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Playgirl: Indulging In Lust

  • Release date:
    January 1, 1970

Genre: Couples, Straight, Romance

Cast: Grant Michaels, Cheyne Collins, Dylan James, Johnny Castle, Manual Ferrara, Marco Banderas, Pascal St. James, Randy Spears, Reno, Talon, Tommy Gunn, Ava Vincent, Bamboo, Brooke, Jamie Huxley, Lisa Ann, Michelle Lay, Mysti may, Poppy Morgan, Roxette

Length: 1 hour, 37 minutes

Date of Production: July 8, 2008 (Coverart: October 5, 2008)

Studio: Playgirl distributed by Wicked Pictures

Playgirl Teaser: Unbridled unrestrained lust rolling and boiling just beneath the surface waiting to release the pleasure of desires hidden deep within. It requires a special give and take relationship to surrender your feelings and engage in a carnal free for all. Anticipation of a certain gratification, and the luxury of desire and a generous reciprocal agreement... participation is mandatory.

Audio/Video Quality:

Presented in Dolby 5.1 surround. DVD is full screen. Lighting was set up to meet each story very well. Camera angles were good as were picture, color, and clarity.
Audio quality was good if you're into elevator music.


This is compromised of 8 sex scenes that give a brief description of how the lovers ended up together. The scenes are short enough to keep your attention but not so short where it cuts out natural progression. The chapters are distinct and different stories with a small PlaygirlTV logo between each.

Scene One, Private Moment with Tommy Gunn & Jamie Huxley

He comes home from work to find his lady is ready in lingerie and waiting. The scene starts off with some kissing and progresses into him going down on her. She really seems genuinely into it. After some quick kissing she then goes down on him giving quite the blow job. She starts out on top of him. The angles of penetration are really good. He then gets behind her fucks her hard, pulls out and comes on her back. There is no narration to this scene besides the back and forth between the couple when he came home.

Scene Two, Waiting in Wings with Manuel Ferrara & Brooke

This scene is narrated with her talking about paying for sex at the beginning. She wants the best and is going to get it. He starts in the shower, comes out, and she towels him off. This leads into a hot and heavy make out session. He goes down on her and then she goes down on him. It looks hot, except you can only hear the music. She is on top for awhile, then on the bottom. He pulls out and comes onto her breasts.

Scene Three, Piano Man with Grant Michaels & Ava Vincent

This scene is narrated with her expressing how much she loves her man. They're making out during the entire intro. He goes down on her while shes lying on a piano and finger fucks her at the same time. She is really into it and being able to hear her moan is a definite plus to this scene. The move to the floor where she removes his pants, gives him a quick tease blow job. She then takes him from behind while standing. She fingers her clit and the moaning really is a turn on.  

Scene Four, View for All with Marco Banderas and Mysti May

This starts off with narration of the woman explaining how she was invited to a private party and everyone is wearing masks. This scene was set up for her by her lover. It's her fantasy to be fucked while being watched by their masked friends. The seductively make out on stage and she talks our her fantasy while it's happening. He goes down on her on the couch she's quite into it. She repeat the favor. He hits her from behind and then with her lying back down on the back edge of the couch. Her moaning is quite good throughout this entire scene. He finishes by coming on her stomach. This scene was lit correctly for the fantasy:ark and shadowy.

Scene Five, Dangerous Romance with Randy Spears and Roxetta

We come into a very cheesy story line here about an Spy/Mafia style gentleman and her "needing his pickle more than he could know" and she had "a real job but the pay off was at the end". The lighting is appropriate with a fan casting flashes of light on the dimly lit scene. She gives him a blow job and then he goes down on her. During the sex he licks and sucks on her foot. The story line is super cheesy. This scene may have been awesome if it had sound (besides the music). She seems really into it and would have a joy to hear.

Scene Six, Waterfall, with Pascal St. James and Bamboo

He's in a waterfall. Shes on a rock slowly stripping. They're both pleasuring themselves. He looks really into it and we get to see him finish, her, not so much. There is no actual noise and only the music. I didn't really care for this scene at all and it could have been omitted

Scene Seven, Stairway to Heaven with Cheyne Collins and Michelle Lay

We start with a business woman on her lunch break. A gentleman walks by her and she follows him. We then find them on a stair case, kissing. This part is narrated. She goes down on him and he seems into it. He goes on her and then she's on top of him, reverse cowgirl, on the stair case. This whole scene and idea are very hot. We then get to see him on top of her, and then behind with them both standing. He finishes on her rear. The sounds throughout this scene were nice.

Scene Eight, Romance Novel with Marco Banderas and Poppy Morgan

We start with a popcorn sound that's actually supposed to be a rolling fire. A woman is reading her book on a leather couch. She falls asleep and is awaken by a man whom she begins to make out with. He pleasures her with his hand before going down on her. She repeats on him and then he fucks her from behind and then over the edge of the couch. He sucks on her foot before finishing on her stomach.


Photo Gallery, Playgirl TV trailers, Playgirl TV Promo Reel, Playgirl TV.com, Company Profile. Also the following:

Bonus Sex Scene, 1920s bar with Talon and Lisa Ann

In this narrated 1920's bar scene she takes us back in time. It is similar to the previous scenes in that she goes on him, him on her, sex on bar stools, and then the finish. there was not enough sound in this for my liking.

Bonus Audition with Johnny Castle

He introduces himself and then we get to watch him slowly strip and pose in a variety of positions. He talks a little about himself. Age, location, how he lost his virginity, how he became an exhibitionist, if he had any reservations, how he works out, other plans, favorite sex position, wildest place he's had sex, his type, and his turn ons. The eye candy was a nice addition but it's a one time watch.

Bonus Solo with Dylan James, Fire Escape Frenzy

We find him on a construction site where he then escapes to a fire escape. He takes his shirt off and quickly gets down to business with some self touching. I personally found the self touching to be a little excessive. It was okay to watch but it was just... kind of blah as he didn't seem all that into it.

Condoms: Yes in most of the scenes (I could not locate one in Scene 5, 8, or the Bonus Scene)

Final Thoughts: PlaygirlDVD put out a decent video with Indulging in Lust. I really did not care for was the music blocking out all the noises of sex. Sex sounds are hot and a major part of the act itself. While the sex was decent, it's definitely not what I would describe as "a carnal free for all." The scenes do quickly become repetitive. I find it slightly off putting that it's assumed myself and other women want cutesy cut down porn. For women that are specifically looking for that, they will not be disappointed. The actors and actresses all do seem as if they are into it the majority of the time. I'm saying Skip It for the majority.

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