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Raw 13

  • Release date:
    January 10, 2013
  • Runtime:
    5h 21m
  • Cast:
    Manuel Ferrara|Phoenix Marie|Eva Karera|Krissy Lynn|Veronica Avluv


Raw 13

Evil Angel/Manuel Ferrara Productions

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Manuel Ferrara

Cast: Phoenix Marie, Manuel Ferrara, Veronica Avluv, Eva Karera, Krissy Lynn

Length: 321:34 minutes (181:32 minutes & 140:02 minutes)

Date of Production: 2012


Extras: The extras included trailers, a helpful cast list, individual photogalleries, some filmographies, websites, and a pop shot recap.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Raw 13 was presented in a nice 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel. The visual elements for the series are rarely optimal, Manuel often places the small video camera on a table or other convenient location to allow him a hands free experience with the ladies and the lighting is whatever is available, but they suffice to convey the raw energy of the chemistry filled sexual trysts he gets by picking women that truly want to work with him. As such, this volume in the series looked similar to previous efforts, the enthusiasm and passion provided more than making up for the modest technical values as presented. The audio was also on the modest side, the microphone built into the camera capturing whatever sounds it could, the vocals usually easy enough to hear even when the partners whisper to each other though some of the ambient sounds do get in the way from time to time.

Body of Review: Manuel Ferrara is one of the few male performers able to truly enhance any scene, his work at Evil Angel showcasing how he adores ladies of all types. Say what you will about lack of quality extras or modest technical values, the man delivers in spades the kind of heated fuck flick most of his peers can only dream about offering, the sheer quantity of his works also helping to push them over the proverbial edge. His latest movie is the double disc Raw 13, Manuel opening up his private vaults to showcase some of his most precious memories with attractive ladies that were dripping wet to hook up with the guy. With attractive ladies such as Phoenix Marie, Veronica Avluv, Krissy Lynn, and Eva Karera, I figured this was going to be a highly strokable double disc offering with all the replay value such chemistry filled couplings could muster.

The company website described the flick like this: “Manuel Ferrara's "Raw" series takes viewers behind the glamorous trappings of commercial porn to expose the private erotic doings of the adult video world's horniest performers. In "Raw 13," a deluxe two-disc set chronicling Manuel's latest personal dating adventures, the French director/stud reveals the nasty ways his passionate, sexually driven co-stars fill their time off the set. There's no plot lines, camera crews or sets, just a camcorder showing unscripted, unposed bedroom reality. Notorious wild girl Phoenix Marie gives us a tour of her apartment, films herself shaving her legs and does a photo shoot before spilling her intimate secrets and meeting Manuel for an intense hotel tryst that leaves her big ass gaping and the flavor of sperm on her lips. Voluptuous brunette Veronica Avluv is a sexy MILF with a slender waist and giant jugs; she interrupts the director's bath to swallow his enormous, uncut cock, actually going underwater to deep-throat his huge pole. Veronica takes a ferocious anal pounding and milks the cum from Manuel's thick shaft. Pretty Eva Karera flaunts her massive rack, wrapping her bazooms around the director's meat. She licks Manuel's asshole and he reams her tight butt until her cleavage glistens with semen. Blonde bombshell Krissy Lynn and Manuel share an orgasmic session of super-human fucking that expands her anus. From first encounter to explosive climax, these dates are explicit, uncompromising, hard-core truth. "Raw 13" is a voyeur's eye view of the way real, sexually animalistic people fuck.” Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Phoenix Marie, the busty brunette (usually blond) bombshell featured on the right side of the front cover, was up first as she woke up in bed. She took the initial camera work upon herself and gave a look at her modest apartment, wearing no makeup and looking far more natural than usual. She did some exercises and prepared for her scene with studly Manuel Ferrara, even taking a luxurious bath as she shaved her legs. She walked the mall, went to a photoshoot, and then provided a self interview (fans will want to see all of this) before masturbating. Phoenix climaxed easily enough and got dressed to meet Manuel, his arrival taking place around the 37 minute mark of the movie! They kissed and she walked into his room, her black top revealing ample cleavage and her light stretch pants showing her sexy rump just fine too. More kissing led to some boob play, Phoenix now made up and nuzzling his pecker through his pants, gingerly caressing him through the fabric of his clothing before they moved to the hotel bed (setting the camera down). There was a lot of foreplay and they eventually stripped down, some very active vaginal riding leading to anal and taste testing as she impaled herself on his rod. Phoenix tossed his salad and nuzzled his nuts some more, Manuel having gobbled her gash earlier. She had a shaven snatch this time and contrary to the cover was primarily a blond, her slickened slit easily sliding on his cock as she bounced on him. This led to more oral and some anal play, Manuel lubing up her perfect pucker for some hardcore penetration in POV as well as the long shot used when the camera was set down. That they had chemistry and she gave superior eye contact enhanced the replay value and strokability for me, the heated tryst tough for any of the others to beat given her sheer degree of enjoyment. The tryst ended when she slobbed his knob and jerked him off to completion, swallowing the wad of genetic juice with hardly a drop of ball batter lost as she savored it. Including the opening credits, the scene ended just after the two hour mark, the expositional material on Phoenix Marie by her own lengthy commentary taking up some considerable time.


