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Perfect Slaves

  • Release date:
    October 2, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 55m
  • Cast:
    Rocco Siffredi|Marica Hase|Blanche Bradburry|Ian Scott|Kid Jamaica|Samantha Bentley|Omar Galanti|Samia Duarte|Chelsey Lanette|Leyla Black|Daisy Hot

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 56 mins

Date of Production: October 2013

Genre:  Gonzo, anal, squirting, rough sex

Condoms:  No

Director: Rocco Siffredi

Cast: : Blanche Bradburry, Samia Duarte, Marica Hase, Leyla Black, Daisy Hot, Chelsey Lanette, Samantha Bentley, Rocco Siffredi, Omar Galanti, Yanick Shaft (formerly Ian Scott)

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: multiple chapters per scene, motion chapter index, trailers, cumshot recap, photo galleries, cast list and filmographies, websites


Rocco’s Perfect Slaves is a new line from Rocco Siffredi and the focus is on beautiful girls who love to be submissive and dominated while they participate in hard, rough sex. I highly recommend this movie because of all the ass fucking, beautiful bombshell reasons we love Rocco’s movies, but also because this film truly does play on submissive sexual fantasies.  There are leather and chains and beautifully exotic girls in the mix. Scene two with Marica Hase and Leyla Black has to be the most extreme sexual scene of the movie with Marica submitting to hard anal sex, spitting, chocking and Leyla squirting all over her face. Omar is definitely rough with the girls in this scene and it’s hardcore exactly the way the girls want it. Rocco compares this new line to his Animal Trainer series and says it’s the kind of sex where he is at his best. All these girls were at their best and meat vendors Yanick Shaft (formerly Ian Scott), Omar and Kid Jamaica are there to provide every dominant, rough pleasure these girls can imagine.  Hardcore, rough sex fans will enjoy this new line from Rocco.

Scene 1: Blanche Bradburry, Samia Duarte and Rocco Siffredi


Blanche Bradburry meets up with Rocco out at the lake on the deck. He’s on the phone telling someone just how much of a perfect slave she is and that she’s really sexy.  That she is in her bright colored bra. Rocco takes Blanche over to an area where leather ropes and metal chains are hanging in the shape of a spider’s web. Here he buries his face between Blanche’s ass cheeks as she holds on to the strips of leather.

Blanche takes Rocco’s dick out of his pants and starts licking his balls and jerking his dick. It’s not long before Rocco grabs her behind the head and skull fucks her, causing Blanche to spit up all over his dick. Blanche gets into a standing doggy position; holding on to the leather ropes as Rocco jams his cock up her pussy from behind, quickly moving into a standing cowgirl fuck as Rocco grabs hold of Blanche’s big ass.

The couple leaves the lake area and goes indoors where we see Samia caught up in a red spider’s web made of leather ropes. Blanche opens Samia’s ass cheeks, taking a huge sniff and eventually sticking her tongue there.  Rocco is still hard and soon starts rubbing his dick between Samia’s ass cheeks and her fishnet stockings while forcing Blanche’s face up his ass. He fucks Samia standing doggy style, then pushes her over on her knees and continues the doggy fuck punishment. Blanche is soon sucking Rocco’s dick right out of Samia’s pussy and sucking Samia’s fingers right out of her ass.  Samia’s anal punishment continues as she tangles herself up in the leather spider’s web. Blanche is licking everything ass now, running her tongue from Samia’s ass straight up to Rocco’s.

Samia sits on Rocco’s face in a 69 position and gets tongue fucked while slobbering all over Rocco’s knob. With Rocco and Samia still in a 69 position, Blanche lays on top of Samia with her pussy in Rocco’s face. Rocco’s tongue is wagging from Samia’s pussy and ass to Blanche’s.  The girls move over to the couch for some girl on girl action of their own. Blanche is the submissive one now, bending over and letting Samia have her way with her ass. Rocco soon appears doggy fucking Samia who’s on her knees with her face buried in Blanche’s ass.  Rocco ass fucks Blanche now in standing doggy with Samia’s face underneath licking his balls and Blanche’s pussy. Blanche gets into a reverse cowgirl anal fuck with Samia on the receiving end of an ATM before she moves into a cowgirl ass fuck herself.

Rocco pulls out and shoots cum in both girls’ mouths. They both choke on Rocco’s dick as they suck up the remaining sperm.

