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Pornstars Like It Big 16

  • Release date:
    February 12, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 33m
  • Cast:
    Bridgette B|Christy Mack|Kortney Kane|Lily Carter|Shyla Stylez|Jessica Jaymes|Johnny Sins|Tommy Gunn|Keiran Lee|Ramon Namor|Marco Banderas

Pornstars Like it Big Vol 16
Web Compilation
Date of Production: 1/14/13
Running Time: 3:04:05


Bridgette B
Christy Mack
Kortney Kane
Lily Carter
Shyla Stylez
Jessica Jaymes
Johnny Sins
Tommy Gunn
Keiran Lee
Ramon Namor
Marco Banderas

Special Features:

Bonus Scene: Nicole Aniston and Johnny Sins 35:29
Photo Gallery
Cumshot Recap: 9:01
Trailers: 4
Web Access

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-5 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Once again, they end up showcasing the “bonus scene” in the montage in the beginning of the movie. Does that really make it a bonus scene.

Well you have to give it up to Brazzers for knowing how to pick a great cast of ladies, I mean before I even press play, I already have my eyes set on seeing a few of these scenes. But I will say that it did take to about the last few scenes before we had some consistent energy throughout the whole scene. The others had bits here and there, but for me, if it continues throughout, it can make any scene ten times better. A few audio issues pop up, mostly due to outside shooting, but other than that no other issues on the technical side. You get almost an hour of special features, which is always appreciated from me. And with that, I give this one a RECOMMENDED rating, and if the first few scenes don’t get you going, just prepare yourself for the last half of this one.


As the guys have some one on one time in the theater, she joins them and slides off her robe, and big surprise, she is wearing nothing. She leans back and plays with herself, and Ramon wastes no time grabbing her tits and enjoying the view. Marco doesn’t want to be left out and walks up to her and she ends up showing both guys some oral love, as she sucks and jerks them off. She takes on seat on Ramon’s cock and rides him, while continuing to swallow Marco. Marco slides in behind her for some doggy, and both her mouth and pussy are filled with their cocks. Some nice dirty talk as she eggs the guys on, always keeping her pussy and mouth full. But this whore also likes it in her ass, as Ramon slides in, perhaps some DP will follow. Well at least we get some nice energy as she rides Marco, really working her booty and getting rather vocal. And we get the DP, as they fill her up. Either some very rough sex or this was filmed around the stoppage and the bruise on her ass is from the shot. She sucks the pussy and ass off both of their cocks and gets right back to the fucking. They take the fun to the floor, as she hops on Ramon for more anal fun, and soon Marco joins in and gets the DP going. And like I have said before, love the standing DP, as they make a Bridgette sandwich. She falls to her knees and they blast her face with their love.


Johnny seems to be in his zen state, which involves plenty of Christy tempting his inner mind, showing off the curves in some different, but sexy outfits. Some boob holding from him and some crotch grabbing from her, by the waterfall. And plenty of boob play follows as he is behind her, getting a nice handful of tits and pussy. We are just in the tease portion and this is already a better scene than the last time we saw her. She falls to her knees and continues to tease his cock through his shorts, then finally unleashes it and is amazed at the size of it. She bobs on it, trying to see how far she can get him inside her mouth. Some very nice tongue work as she works him over. He picks her up and spins her around for some standing 69 action. He lays down and she takes a seat on his cock and lets out a few moans of delight as she takes him inside. And after her pussy gets some love, he slides right into her ass, as she seems to take him pretty easily. They switch locations and the rush of the waterfall seems to drown her out, but she continues to take him in her ass, for some cowgirl. But we see him back in his zen state, and then we start all over again, with her dancing and teasing, different outfit and location. She licks her lips and gives a sexy glance and then stumbles upon his cock, which ends up right back in her mouth. She spins around and bends over and invites him back in her ass, nice and slow at first, but gradually gets quicker and deeper. She spins on her side and spreads her legs, and plays with her pussy as he continues to dominate her ass. And don’t worry the camera is going to zoom in nice and close in case you wanted to see her liver. And we switch up again, this time she has the full on rocker hair, lots of hair spray involved. But the anal play continues, could use a change up in positions I think. Well he slides in her pussy, not quite what I was looking for. He pulls out and covers her face and tits with cum, and she gives him a last licks and sucks before we head back to reality.


