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Hustler Exxxotica 1 & 2

  • Release date:
    March 4, 2003
  • Cast:
    Pierre Woodman

Hustler Exxxotica 1 & 2


Genre: Feature

Director: Pierre Woodman

Cast: Pt 1: Drimla, Pascal St James, Bob Terminator, Angel, Titof, Alain Deloin, Electra, Pokahontas, Greg Centaureau, Nikolette, Sabrine
Pt 2: Vivienne, Alain Deloin, Bob Terminator, Sophie, Drimla, JPX, Alicia, Suzie, Yasmyne, Sabrine, James Brossman

Length: Pt 1: 110 minutes, Pt 2: 105 minutes

Date of Production: Pt 1 1/15/02, Pt 2 12/12/01-6/16/02 (credits)

Extra's: slide show, director's interview, trailers, chapters

Audio/Video Quality: The picture looked very high quality most of the time and was in the usual full frame format. the audio was dubbed and not as good as the picture but you probably won't notice with the action taking place.

Body of Review: There really wasn't much to this one except for the hot looking babes, the great sex and the awesome locations used. Set in the Seychelle Islands of Bali, Hawaii, Tahiti, Spain, Fiji, and Puerto Rico, this two part movie had no real plot other than to provide a look at a series of barely related sex scenes shot outside under natural light. Being a Hustler movie, no condoms were used and there was lots of anal action on top of the oral and vaginal sex. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Part 1:

Scene One: Drimla, Pascal, and Bob were outside, in a field near the water. The sex was only oral and vaginal but it was plenty hot for me.

Scene Two: Angel, Titof, and Alain had oral, vaginal, anal, and a DP before the pop shots. I don't care for DP's but otherwise the sex was very warm and well shot.

Scene Three: Electra and the massive Bob had a sex scene that included anal. Not the best scene of the group but still pretty warm at times.

Scene Four: Pokahontas and Greg had a very warm scene that included anal. It started off in a mild rain which added to my enjoyment. Whew!

Scene Five: Nikolette, Alain, and Titof had a scene on a boat that included anal, DP and a pop shot. This movie is going to have a lot of replay value as almost all the scenes were so good.

Scene Six: Sabrine and Pascal finished up the first disc with an anal scene. Again, I can't express how great the scenery looked in the background. This one had a waterfall to die for and the sex was again great.

Pt 2:

Scene One: Vivienne, Alain, and Bob had a DP on the balcony of her beachside hotel room. Not bad but I think she's French.

Scene Two: Sophie, Drimla, and JPX on a rocky beach. The sex included anal and was very well done with lots of moaning.

Scene Three: Alicia, Bob, Alain, and Titof had a scene in a wooded area. It was a nice change from all the perfect looking beaches (not). This was my least favorite scene and had a DP and more pissing..

Scene Four: Suzie, Alain, and Bob had a very warm scene on a beach in Fiji. She wasn't the most beautiful gal here but she made up for it in enthusiasm. The sex included a very warm DP.

Scene Five: Yasmyne, Sabrine, and James had an interesting scene atop a mountain that included anal and pissing. She had pissed at the beginning of the movie too but that's not my thing. The sex was pretty good but the wind noise was distracting.

Summary: The scenery, both female and the locations, were very above average for a porno. I was quite surprised to find this two disc/two movie set for only a dollar more than either of the individual movies went for. The sex was hot, the production values high, and as noted, the women were great so I have to suggest this as a highly recommended set-even though there was no Behind the Scenes feature as advertised or "over 4 hours" of sex as indicated on the dvd box. There was a lot of fuck for your buck and at the right price.


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