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Lesbian Analingus

  • Release date:
    January 30, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 23m
  • Cast:
    Sinn Sage|Liza Del Sierra|Sandy (Hungary)|Phoenix Marie|Dana Vespoli|Gracie Glam|Anikka Albrite


Lesbian Analingus (AKA: “Analingus” on the credits and company website)

Sweetheart Video

Genre: Lesbian, Rimming

Director: Dana Vespoli

Cast: Gracie Glam, Charley Chase, Anikka Albrite, Sandy, Sinn Sage, Liza Del Sierra, Phoenix Marie, Dana Vespoli

Length: 143:45 minutes

Date of Production: 6/25/2012, 6/26/2012, 6/27/2012

Extras: There were 9:41 minutes of interviews, some trailers, and a photogallery.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Lesbian Analingus was shot in anamorphic widescreen by director Dana Vespoli for Sweetheart Video. The lighting varied by scene and the majority of the shots were done in medium range, losing the gyno-cam approach many male directors use, but the angles did not always showcase the ladies at their best either. As I favor being able to see a mixture of shots and angles in my movies, I just felt this one showed Dana’s potential but not at its fullest. The editing by “Norma Lee Wett” was okay in that it had few abrupt transitions but there was a loss of fluid movement at times, nothing way off the beaten path but not as successful as the last Dana movie I checked out. The aural qualities were similarly okay, the vocals a bit muted and low, their hollowness occasionally intruding but the balance between them and the music was decent.


Body of Review: Dana Vespoli, a popular performer and occasional blogger for Xcritic, has been directing for Sweetheart Video and other companies for some time now, her exploits with learning to shoot from Manuel Ferrara among the most amusing I have heard in recent years. Her latest release coming in for review is Lesbian Analingus, the review team overlooking it just long enough to allow me to pick it up myself for a change. Other than at award time or to check out a specific scene when asked, I have not reviewed much from Dana’s association with the company but I felt it important to check some of her work out given her upcoming transition to Evil Angel; the granddaddy of gonzo porn. Going into the flick, I expected the four scenes to focus largely on the titular act of lesbians eating each other’s asses, the shapely crew including Phoenix Marie, Dana Vespoli, Sinn Sage, Anikka Albrite, Charley Chase, Gracie Glam, Liza Del Sierra, and Sandy. The results were mixed in that some scenes were far more devoted to analingus than others but at least all of them had some of the aforementioned sexual misconduct. The appeal of ladies licking ass goes way back for me, becoming a favorite act during the reign of the late, great Jim Holliday who always shot plenty of “squeaky clean” ass play by the ladies. The back cover described the movie like this: “Sweetheart continues its ground-breaking foray with every path leading to ultimate lesbian desire. In Lesbian Analingus, gorgeous women explore the sensual teasing of seductive ass-play. Toying, fingering and licking open up these girls to new heights of sexual ecstasy.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


click the screen captures for individualized trailers to the scenes

Scene One: Gracie Glam, a curvy cutie serving as a personal assistant intern, was up first helping her boss, played by sexy babe Charley Chase. After fucking up the coffee, Gracie learned the hard way that Charley was quite demanding, both of them wearing tight clothing revealing their shapely asses. At the end of the day, their roles reversed, the ladies kissing until Gracie ordered Charley to go down on her, the gash gobbling done enthusiastically enough as it led to the requisite ass kissing. As a fan of Gracie’s ass, I would have liked to see it licked more explicitly, the frequent edits to dwell on her face during the act coming off as unneeded. For her part, Charley savored Gracie’s ass, the ladies moving to the red couch to show Gracie reciprocating. There was some face sitting/smothering too but no toy play or fingering, the couple caressing and kissing to finish up. If that is enough to inspire you to produce some genetic juice, population pudding, spunk, or splooge, some of the other scenes should be even better for you.


Scene Two: Anikka Albrite and Sandy, the two attractive ladies on the front cover, were up next in the kitchen as they prepared breakfast. They interrupted each other to paw and kiss a lot, moving into the bed to discuss inhibitions on ass play. They gingerly kissed and held each other as they warmed up some more, their cover attire providing scant protection from roaming hands. The abrupt diving into analingus seemed a big stretch as no real build up occurred to explain it, each gobbling gash as well as ass with a modest amount of spanking taking place. I liked that this scene showed the analingus more readily, the perfect puckers providing ample devotion with a slight bit of face sitting but no toys or fingers used in any of their holes.


Scene Three: Sinn Sage, a sexy brunette with a wonderfully rich ass, was up next with leaner French gal Liza Del Sierra, Sinn serving as a massage expert called in to rejuvenate Liza’s tired muscles. Sinn had on a tight neon blue crop top and black stretch pants, Liza going to the other room to change into a towel. Liza liked what she saw as Sinn readied her table, the slow strokes leading to Liza fishing for compliments. The verbal exchange encouraged Sinn to push her boundaries as time went on, the gal nestling between Liza’s ass with a series of light kisses that led to analingus, Sinn rubbing Liza’s pussy and kissing her mouth before they switched roles. Liza gave some head and ass worshiping on Sinn’s sweet, fleshy ass, fingering her snatch which led to a variety of oral antics. Sinn then vaginally fingered Liza as she ate her out, the couple moving into a 69 and engaging in some boob play to close things up.


Scene Four: Phoenix Marie, an athletic brunette (usually a blond), was up last working out in a home gym in her black stretch pants and matching tank top. Heavily tattooed hotty Dana Vespoli joined her to learn the ropes of fitness, her black shorts and white tank top as much a contrast as their respective body styles. They warmed up with a series of stretches, bending over for the static camera and doing some crotch stretches before the inevitable squats. These were done over each other which inspired Dana to go deep when it was her turn, Phoenix massaging her ass afterwards to keep her muscles limber. As the slightly sweaty ladies talked, Dana revealed her desires for Phoenix, the ladies soon kissing and removing clothing to smell one another and suck on nipples. Dana made the initial move to start rimming Phoenix, savoring her ass in a few positions until they reversed roles. The camera work was not as good this time, a few shots adding some heat but missing something for me all the same. The ladies continued to caress and orally please, some smothering by Phoenix included with the ending coming as they kissed on the floor.

Summary: Lesbian Analingus by director Dana Vespoli for Sweetheart Video had an exceptionally hot cast of attractive ladies with shapely asses to admire, some of them such as Sinn Sage and Phoenix Marie standing out as more analingus friendly. None of them shied away from the act but they just did not all seem as into it as others, the overall quality of the four scenes of ass licking pleasure still meriting a rating of Recommended for their fans. The technical qualities varied a bit more than I thought they would and the set up portions of each scene were hit or miss when establishing any chemistry between the performers but this might be a better entry point for females licking ass than one of Mike Adriano’s hardcore ass-centric outings that I appreciate so much. In short, Lesbian Analingus provided a fairly appealing entry level movie for those wanting to see ladies lick each other all over, their asses included, Dana Vespoli capably guiding her performers through their paces well enough to provide some stroke and replay value so check it out.


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