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Hustler Platinum: Arsenic 1 & 2

  • Release date:
    August 28, 2003
  • Cast:
    Pierre Woodman

Hustler Platinum #4 & 5: Arsenic parts 1 & 2


Genre: Feature

Director: Pierre Woodman

Cast: Drimla, Alicia, Suzie, Gabriella, Lucia, Daffny, Zita, Passion, Rebecca, Bevrine, Michelle, Sophie, Orbolya, Lilly, Philippe Duroc, Pascal St. James, Manu, Bob Terminator, Alain Deloin, Seb Barrio, Reda, JPX, Kevin Long, Ralph Vulius, Momo, Charlie

Length: 233 minutes

Date of Production: 3/1/02 (box), "from February 9 to March 3 2002"

Extra's: 29 minute long Behind the scenes feature for Brazilian Snake, director's profile, trailers, slide show, spam

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color and generally looked very clear with minimal problems. The audio was in stereo English (well, dubbed English) with a varied mix of the vocals to music.

Body of Review: Pierre Woodman has a tendency to
make a lot of different styles of porn. He usually makes all sex releases
but also does some feature porn too. Arsenic is a mystery thriller where a detective tracks down some killers that are part of a large conspiracy (involving a secret organization). As he follows clues, he gets to have sex with a bunch of babes in Europe. The dubbed acting was okay but a bit wooden (pun intended) although the sex was generally very well done. The first half of the movie, on disc one, sets up the premise while the second half finishes it up in style. Along the way, there were 14 scenes, most of them containing anal and/or DP action. The first half of the show didn't have a cast list but the scenes for the second half were as follows (the first 7 scenes were very similar to them since this is formula driven porn making):

Scene One: Lucia took on Orsolya in bed. Both gals looked fine and
the scene was very erotic. There was a strap on dildo used and some
technical anal. Yum!

Scene Two: Passion, a slightly attractive gal, took care of Pascal on
a bed. The sex included anal for those who care and no condoms were used as
with the other scenes. Not bad.

Scene Three: Lilly showed Alain how much she liked sex when the two
did it in the hallway. The scene was short and sweet with some anal.

Scene Four: Laura and Philippe enjoyed some action in a bathtub.
Yeah, there was anal and loud music but the scene was pretty good.

Scene Five: Sophie, the hottest looking blonde I've watched in
awhile, and Alain did each other in a kitchen. Oral, vaginal and anal
action with some real heat and chemistry. Yeah!

Scene Six: Alicia gave JPX a handjob and BJ that was pretty warm.

Scene Seven: Drimla, another babe, and Bob had sex on a bed. He's
nearly as cut as Lee Stone and she looked (and performed) great. Good scene
with some anal.

Summary: The sex was hot enough to watch a bunch of times and the
women were all at least attractive with several of them real babes. That the cast enjoyed what they were doing helped add value here too. The feature itself was okay but I'm sure a
good idea would be for Hustler to add a feature where you could bypass the acting stuff and just watch the sex. In any case, I'm suggesting this as a Highly Recommended dvd set. I applaud Hustler for releasing this as a two-disc set since it's priced very close to what the separate discs went for a short time ago. That means it has a lot of fuck for the buck.


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