike Quasar and studio Zero Tolerance. All of the five scenes focus on the ladies' prom night and how each one individually copes with the particular situation that they are faced with. I especially enjoyed the dresses that the women are wearing. They all look quite pretty.

Scene One: Avril Hall tries to reassure her boyfriend Tommy Pistol who is upset about not knowing how to dance. She tries to teach him after he shows her some of his silly dancing moves. During his dance lesson, Tommy continues to feel like a failure. Her understanding and fun demeanor makes her fella at ease and more receptive of their night together. They eventually begin kissing. It leads to him eating the long-legged woman's pussy. When he removes her panties, the viewer gets to see her hot looking vaginal playground. She fingers it pretty actively as Tommy continues to orally work it over. Soon, his fingering actions on it really gets Avril turned on. The sight of her left leg sticking straight up looks very appealing. Then, the woman is on her knees as she sucks his sexual package pretty thoroughly especially his balls. The energy level kicks up significantly during the exciting and active cowgirl ride by Avril. Her effort is pretty impressive. Afterwards, Tommy shows the audience that she is not the only person who can provide a hot and solid fuck as he spoons her pretty rapidly. Her body is showcased well during the steady reverse cowgirl ride. After Avril tastes her pussy juices from his dick, her boyfriend doggies her. The woman's moans continue to resonate throughout the room. Finally, he cums in her wide open mouth.

Scene Two: Pretty brunette Lola Foxx shows up at Anthony Rosano's home where she is ready to leave for the prom. Anthony tells her that her date has already left with someone else. Since the girl starts to cry, the guy brings her indoors. After Lola has let off some of her disappointment on the man's shoulder, he convinces her to get even with her unfaithful fella by having sex with him. They kiss a bit before Anthony sucks her tits. Lola really enjoys his attention towards them. Soon, the man is shaking her ass momentarily before sucking her warm and tasty snatch. Lola feels the affects of his oral massage more while she is laying on her back. A heated cock suck and hand stroking rhythm follow that includes solid eye contact and ball sucking action too. A doggie screw occurs next. His delivery and pace becomes more heated as it progresses. The 69 follows with a turned on Lola on top. The pace hits the stratosphere as soon as Lola rides him cowgirl style. Anthony applies a very rapid pumping delivery onto her pussy. Her bubble butt looks very hot in the meantime. Then, Anthony continues his wicked fucking pace during the intense spoonful of sugar session. I love this scene as Lola receives an amazing workout. After a brief respite for Anthony where Lola sucks his dick momentarily, Anthony resumes his hot fucking motion. This time the woman is moaning while squealing. Their mish ends with him cumming at her receptive open mouth.

Scene Three: Abby Cross shows up at Mark Wood's home to go to the prom with his son. Unfortunately, his adult military kid has been deployed overseas. But, the young lady is still determined to have a good time anyways. Once indoors and on the sofa, Abby rubs the man's groin. It leads to them kissing as well as sucking on titties. Next, Mark slides off his pants so that Abby can orally play with his meaty manhood. Her workout session definitely makes Mark feel those sensations. A bouncy cock ride follows. I like watching her ass jiggle from his hot pumping delivery. Overall, it makes their performance quite exciting. In the meantime, Abby's pink dress looks hot on her. A more heated screw occurs during the cowgirl moments. As a matter of fact, Mark only gets better and better as their performance lingers on. He is a rapid fucking machine. This guy has impressive stamina. Furthermore, a lot of credit must go to Abby for taking his workout so well. Their intense and lengthy mish ends with him cumming at her face.

Scene Four: Dane Cross arrives at his prom date's home. He enters it and surprises the blonde beauty. Some playful fondling action occurs by them while they kiss. This behavior leads them to her bed where the turn-on level increases when Brooke Fox sucks his dick. Their performance continues to roll along nicely with the cowgirl ride. The close-up shots of Brooke's butt are cool. Later, her body looks very beautiful during the spoonful of sugar session. Dane delivers a very good fucking rhythm. This nice looking scene ends with him cumming on her breasts.
Scene Five: Chichi Medina is so excited about going to the prom with her idol Mick Blue. It leads to a nice looking make out session where the guy pleasures her body pretty nicely on the bed. I especially got so turned on by watching him penetrate her pussy and fucking her pretty heatedly during the mish moments. Chichi's pussy looks quite hot and appealing. Moreover, her body is quite sizzling too. Afterwards, the young lady goes down to suckk his manhood. He fucks her from behind with a solid and steady as she squeezes the bed sheets very tightly and moans with good emotion. I love watching his impressive pumping rhythm on this beauty regardless of which position they are in. Also, Chichi is enjoying herself much as the scene lingers on. In the end, the guy cums on her.

Final Thoughts: For the most part, each male performer puts on a very heated screwing performance that makes their partners receive an intense workout. Their pumping deliveries were quite impressive. Very hot sex, hot women, and enjoyable storylines make this film a highly recommended one.


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