 Scene 2: Marica Hase, Leyla Black and Omar Galanti


Marica Hase and Leyla Black are outside doing a photo shoot with Rocco but Marcia is freezing cold. There’s snow on the ground. Omar walks up to ask why he was kicked out of the magician’s show. He vows to prove that he still has it and he decides to make Marica believe she’s somewhere in the Caribbean on a warm summer day. He stuffs snow up her panties and all over her tits, but it doesn’t work. Marica is freezing. Rocco rushes her inside where Leyla decides to warm her up.

Leyla sucks Marica’s tits and moves in to her pussy when Omar knocks on the window. He joins the girls in a kissing frenzy and soon starts fingering Marica’s pussy and licking Leyla’s ass. Marica foot fucks his dick while Leyla sucks on the head, but Marica moves in for the kill, taking over the cock and deep throating it, spitting up while she swallows his cock. Omar is standing now, skull fucking Marica and Leyla, moving from mouth to mouth and grabbing their hair into tight balls behind their heads.  The girls get into a spitting fest, spitting in each other’s mouths after gagging on Omar’s prick.

Omar starts finger fucking Leyla as she squats and squirts all over Marica’s face. Before Marica can barely take a breath from the deluge, Omar stuffs her mouth with cock, making her gag and grasp for air. Leyla is the first to get fucked missionary style, lying back on the couch and Marica is on the receiving end of an ongoing ATM out of Leyla’s ass.  Omar slams Marica on her side and fucks her ass while slapping her tits. Leyla licks up Marica’s ass juices off of Omar’s dick as Omar makes Marica squirt like crazy all over the couch.  He fucks her missionary style up the ass while covering her nose and mouth with his hands, making her submit.

The girls go back to sharing Omar’s prick, deep throating it. Omar makes them lick his toes and all over his body before bringing their heads together again on his dick making them lick up and down his shaft.  Marica buries her tongue up Omar’s ass while Leyla deep throats.  The threesome move back over to the couch where Leyla takes prick up the ass cowgirl and reverse cowgirl style. Marica sits on Omar’s face as Leyla screams out in pleasure.

After making the girls lick his ass again, Omar pins Marica to the floor on her stomach and fucks her up the ass, burying his cock down her hole until he’s ready to cum. He stands quickly and cums all in Marica’s mouth and all over her face. Leyla moves in to lick up the sloppy remains.


Scene 3: Daisy Hot, Rocco Siffredi and Kid Jamaica


Daisy drives up in her ATV to meet Rocco and Kid Jamaica at an indoor rock wall. Rocco gets her outfitted and harnessed so she can climb up the wall. She has on tight pink short shorts. As she makes her way up the wall, Rocco grabs hold of her ass and pushes his face between her cheeks. Kid Jamaica rushes over to join in on the fun and starts teaching Daisy how to dance. He soon finds himself on the mat with Daisy squatting all over his face. Rocco and Kid talk about fucking her.

Daisy tells Kid that he has a nice body. She pours a glass of champagne down his chest and walks him over to the couch. Rocco joins them and immediately rips off her black panties, leaving just the opening to her pussy and ass in her fishnet bodysuit.  Kid and Rocco take turns licking and sucking her pussy and ass hole. Eventually Kid ravishes between her cheeks while Rocco works on her tits. Daisy soon takes Rocco’s cock out of his pants, grabbing his balls as Kid’s face is still buried in her ass.

Rocco flips her over to her knees so he can finger fuck her while she sucks on Kids dick.  Not wanting to be left out, Rocco moves in giving Daisy access to two cocks at one time, holding a cock in each hand, jerking the shafts up and down. She gets on her knees with the guys standing on each side of her allowing her to go from cock to cock, gagging and gasping on each one. She eventually shoves both cocks in her mouth at the same time, making the heads disappear.

Rocco is the first to pluck her pussy, laying her on her back on the couch and fucking her missionary style with Kid Jamaica sitting on her face, making her lick his ass. Kid is tea bagging her as Rocco fucks her harder and harder over the couch, pulling out to lick her pussy. Kid is pulling her hair and Rocco is slapping her ass as she gets fucked.  The guys change position now with Rocco force feeding Daisy his cock and Kid holding her ass in place so he can fuck her thoroughly. She gets into riding mode, bouncing up and down on Rocco’s cock cowgirl style. Kid begs to fuck her and lifts her off of Rocco’s prick, eats her pussy and then slams her doggy style as she chomps on Rocco’s meat.