It’s time we hit Las Vegas, and she is dressed in some sexy black latex, dominatrix style clothes, with a nice collar and some very nice boots. She walks to a glory hole and bends over and rips her stocking, and plays with her pussy as she waits for him to show up. He grabs the chain and drops her to her knees and makes her suck his fingers before showing her his cock. He orders her through the wall, telling her no hands as she sucks and swallows him. He disappears for a second and when he’s back he tells her to bend over and she guides his cock into her pussy. And the Dutch angle shot really showcasing that body and those amazing legs of hers. Some lights shine on her and she stops but he tells her to keep going. He comes around to the other side of the wall and continues to dominate her, making her get on all fours and crawl towards him, and then rewards her with his cock in her mouth. She applies some spit to his cock and he slides in between the mountains, before it ends up back in her mouth. She stands up and he teases her pussy and she begs for his cock, and so ends up bent over up against the wall for some energetic doggy. He lays down and she is back to showing her oral love in some POV action, giving us some glances and stares with those mesmerizing eyes.  She turns around and takes a seat on his cock and gives us a little booty dance during some reverse cowgirl, followed by some so-so cowgirl. She ends up with her legs spread wide for some piledriver, as the pussy play continues, followed by some spoon action on the floor, which seems to have some energy back in it. He pulls out and cums in her mouth and she lets it drip down on her tits, as she gives him a few last licks.


And you know I have been waiting for this scene, and she’s pretty much got my attention in those shorts within a second. He deserves an award for playing like he is not interested in her. It seems she is willing to do a few chores around the house to let her stay there. And she seems to hope for a little more from him. And she even makes window washing sexy, as she continues to torment  and seduce him. Even flashing her tits isn’t enough, as he leaves. She ends up having some quality time with herself, playing with her pussy and ass, ok mostly her ass,  daydreaming about him. He walks in on her and she is back into full seduce mode once again, but he bails. So it’s time for a nice hot bath, as she rubs  and plays with her body, once again ending up with some finger action in her ass. But she also rubs her pussy and thighs , as she is getting some quality time, until he walks in and with one sentence you can pretty much guarantees an explosion in your pants. And he finally succumbs and slides right into her ass, giving her what she’s wanted this whole time. And she takes all of him in her ass, and just begs and pleads when he’s not inside her. And she gets the shakes and shivers pretty quick as he continues to penetrate her ass. You may think I am a little biased, but this is a very good contender for spotlight scene. Need more proof, enjoy the dirty talk and those eyes, as she sucks and swallows him, in some very nice POV action. He lays down and she slides right back on his cock for more anal penetration, and they both are showing some very nice energy in this position. Seems she slides off quickly to prevent some squirting. But ends up right back on his cock for more. He picks her up for some anal action, and then she leans on the side of the tub and lets him lick her swollen and very sensitive pussy. But enough pussy licking, she wants his cock back in her ass, so they continue with some piledriver on the floor. She climbs on for some reverse cowgirl and leans back and lets him really pound her ass, as she begs and pleads for more, dear god, why can’t the rest of the scenes have this much intensity. She shows no signs of slowing down and he seems to keep up with her pretty good. They continue with some doggy and then she begs for his cum and leaves in her mouth and the side of her face.


Well if you are going to have a servant/maid, can’t think of a better choice than Jessica. And I have to say the choice in the uniform, very wise choice. After breakfast, it’s on to her bath as Jessica rubs and scrubs all over Shyla tits, making them sparkling clean. After she is all caught up on her work, she wants some dick, and call Keiran over. And when he arrives she is all over him, and immediately slides out his cock and jerks him off, and Jessica gets a few glimpses of the action and pulls down her top to play with her tits, with a little teasing of her pussy too. Shyla lets Jessica join in and she immediately goes for his cock, then these two literally fight over his cock as they devour him. Both of these ladies showing some energy and enthusiasm when it comes to the oral workout. After a long oral session, the girls end up on the bed, bent over, as Jessica eats out Shyla while Keiran slides in behind her for some doggy in her pierced pussy. And it seems we had to wait for the last two scenes to really see some energy and enthusiasm in some scenes. The girls switch positions as the fuck train continues. After the fucking, the girls are back to giving his cock and balls plenty of attention, and then Jessica climbs on for some reverse cowgirl, as Shyla gives her pussy a little licking while she gets fucked. And when Shyla climbs on, Jessica is right there to return the favor. Some spoon with both girls, and even some 69 from the girls, while Keiran is fucking Jessica. During some cowgirl with Jessica, Shyla gives her ass a nice tongue licking, perhaps something a little bigger will be in there soon? After some missionary with Jessica, the girls lock in a kissing battle until he blasts both of them with his cum shot. I can say I am not a huge fan of Shyla, but I am willing to admit that these two make a great pairing, along with Keiran of course.


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