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Perry’s DP’s 6

  • Release date:
    September 20, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 39m
  • Cast:
    Steve Holmes|Markus Dupree|David Perry|Anita Bellini|Mira Sunset|Thomas Stone|Samia Duarte|Andrea Francis

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 41 minutes

Date of Production: August 2013

Genre:  anal, rough sex, group sex, double penetration

Condoms:   No

Director: David Perry

Cast: Samia Duarte, Anita Bellini, Andrea Parker, Mira Sunset, Steve Holmes, Thomas Stone, David Perry, Markus Dupree

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: behind the scenes, trailers, cumshot recap, cast list and filmographies, photo galleries, multiple chapters per scene, motion chapter index, evilangel.com preview


Director David Perry always knows how to pick the sexiest, nastiest European girls who love to get fucked up the ass and pussy at the same time and end in a sloppy facial. Well, he’s found another group of winners in the latest in his series Perry’s DPs 6.  Samia, Anita, Andrea and Mira all aspire to be DP’d and the guys make their sexual desires come true, hard plugging their asses and pussies at the same time. These girls love it, relishing in the thought of their holes being plugged. I highly recommend this movie. Its 2 hours and 41 minutes of wall-to-wall cock sucking, skull-fucking, threesomes, anals, DPs and cum swallowing. No holes are barred in this one, and if you like it hardcore, that’s a good thing.

Scene 1: Samia Duarte, Steve Holmes, Thomas Stone


Samia is dressed in a pink fishnet, tight outfit from head to toe and we’re watching her from underneath as she walks down a glass sidewalk and stairwell. She makes her way poolside where she opens her legs, revealing her pussy. She oils herself up, rubbing it all over her breast and pussy, pleasuring herself in the hot sun, sticking two fingers deep inside her cunt and licking it clean.

She decides to join Steve and Thomas who are having a meeting in the sun room. She’s begging for Steve’s attention but he’s too busy right now with his business meeting. Samia’s not happy and she makes her way back outside to please herself again, this time with dildos, double penetrating herself. Her moaning and groaning gets the guys’ attention and Steve makes his way outside to get her to stop. But Samia is insatiable, and she takes his dick out and immediately starts deep throating it. Steve grabs her by the hair and skull fucks her, making her gag on his cock and lick his balls. Samia spits all over his dick, keeping it wet.


Thomas is watching them from the sun room, jacking his dick. Steve doesn’t want to be rude to his guest so he walks Samia back to the sun room on her knees and she pulls up to Thomas’ meat and starts sucking. She’s got two cocks now and she licks from head to head making a sloppy mess all down her chest.  She’s dribbling everywhere.  Steve finally starts fucking her doggy style, slapping her ass while she keeps deep throating Thomas. She soon straddles Thomas, who is seated now, and fucks him cowgirl style, taking a heavy spanking from Steve. It’s not long before Samia is ready for her DP, guiding Steve’s dick into her ass while’s she’s still straddling Thomas cowgirl style. Her pussy and ass are stuffed now.

Steve turns her around so she can fuck him in reverse cowgirl position up the ass while she feeds on Thomas’ cock some more.  But she begs for what she likes best and that’s two dicks at once. So Thomas joins in again, pumping her pussy from on top. Samia loves taking dick, especially up the ass and it’s obvious even after Thomas pulls out, she lets Steve continue his hard ass punishment. She stops only to suck his dick clean before riding him cowgirl again, putting his dick in her pussy. Thomas joins the pair, this time pushing his meat straight ahead in her ass. When Thomas pulls out, Steve quickly takes his dick from Samia’s ass to her pussy, giving her no relief both in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl position. The guys DP her in reverse cowgirl position again before flipping her over into doggy position over the couch. Thomas doggy fucks her first in the ass while she fingers herself, groaning in pleasure.  Steve follows suit. Straight up the ass doggy style, pushing his foot down on her face, keeping her in place while he drills her ass. She likes it hard, reaching back and pulling her gaping ass hole open with both hands.


The threesome move into a standing DP, filling her holes up again and pulling their dicks out to make her suck her own ass and pussy juice.  She keeps doing this until the guys are ready to pop, Thomas first, cumming on her tongue and down her chin followed by Steve who gives her a second load to swallow. She relishes in her conquest, walking back outside with the cum draining down her chest.

Scene 2: Anita Bellini, David Perry, Markus Dupree


The lovely Anita is lying in bed in her red bikini, daydreaming. She’s tossing and turning and we soon learn what she’s thinking about. She start’s rubbing her pussy, fingering it and licking her fingers. She soon pulls out a red dildo that she uses to fuck herself, at first lying on her back and then up on all fours on the bed, shoving the dildo up her ass. But she’s not alone for long. Markus appears and he’s already throat fucking her, grabbing the back of her head tightly while she sucks on his cock and licks his balls.

Markus gives Anita some oral pleasure too, eating her pussy; getting it wet and ready before turning her on her side to spoon fuck her, holding both of her legs back in place. He soon flips her on top of him so she can fuck in reverse cowgirl up her pussy and in her ass. Both holes are open for business. Even so, one dick is not enough for Anita. David appears and now she’s got two cocks to manage.