Rocco lays her on her side on the arm of the couch and penetrates her ass. She wants it slowly and Rocco obliges.  She’s got Kid’s dick in her mouth at the same time as Rocco massages her ass hole with his dick. Kid props her up over a stool and screws her standing doggy style while Rocco slaps her.  Rocco and Daisy move into a 69 position on the floor with Rocco’s legs up on the couch. Daisy jerks and sucks his dick until he blows his load down her throat. Kid rushes over and finishes the cum shower, cumming in her mouth and on her cheeks. The guys make her suck the last dripping drops off of each of their cocks.


Scene 4: Chelsey Lanette, Samantha Bentley and Yanick Shaft


Chelsey Lanette is a bodyguard dressed in uniform checking the grounds outside while Samantha Bentley is busy stripping and showing off her tits to Rocco.  Samantha complains that her husband is trying to control her by having this bodyguard follow her around, watching her every move. Samantha decides to have some fun with this and pretends as if a huge dildo is trying to kill her. This gets Chelsey’s attention, and she rushes in to save the day. Samantha starts playing with the dildo and playing with Chelsey, straddling her and spitting in her eyes. Samantha soon forces Chelsey to eat her pussy as part of her punishment for spying on her.

Samantha returns the favor, fingering Chelsey’s pussy, licking her clit and then forcing that dildo between Chelsey’s cunt. Samantha forces Chelsey on to all fours on the couch so she can bury her face up Chelsey’s ass cheeks. Just then, Yanick Shaft (formerly Ian Scott), who is Samantha’s husband, shows up, grabbing Chelsey by the ass and questioning her about how she is mistreating his wife.

Yanick wastes no time hard spanking his wife, spitting on her and then shoving her face back between Chelsey’s ass cheeks. He wets Samantha’s ass crack with his tongue, devouring her pussy and ass hole. Yanick whips out his hard cock and Samantha makes short work of it, getting it wet and ready, especially after Yanick smacks her in the back of her head a few times with his cock still in her mouth.

Chelsey is the first one to take dick; she is taking it standing doggy style. Yanick has her pressed up against a partition and fucks her pussy while Samantha sits underneath playing with her own pussy and being the recipient of pussy-to-mouth action. Yanick pulls his dick out of Chelsey’s pussy and repositions it in her ass, fucks it and then makes Chelsey suck her own ass juice off of it. The two girls eventually share in the oral treat, one sucking Yanick’s cock and the other licking his balls.

Yanick lies on his back, allowing Chelsey to straddle him reverse cowgirl style so he can continue the ass fucking. Chelsey is riding all the way up and down, taking all of Yanick’s meat. Samantha is the ongoing ATM receiver, sopping up any liquids off of Yanick’s prick. Chelsey continues her ass pummeling, taking it up the A-hole cowgirl style now.  Samantha continues her cock cleaning right out of Chelsey’s butt but gets butt-fucked herself in standing doggy position. She’s left holding on to the partition as Yanick drills her.

Chelsey assumes the role of ATM recipient now just before Samantha transitions to a reverse cowgirl fuck up the ass, straddling Yanick and getting her tits slapped silly.  It’s Chelsey’s turn now. She assumes the position, getting onto all fours on the floor, propping her ass high up in the air and letting Yanick split it open with this prick. Samantha is back in ATM position, sucking the dick every time it leaves Chelsey’s ass but she decides to take one more round of anal punishment, getting on all fours herself and hosting Yanick’s dick in her ass. Yanick pulls out and jacks off while the girls play in each other’s asses.

Yanick shoots his cum directly into Samantha’s mouth and she is quick to dribble it, tongue to tongue, into Samantha’s hungry mouth.  With cum dripping out of their mouths, the girls go back to Yanick’s dick, stripping it of any remaining sperm before throwing spit balls at each other.

Final Thoughts:

Fans of Rocco Siffredi know that when he starts a new porn line, it’s often harder and rougher than the lines before, and Rocco’s Perfect Slaves does not disappoint. You want rough sex? You’ve got it! You want beautiful, exotic girls with no boundaries? You’ve got it! You want every ass fucked? You’ve got it! I highly recommend Rocco’s Perfect Slaves as it explores a multitude of ways these European bombshells can express their submissive sexual fantasies in steamy threesomes and foursomes. Marica Hase heats up the screen the most in scene two as she is fully dominated by Omar in ways that will have you scratching your head and jacking your dick.  Get a hold of Rocco’s Perfect Slaves. It’s the first episode in what is sure to be one of Siffredi’s most popular rough sex series.


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