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Pervs On Patrol 10

  • Release date:
    January 29, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 19m
  • Cast:
    Mike Adriano|Melina Mason|Tony Rubino|Jade Couture|Kimmy Kay|Kelsey Jones|Jagger Jordan

Genre: Gonzo

Director: ????

Cast: Melina Mason, Kimmy Kay, Kesley Jones, Jade Couture, Jagger Jordan

Length: 3:15

Date of Production: 12/11/12

Extras: cumshot recap, photo gallery, trailers

Audio/Video Quality: The video is presented in widescreen color. The picture quality is acceptable and does not have any noticeable defects in the picture. The lighting varies from scene to scene. There was no professional effort put into it. The camera work is haphazard in each scene. The action is captured in POV (point of view). The male participant holds the camera as he engages the girl in sex. The camera felt a little too shaky throughout the video for my tastes. The audio is presented in 2-channel stereo and sounds very good, except some of the dialogue is hard to hear.

Body of Review: Pervs On Patrol #10 tries to give you a voyeuristic/amateur look at porn. Each scene consists of a guy with the camera tracking down some girl and getting her to have sex with him. The entire video is captured in POV (point of view: the male participant holds the camera as he engages the girl in sex). Despite the attempt for a voyeuristic/amateur feeling, the scenes/situations felt staged and fake. If you are looking for something truly voyeuristic/amateur, you'll want to find something else. Here's the scene by scene.

Scene 1: Melina Mason - Rating 3.0/5.0
Melina is an attractive babe with a curvy figure and large breasts. In this scene she is spotted by the pool. The dude approaches her and invites her up to his room. Back in the hotel room we find the dude lying on the bed and Melina telling him that she has a surprise. She takes off her bikini top and we get a nice shot of her big round tits. Next her bikini bottom comes off. She proceeds to give the dude a blow job. Melina looks great sucking cock. She has very pretty brown eyes and she does a nice job maintaining eye contact as she furiously sucks the dude's prick. After a pretty heated oral bit, they engage in sex. They start in cowgirl with Melina's pretty little box getting penetrated as her tits jiggle like crazy. Melina has a lot of energy and watching her fuck is pretty exciting. The scene ends with the cum shot on her chest.

Scene 2: Kimmy Kay - Rating 1.0/5.0
Kimmy is a cute dark haired gal with a slender figure and nice sized tits. In this scene we find her waiting for the train. She's wearing a white blouse and black skirt. It's business like and a sexy look for her. The dude follows her back to her place. He watches through the window as she strips. Dull story short, the dude knocks on the door, she invites him in and they end up fucking. First she gives him a blow job. It is on the timid side and lacking energy. The sex isn't much better. They fuck and there are some nice moments with good closeups of Kimmy's body, but there just aren't enough good parts to make the scene stand out. The scene ends with a facial.

Scene 3: Kelsey Jones - Rating 1.5/5.0
Kelsey is a fairly good looking young babe with a nice body and perky tits. In this scene the dude puts a video camera in Kelsey's room. She tries on some clothes and we get to see her naked. She asks the dude to come in her room. She wants to know what he thinks about her outfit. After a rather dull conversation, they end up having sex. Some clothes come off and Kelsey proceeds to suck his cock. She takes a slow approach and mainly sucks on the head of his cock. There is some ball licking and light deep throating. I found the pacing to be less than exciting. When sex comes into play, there isn't much change to the general tempo. It seemed like Kelsey was trying a little too hard and it left the sex feeling too fake. Anyways there are some decent visuals with Kelsey's body jiggling in the right places. The scene ends with a facial.

Scene 4: Jade Couture - Rating 1.5/5.0
Jade is a young red headed girl with a thin body and small tits. In this scene the dude is spying on her while she reads in bed. She has on a leopard skin print top and a thong. As she goes about her business there are several shots of her nicely shaped rear end. The dude enters the room and asks her what she's doing. She's studying. He distracts her by fondling her tits. They talk some more and before you know it she's sucking him off. The oral action is on the slow side. There was little excitement from it. Next they engage in sex. The majority of the action is uneventful and feels like they are going through the motions. Towards the end the pace picks up with Jade getting fucked in missionary. It's enjoyable but not enough to make the scene worthwhile. The action ends with the cum shot mainly on her stomach.

Scene 5: Jagger Jordan - Rating 2.5/5.0
Jagger is a cute blonde gal with a nice figure. Her most endearing quality is her big tits. In this scene Jagger looks pretty good in a bikini. She's sunbathing by the water. The dude comes by and invites her on her boat. They go off somewhere remote and continue talking. The dialogue is dull and boring. Fortunately there is a nice distraction with Jagger rubbing baby oil over her tits (not exposed). Next the dude rubs oil on her rear end. It's a nice view. Eventually his fingers end up inside her clit. He fingers her and then she returns the favor by sucking his cock. Her approach is on the slower side, but she still looks good upclose and personal as she works his dick. The oral bit also runs on the short side. Afterwards Jagger takes off her bikini bottom and rides the dude in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The sex is decent. I was not as impressed with it as the oral bit. They fuck at a slow pace and Jagger keeps her bikini top for a good portion of the scene. It would have been a lot nicer to see those puppies free. The action ends with a facial.

Conclusion: I was not really impressed or excited with Pervs On Patrol #10. First off I thought the action was less than thrilling. More often than not, the sex was lacking energy and felt too dull or fake. I enjoyed the first scene with Melina Mason. This is not to say that I didn't like the cast. The girls are all pretty cute and look great naked. Sadly, the action just didn't do much for me. To make matters worse the camera work is pretty shoddy. The action is filmed in POV and was too shaky for my tastes. I will admit that the roughness did make it feel more amateur. Nevertheless I didn't care for it. Overall Pervs On Patrol #10 is a video I will never revisit. It had little appeal and I think it's best to skip.


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