She’s sucking on both dicks, going from one to the other, sucking and jacking as hard as she can, trying to force both of them down her throat at the same time. David puts her back in the spoon, opening her pussy up from the side while Markus stuffs her mouth full of cock. But Markus gets creative, laying Anita on her back and propping her ass up on a pillow so he can fuck her whole properly — hard and deep.  David won’t be left out and he takes Markus’ cue, showing us her gaping asshole.


It’s time to get Anita ready for some DP. David pulls her down on top of his dick cowgirl style and Markus plugs her ass with his. Her fantasy is coming true now as she screams out, taking both cocks. After sucking the dicks clean, she straddles David in reverse cowgirl, taking his dick up her ass and allowing Markus to penetrate her pussy. She’s torn wide open and stuffed. She goes back to her cowgirl DP with David on bottom and Markus on top making her ass gape until both guys jump up and jerk off on her face and in her mouth.  Anita’s daydream fantasy is over and she relishes in the thought.

Scene 3: Andrea Parker, David Perry, Thomas Stone


David introduces us to some POV action in this scene, meeting up with Andrea on the street. He’s driving and stops to get a better look at her.  Andrea asks him if he wants to play, showing off her big ass in those tight white short shorts.  She’s irresistible and David tells her to jump in the car. Andrea knows the perfect area in the woods where they can fuck. He drives down a dirt road and Andrea tells him to stop the car in the middle of the woods because she wants to fuck. He starts rubbing her breasts but Andrea wants dick in her mouth and she helps herself to David’s out in the open.  David’s holding the camera and we’ve got a good look at Andrea slurping on his cock. She turns around and leans over the car in doggy position and David starts fucking her. Andrea opens her ass cheeks wide so we can see her pussy real well and David suggest they go to visit his friend, but not before he fucks her one more time on top of the car. David gets back to Thomas’ house in a hurry and Andrea wastes no time getting in the middle of the action. She’s lying on her side sucking David’s dick and Thomas is already fucking her pussy in spoon position.  She’s savoring David’s cock, rubbing it all over her face then deep throating it down to his balls as Thomas gets into her ass.

They switch places with Andrea sucking Thomas dick on all fours and David going straight for her ass doggy style.  It’s time for two cocks at once and she’s ready, riding Thomas cowgirl style then hosting David up her ass. The DP pounding gets hard as David loosens Andrea’s ass hole more and more and Andrea is taking it like the pro that she is. Next Thomas starts pounding her from underneath in reverse cowgirl position, making her ass splatter juice. David soon joins the action, moving right into her pussy and fucking her like there’s no tomorrow.


David makes her lean over the couch in doggy position so he can bury his cock up her ass hole, and she takes every inch of it, looking back at David as he makes her ass hole gape again. Thomas moves in, fucking her in the ass then turning it back over to David again, but after fucking her ass, David lays her on her back on the couch, stuffs three fingers up her pussy and makes her squirt like a fountain. The guys take hold of her again for one more round of cowgirl DP fucking before they put her on her knees and shoot cum in her mouth.

Scene 4: Mira Sunset, David Perry, Markus Dupree


Mira is showing off her body outside in a bright pink bikini, rubbing her tits and playing with her pussy. She’s teasing us, lounging on the chair and stuffing a butt plug up her ass. But it’s not long before she’s ready for her cock. Cut to Mira sucking on David and Markus’ dicks, stuffing them in her mouth at the same time and letting the guys fuck her throat.  David keeps asking her, “are you ready to get fucked?” He finally puts her in doggy position on all fours on the couch so he can tongue her ass hole from behind while Markus fucks her mouth.

David tongue fucks Mira’s ass for a few minutes, getting it ready for his dick. He soon sticks his cock in her ass and goes into overdrive right away; pummeling her ass hole and making it gape. Markus is busy feeding her his dick and balls while David manhandles Mira’s ass. Markus starts spoon fucking Mira up the ass on the couch, slapping her face and grabbing her tits while he plugs her.

Mira moves to riding David cowgirl style on the couch, making her ass hole available to host Markus’ pecker. He plugs that hole without hesitation, rocking Mira back and forth and up and down, making her take both dicks. She’s a pretty sight, as stuffed as she is. Like the others, she pauses for a short time to suck the guys off, tasting her own pussy and ass off of their dicks before getting back into doggy position so Markus can keep fucking her ass. He’s all the way in there and we get a really good shot of it from behind.


She gets into reverse cowgirl position on top of Markus and he’s still fucking her ass. This is David’s opportunity to start fucking her pussy from on top at the same time. She’s being DP’d again and loving it with one leg up over David’s shoulder.  The guys put her back in doggy style over the couch. This time David fucks her up the ass from behind and Markus moves in to fuck her pussy from behind too. She’s taking a cock beating up both holes. There’s one more cowgirl DP with Markus on bottom and David on top before Mira gets to her knees and starts sucking the guys off again. David jerks his dick and shoots his cum all over her lips. Markus is right behind him, aiming his cum for the inside of Mira’s mouth. She’s left slurping up cum off of both dicks with the remaining dribbling down her chin.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking to get off to wildly sexy European babes with nice asses who know how to fuck two guys at once, pick up David Perry’s latest installment of Perry’s DPs 6. I highly recommend this movie. It’s “get off” factor is pretty high up there. I lost count of the number of times a gaping ass hole kept getting stuffed with cock over and over again while another cock was pummeling the pussy. You’ll lose count too when you see these four beautiful women in action. Dick is their business and they handle it well. Enjoy it.


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