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Pretty Dirty 7

  • Release date:
    September 3, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 50m
  • Cast:
    Veronica Radke, Mick Blue, Brooklyn Chase, Xander Corvus, Whitney Westgate, Bruce Venture, Jordan Ash, Giselle Mari, Emily Kae

Pretty.Dirty 7
New Sensations
Directed by Eddie Powell
Date of Production:
Running Time: 1:50:56


Veronica Radke
Whitney Westgate
Emily Kae
Giselle Mari
Xander Corvus
Mick Blue
Jordan Ash

Special Features:

2 Bonus Scenes with Brooklyn Chase/Bruce Venture from Pretty.Dirty.6 (27:56) and Lexi Bates/Tony De Sergio from Perfect Little Pussy (32:51)
Chapter Index
Pick Your Pleasure
Trailers: 1
Behind the Scenes: 26:20

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Who knew that the girl next door would be such a whore? Get ready, because these four innocent cuties are about to show you just how dirty they can get! Watch as Veronica, Giselle, Emily and Whitney show you how a crazy little whore gets down and dirty! These pretty girls are going to get nasty just for you!

We have another installment in the Pretty.Dirty series from New Sensations and Eddie Powell. After coming off the previous installment, which introduced me to Adriana Chechik and getting a great review from me. And so my expectations in this one, can’t wait to see what they do next. Well moments into the Spotlight Scene worthy scene of Veronica, my hopes were satisfied, but then were somewhat brought back down to reality after that. We did have some moments here and there in the rest of the movie, most of those seemed to be in the last few scenes. Special features is one of the areas that they always excel in, and this one supports that statement, with two bonus scenes and a BTS segment which almost lasts a half hour. It’s going to be a RENT IT for me, like I said be sure and check out Veronica’s scene, that is going to make it worth the price of the rental alone.

Veronica and Xander “Sensual Daydream” (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

Starting off right away with our cover girl, who after sitting down to read a good book, seems to get the urge to play and tease herself, as she works her pussy and is given some kisses from Xander. As he gropes her boobs, she still has her hands down her panties. He joins in the pussy party, with his hands, and then slowly makes his way to her pussy with his mouth. She moans and purrs with delight as his tongue works over her pussy. He turns her on her side and the breathing gets heavier with each thrust. He picks up the pace, as he strums her pussy with his fingers, before she starts her oral appreciation, including some deep throating and lots of tip work. She stares him down as she works over his balls while jerking him off. She slides on his cock and goes into beast mode as she rides him. Talk about starting things off on the right foot. She’s brought her A-game and I hope the other ladies have as well. He presses her up against the door and continues to give her pussy a nice pounding along with some finger action. It’s his turn for beast mode during the doggy. Just a guess that she likes to be dominate when it comes to sex. There is some great chemistry between these two, making this an easy contender for spotlight scene. And she’s not afraid to lick and suck on his toes, don’t see that too often. Some intense missionary and then the finale with a cumshot on her pussy.

Whitney and Mick “ Breast Wishes”

And we don’t have to wait too long to see why this is called breast wishes. Off comes her top and she bounces on a giant workout ball, to really let the tits bounce for the camera. She’s not the only one who is ready for a workout now. After lots of hands on time with her tits, she slides her hand down the front of her pink stockings.  Mick walks in and he’s already to bust through his pants, and she takes notice, as she grabs his bulge. He continues the boob love, as she reaches back and jerks him off. And he slides his cock in between her mountains of flesh, juggling them around his cock. She starts her oral workout and lets the spit drip on her tits, seems we are going to really highlight them in this scene.  She leans up against the wall and he dives face first in her ass, giving it a few slaps, while licking her pussy. He teases her pussy with it, before sliding in for some doggy. If you love boobs and doggy, this is the scene for you on this movie.after some doggy on the couch, he slides up next to her for some spoon, as she pussy strumming adds in some more excitement for her. They switch things up, as she climbs on for some reverse cowgirl, which is great to show off those natural boobs. She’s out to show off her booty as well, as she flips around and Mick takes control, keeping up a nice pace. And surprisingly it looks like we are going to end with some missionary and end with a cum shot on her tits.

Emily and Xander “Private Tutor”

She’s supposed to be helping with his homework, but he seems distracted by his phone, and her body.  He goes for it and kisses her, and it doesn’t take much convincing, as he is soon face deep in her pussy. She can’t wait to get his cock in her mouth, with some nice tongue work and face fucking. But she’s going to make sure every inch of his cock is getting plenty of attention, including his balls. She climbs on for some nice cowgirl, giving us some great energy as she rides him. That nice energy continues as she flips around and continues to ride him. And I am going to say that this lady loves having a cock and balls in her mouth, she’s gets any chance she can to keep her mouth full in between positions. She bends over, as he slides in for some doggy, darting in and out of her pussy. He pulls out and gives her chest and even a few shots of cum on her face.

Giselle and Jordan “Nice Surprise”

As soon as she walks into the house, it’s time to shed those clothes and time to try on some of her man’s shirts and then lays down in the bed, and let the fun time begin. And when he steps out of the shower, he’s going to get a nice surprise. He joins in the pussy play, as he finger bangs her pussy, as she jerks him off. She switches up and lets her mouth and pierced tongue do the work, as she spits on his cock, getting it nice and wet. She stands up and teases her pussy as slides his cock in between her legs. She lays back and spreads her legs, as he is back to fingering and licking her pussy. She climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl, grinding and bouncing on his cock, getting more and more vocal as he continues. She begs and pleads for him to fuck her harder and give her ass a few slaps as they continue with some cowgirl, starting to grow on me a bit, perhaps we are going to end on a decent note after all. Just be sure and have the remote handy, like I said, she’s gets pretty loud. They switch up some positions and then it’s some balls deep spoon action and then back to some ole missionary until he unleashes his cum on her chest and pussy.


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