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PerryVision 4

  • Release date:
    July 30, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 6m
  • Cast:
    David Perry|Mea Melone|Carla Cox|Samantha Jolie|Bella|Dani Blond

Genre: POV

Director: David Perry

Cast: Samantha Jolie, Carla Cox, Mea Malone, Bella, Daryl, David Perry
Length: 186 minutes
Extras: There are photo galleries, filmographies, a cum shot recap, several trailers, a cast list, and website information.

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Overview: Perryvision 4 is the fourth installment to this very fine series from director and performer David Perry and the studio Evil Angel. In this newest episode, the POV mode is still in fashion as the bj and sexual antics with his European Czech babes create hot heat.

Mea Malone 

Scene One: David Perry arrives at Mea Malone's apartment building. She takes him to her place and gives the guy a tour of her home. Later, the sexy woman hangs his jacket in the closet. Then, Mea rubs his groin with her knee. Some brief titty fondling activity occurs right before the woman removes her shirt. David resumes his nipple fascination a bit. Suddenly, Mea is on her knees and sucks his dick with a lot of effort. Her rhythm got me dizzy. A standing fuck from behind follows that provides solid humping activity. Next, a missionary screw occurs while Mea is laying on a table. I really enjoyed looking at her wide open pussy when she stretches it apart. Their performance gets exciting as soon as David fucks her in the ass. The heat level rises significantly well as Mea receives a really hot fuck. After the woman sucks his dick with nice passion, she gets totally nude and resumes her hungry cock pleasuring behavior. Mea climbs on top of David and rides him cowgirl style through her asshole. His dick gets nicely wet during her very active ride. The location of their play shifts to the bathroom where David fucks her doggystyle in the shower. Once again, he provides another solid humping delivery on the woman. She spreads her asshole a bit while in the shower. Soon, the guy fingers her pussy rough and then, fucks her very hard in the butt. Mea moans emotionally. She really gets turned on when he sprays her pussy with the shower head. Then, she crawls into the living room to meet David. A heated anal cockride by her follows. She really feels it when he squeezes her pussy. Later, the guy sits on top of her while she sucks his meaty package. It leads to him jacking off at her open mouth.

                                 Samantha Jolie

Scene Two: Samantha Jolie heads to one of the back rooms in the building where her motorcycle is in. The attractive blonde mechanic changes into her outfit and starts to straddle herself while sitting on it. Suddenly, David barges in and the woman wants him out of there. He chokes the woman and forces her to suck his finger. Later, Samantha sucks his dick with good effort. Afterwards, the guy turns her around and fucks her. The heat level is inconsistent. A vaginal cock ride follows on the floor. The best moments take place when Samantha rides him through her asshole. Then, David eats her pussy momentarily before he spoons her. More cool and heated anal fucking action occurs while she is on the floor. It leads to Samantha jacking him off in her mouth.
Carla Cox
Scene Three: While in Prague, David picks up Carla Cox in a cab. They talk a bit in the back seat before she shows off her tits. He feels them for a moment until the cute blonde shows her pussy to him. After both of them feel it, the woman is seen sucking his dick. When they arrive at their destination, the scene shifts to them indoors fucking. David is doggying Carla on a bed. She provides a solid humping motion at times. Then, the guy fingers her asshole briefly before David inserts his dick into it. The fucking pace picks up. I enjoyed seeing Carla look back at him. Afterward, the babe  sucks his dick playfully while he is laying on the bed. Then, she rides him vaginally. The more exciting shots occur when Carla slides on his dick through her butthole. The screwing pace picks up again. I was getting dizzy. When she turns around to ride him, the performance remains stimulating even though her back is facing the camera. The hottest and best looking moments occur when Carla is on her back and David fucks her. In the end, the cutie jacks him off in her receptive mouth and does a fine job in sucking the cum off his dick. I love how she stares at the camera.
Bella, David Perry
Scene Four: Sexy blonde Bella, who is wearing a pink bra and panties, is sitting on the staircase as David walks up to her. Soon, the woman is showing of her sexy moves at him. A cool moment occurs when she sticks her butt out and spanks it. Later, Bella is sitting on the stairs again and starts to play with her attractive pussy. Then, she places her horny behavior towards David's dick and sucks it solidly. A heated POV doggie follows. Her hot eye candy good looks is a constant stimulant. I loved watching her walk up the stairs and walk on the patio while David films her. You really want to reach out and touch her. A standing fuck from behind follows briefly before he fucks her missionary style. Afterwards, we see them in the indoors and in the bedroom where Carla gets doggied in the ass.  While thinking about her overall performance, I preferred seeing the moments when Carla's back is to the camera. She looks hotter that way. A very active cowgirl ride by the babe follows. The anal action feels the most intense. The very turned on woman sucks and strokes his dick with a lot of effort afterwards. Her bj actions will definitely get you hard. More exciting anal cock riding moments follow that makes her butthole the most wide. A very hard spooning session occurs next that makes Carla moan so emotionally. His fast fucking delivery continues when he mishes her. This hot scene ends with him jacking off in her cute mouth.
Scene Five: David is talking at the camera a bit in his room before Daryl arrives. He lets the very pretty Czech woman in. While sitting in a chair, she removes her coat and we see her wearing white fishnet top. Her nipples are sticking out through the holes. Her sexy legs are eye candy stimuli. Leg lovers are going to salivate. After the guy feels her tits and ass, Daryl removes her denim shorts. Then, the guy feels her snatch again and squeezes and spanks her ass. Her butthole is very appealing. Suddenly, the babe sucks his dick. Her effort and pace builds up nicely. I like seeing Daryl hold it with two hands. Her bj moment is short and soon, David is fingerfucking her asshole. When he shoves her white panties to the side, he fingers her pussy briefly. A doggie screw follows that takes some time to feel exciting. The better moments occur when the hottie is laying on the bed and gets fucked by him in the ass. Some vaginal and anal cockriding occurs afterwards that allows Daryl to apply good fucking effort on the man. Daryl looked very hot during the following POV bj moments. The very tight close-up shots make her incredibly hot. An anal mish occurs next with the woman rubbing her pussy with much energy. Later, David pulls over her fishnet top over her head and rips a portion around her mouth so that she can suck his dick. It's too bad that this bj action was too short. Next, he fucks her from behind in the bathroom momentarily before the woman sits on the toilet and sucks his dick again. When David pulls down the fishnet top from Daryl's head, she sucks his cock again. Some toe sucking action by her follows. A heated fuck by David is shown on the bed as the camera is at the opposite side of the room. However, the screwing moments were too short. He gets off the bed and grabs the camera so that a POV cum shot is shown. The scene ends with Daryl's head in the toilet as David flushes it so the cum will be removed from her pretty face.
Final Thoughts: David Perry is fascinated with beautiful women and their assholes. When he has one close to him, he fucks her pretty well and has her pleasure his dick with much satisfaction. It is one of the reason why he enjoys the POV technique since he gets to marvel at their hot bodies up close and personal. It adds a certain amount of turn-on ability for him. In this film, the sexual performances are heated, but not as much as in his previous Perryvision films. The energy level is pretty good, but not great when it comes to David's history or what we expect from an Evil Angel production. Mea Malone, Carla Cox, Bella, and Daryl provide solid sex that gives this film a recommended rating.


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