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Escort, The

  • Release date:
    October 30, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 23m
  • Cast:
    Chanel Preston|Dana DeArmond|Evan Stone|James Deen|Mr. Pete|Presley Hart|Chad Alva

Category: Features/Affairs and Love Triangles
Cast: Dana Dearmond/Chanel Preston/Presley Hart/James Deen/Chad Alva/Evan Stone
Director: James Avalon
 Extras: BTS/Slideshow/Trailers
Release Date: 10/19/2013
Runtime: 144 Mins
 Introduction To Review:----------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Escort tells the tale of an unhappy housewife who seeks financial fulfillment without the strains of the marriage that she finds herself tangled in. Amanda, who is played by superstar Chanel Preston, wants a divorce, but the only trouble is that she signed a prenuptial agreement that will leave her without a pot to piss in once she ends the marriage. James Deen plays the role of Amanda's secret lover/business man who researches and eventually finds a loophole in the prenup, citing that any act of infidelity makes it null and void. After some devious planning the two conspire to set Martin up with "the escort" in an attempt to catch him in the act of adultery. In result, Amanda could take half of Martin's earnings and live happily beyond the confines of the proverbial cage that she currently finds herself in. Will Martin take the bait? Only time will tell..... *insert evil laugh here*.
Scene 1:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dana Dearmond/Chad Alva
Tease/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Missionary/Spooning/Cowgirl/Doggie/Cum on Pussy (Medium Volume)

Dana Dearmond is the main focus of the premiere sex scene in the film, following an introductory segment that gives us a brief acclimation to part of the story. Dana plays the escort that the film is named after, and in the opening moments she goes to meet one of her John's, played by Chad Alva. Chad eagerly awaits her arrival in the early stages of the scene, and action gets underway relatively quickly upon Dana's arrival, beginning with a well performed, realistically themed striptease. The reality of the scene is pretty well done here, even if it wasn't meant to be, and the scene has some decent moments mixed in with some that weren't so great from a viewers standpoint. The sex is a definite tamed down version of your typical Dana Dearmond scene and showcases a relatively standard sexual encounter that grows tired as it progresses. It finishes with Chad releasing his fluids over top of Dana's grassy knoll, before she shares her thoughts about the encounter with Chad and the screen later cuts to the next segment.

Scene 2:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Chanel Preston/James Deen
Cunilingus/Missionary/Spooning/Blowjob/Facefucking/Cowgirl/Ass Eating/Doggie/Cum on Pussy/Facial (High Volume)
The second scene in the film features Amanda (Chanel Preston) and James Deen, who plays the part of Amanda's extramarital sex partner. The scene gets underway after Amanda and her boytoy scheme a plan for her to eventually take half of her husbands earnings upon their divorce. The action begins with an extremely long cunnilingus session that evolves into a missionary style romp at the foot of James' office desk. The scene definitely reaches some strong points, going leaps and bounds above what the last one provided, and getting better as it progresses. Chanel's insatiable bod is showcased well throughout, and James gives her some relentless pounds, as well as providing some of the more taboo sex acts in comparison to the rest of the scenes in the film. I thought that this was a decently notable scene, as both stars definitely seemed to share a nice chemistry throughout it's contents, but it did take some time to develop.
Scene 3:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
*Scene To Remember*
Dana Dearmond/Evan Stone
Cunnilingus/Footplay/Spooning/Female Masturbation/Cowgirl/Missionary/Cum on Pussy (Medium Volume)
The third scene is the climactic point in the film, where the escort, played by Dana Dearmond, deceitfully sneaks her way into the sack with Evan Stone, who plays Amanda's husband Martin. Martin is supposed to be meeting his wife out for some husband/wife role play, but is quickly sidetracked when Dana propositions him for a quick romp. Once the two go up to the hotel room that Martin is staying in, he hesitantly accepts Dana's offer. The actual sex takes quite a while to get moving, but once it does there are some pretty solid parts laced throughout. The blowjob is fantastic, and eventually leads into a spoon style pussy romp given to the tight bodied brunette. Things progress pretty well, showcasing again a more realistic sexual encounter between the two, as opposed to your typical porno sex scene. Nonetheless, this was probably my favorite scene in the film, even though it had some parts that I didn't care for personally.

Scene 4:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Presley Hart/Mr Pete
Blowjob/Cunnilingus/Missionary/Spooning/Cowgirl/Cum on Pussy (Medium Volume)

The final sex scene in the film features newcomer Presley Hart, who Dana later confides in to help her with the slippery situation that she has found herself in. Mr. Pete plays the part of a kinky client, and the scene opens as he is tied up and taunted by his gorgeous female counterpart. The action sets in after she unties Pete's hands from behind his back and indulges in a short bj that leads into Pete returning the favor via cunnilingus. The scene progresses in mainly a snooze fest of epic proportions before Pete releases a jizz spat over the top of Presley's pussy to close it out. I found this scene to be extremely boring, and think that most viewers will as well. It lacked intensity, and I thought the assemblance of it all was rather poorly put together.

James Avalon's The Escort features a story that has been told a million times in a million different couples themed titles that seem to get worse and worse with each attempt. I thought the story lacked originality, and I thought a lot of the sex in the film was drawn out to the point that the viewer(s) will forget if he or she even liked it to begin with. These titles seem to hammer on the fact that they are providing realistically themed sex, but it seems so thrown together that it doesn't give the viewer a chance to fully enjoy it. I will say that there were two out of the four scenes that were watchable, and even memorable to a certain point, but those scenes were only good in comparison to the other scenes, and nothing else. There were parts of the story that were so trite, namely the video montage toward the end of the movie. It was laughable, and the overacting that followed made it that much worse (or better if you're looking to get a chuckle). That being said, I will not argue with the capturing of 'real' sex in the film, because if that's what the filmmaker was going for, that's what he got, it just wasn't good sex from a viewers standpoint, and I'd have a hard time thinking others will disagree. I hope to see more of an attempt to create a genuinely 'real' story from Sweet Sinner, because this was a feeble attempt.


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