Scene Two: Veronica Avluv, a fetching brunette MILF, was up next as she joined Manuel Ferrara in the bath tub. She had very pale skin compared to his, her curvy body tasty enough to merit another long scene (this one lasted almost an hour). She was in stark contrast to him in terms of body hair, the gal reaching in to grab his cock and suck on it with some hand assisted friction, the tub big enough for both of them. She blew him and tossed his salad nicely, keeping eye contact with the director as she laid back to masturbate with her shaven snatch rubbed vigorously and a finger up her ass. She went wild slobbing his knob from there, beating his meat rapidly until he gobbled her gash on the nearby bed. The camera was set down to capture it all from a relative distance too, the couple pounding away and giving each other more head, her active vaginal bouncing leading to an equally enjoyable anal series of penetration positions. Their chemistry was outstanding too, Veronica lacking most of the makeup she usually wears given the bathing and such, his healthy wad of population pudding glazing her face and tonsils by her own hand (Veronica cleaning him up orally).


Scene Three: Eva Karera, a lean foreigner with dark hair and big implants, was up next as she pranced around the hotel room naked, Manuel following her into the shower. She soaped up and cleaned up as Manuel Ferrara watched, the gal coming out of the shower to blow him and give him a titty fuck. Her energy levels were not as strong as the previous ladies at first but she built up to decent levels over time. Her slower seductive technique led them to the bed to teasingly give him a hummer, the streamers flying around as she went ever deeper down the shaft while her hand grasped his turgid pecker increasingly tighter. They kissed and caressed each other in bed from there, the carpet munching taking place around the ten minute mark to give you a comparison point. This was more of a no frills approach when looked at beside the previous two scenes but they took breaks and spoke to each other as they continued, his rod ramming into her within moments of the oral. The alternating between POV and long shot camera angles seemed more abrupt this time too but fans of ladies speaking their native tongues while being pounded sexually, first vaginally and then anally, should appreciate that they were quite fluid in terms of constantly finding new ways to practice breeding, a 69 and face sitting position as impressive as the titty fucking and other forms of frictional engagements they pursued. They shared some chemistry too, less obvious for me than the others to this point but detectable all the same, her neatly trimmed pubic patch and intensity levels adding something to the mix. Lest I forget, Eva was totally into the expansive oral she gave him from the nut nibbling to the sword swallowing and salad tossing, she smiled as if eating candy before she pushed him to the edge to elicit a round of spunk in her mouth (most of it drooled onto her tits).


Scene Four: Krissy Lynn, a curvy blond bundle of fun, was up last as she met Manuel Ferrara outside her home to let him inside. She wore blue jean booty shorts and a crop top barely able to hold her boobs in check, the gal giving him a tour of her place as she described her health food kick as a vegan. By the time she showed him the bedroom, he was already checking out her ass with the camera, a wand vibrator on the bed making it clear she liked getting off in her private life too. They laid back in the bed to start kissing, their hands freely roaming on each other as the camera was set on the dresser to show them in a distance shot. They peeled off their attire to get friskier, both taking turns at oral before a 69 led to them vaginally (and actively) boning. Her ass looked fantastic when shaking during the penetration positions, Krissy pumping on his rod like she was doing the fucking and the wand brought into play to help get her off. They then transitioned into doing anal, Krissy doing cowgirl as she slowly lowered herself on his pecker, speeding up as she grew accustomed to being stretched out by the genetically gifted man. They went through all the usual positions and alternated between POV and distance shots during all of this, plenty of oral provided until the ending wad of splooge sprang forth from his cock to glisten on her hands and mouth with some swallowing taking place.


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Summary: Raw 13 by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel had great amounts of fuck for the buck thanks in large part to the chemistry between the performers, all of the four sexual trysts of the sort people seeing it will remember for a long, hard time. The raw energy and passion exhibited by all the players here gave it great replay value and strokability, the fun factor high enough to earn a rating of Highly Recommended, Phoenix Marie, Veronica Avluv, Eva Karera, and Krissy Lynn all gave up some excellent performances to enjoy repeatedly as expected. In short then, Raw 13, like all the volumes in the series before it, was a tribute to just how well some ladies respond to the strongest male performer in the porn industry, the ladies singing his praises as they earned accolades themselves. Of interest to some folks this time is that a few of the scenes were markedly shorter than in previous volumes (many of which were double disc releases unlike this one), my preference being to get as much fuck for the buck as possible while others like tighter scenes that skip a lot of the frills to concentrate on fucking as was typically the case here.


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