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Perfect Secretary 3: The New Recruit

  • Release date:
    April 18, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 57m
  • Cast:
    Riley Reid|Chanel Preston|Dana DeArmond|Prince Yahshua|Katie St. Ives|Dahlia Sky|Michael Vegas|Jessy Jones|Staci Silverstone|Cameron Canada|Veronica Hart|Jane Hamilton|Alice Frost|Danny Wylde|Blue Bailey|Chad Diamond|Chad Alva|Richie Calhoun|Holly Taylor|Max Spanktum

Genre: Feature, 2 disc set

Director/Writer: Nick Orleans

Cast: Riley Reid, Chanel Preston, Dana Dearmond, Staci Silverstone, Katie St. Ives, Bailey Blue, Holly Taylor, Cameron Canada, Michael Vegas, Richie Calhoun, Jessy Jones, Prince Yahshua, Chad Alva. Non-sex roles: Alice Frost, Jane Hamilton, Danny Wylde, Chad Diamond, Max Spanktum

Length: 176 minutes (disc one), 187 minutes (bonus disc)

Extras: All of the extra bonus footage are on a separate disc that covers three hours. Many of these segments are very enjoyable and worthwhile pieces of pleasurable joy. There is a Behind the Scenes segment. Several extended fetish scenes are included. Fetish fans should check this must-see section out since the feature film did not provide extensive fetish moments. It really is a fetish fan's delight. The director's guide of fetish outfits is educational. The insightful interviews of the performers were fun to listen to. Riley Reid, Chanel Preston, Katie St. Ives, Holly Taylor, and Bailey Blue were interviewed. The outtakes segment was also fun too. A bonus sex scene from The Perfect Secretary is provided. It stars Haley Paige, Michelle B., Tommy Gunn, Reno, and Sir Nik. A nice looking photo gallery, several trailers, and web information round out this most likely award nominated DVD extras section.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: The Perfect Secretary 3: New Recruit is based on the novel by Nick Orleans titled "Perfect Secretary: New Recruit." It is directed by Nick Orleans and distributed by Adam & Eve. This installment is the third episode to this highly successful series. Riley Reid is the leading lady in this one. Haley Paige was the star in the first The Perfect Secretary. Kayden Kross was the star in The Perfect Secretary 2. Having seen all three films, I can say that the bondage elements during the sex scenes are not extreme. They are mild in nature. It's Mr. Orleans' use and blend of an erotic fetish atmosphere that leads to the subtle tone of the bondage moments. He does not want to overshadow it with any unnecessary roughness.

Scene One: While Riley Reid is looking at a video message on her desktop computer from the Baukriver Institute, several sexual action takes place on her screen. We have two long-haired blonde bespectacled fetish assistants pampering a cock with their hands and mouths. Bailey Blue is sucking on it with solid effort as her partner Holly Taylor is holding the meaty plaything for her. Meanwhile, Riley, yes Riley is being fondled by Katie St. Ives in the video while a confused Riley is watching herself on the screen. Later, Katie feels Bailey's body a bit before Katie and Riley begin their girl on girl makeout session. After some titty sucking action by Riley, she starts to finger her pussy with much drive as she watches the duo work over Jessy Jones' manhood. Then, we see some good butt shots of Katie's ass before she eats Riley's pussy. I really enjoy the teamwork of Bailey and Holly as Bailey is the main cocksucker. Later on, the tight close-up shots of Bailey's hand job and Riley's own pussy pleasuring actions are totally hot. Bailey eventually sucks him off and makes him cum inside of her mouth. She shares the man's semen with her partner Holly. The cum swap between the ladies is pretty hot too.

Scene Two: Holly Taylor and Bailey Blue are tribbing one another on the dining room table as Riley Reid and Michael Vegas enter the room. Moments later, the two sexually active women are on their hands and knees. Michael pulls down Holly's fishnet leggings in order to place some berries on her bare butt. The guy does the same routine to Bailey. Then, Riley eats the fruit and tastes their well-flavored snatches. It is quite apparent that she really digs into their tasty playthings with solid horniness. Her oral actions will make your mouth water. Afterwards, everyone leaves the room except for Michael and Riley. The woman is laying on her back on the table as the man eats her puffy pussy. Moments later, he removes her stockings and sticks them in her mouth. However, they are only wrapped around her mouth momentarily while Michael sucks on her titties. A more focused pussy suck by him follows. His persistent effort really makes Riley squirm and moan. At times, I felt as if his oral actions made her pussy feel ticklish. A missionary screw occurs next as Michael is standing while Riley continues to lay on the table. His energy level picks up the pace as their screwing session rolled along. I enjoyed watching her bounce on his pecker as Michael held her up around his waist. A nice looking doggie screw followed with Riley bent over the table. Later, we finally see this cutie suck cock. Unfortunately, it wasn't for long. However, the following cockride did place her in a very appealing position. Afterwards, she receives his load on her pretty mouth.

Scene Three: Katie St. Ives, Cameron Canada, and Staci Silverstone are in doggie position just when Dana Dearmond enters the room. The woman feels their asses. I like how she caresses, squeezes, and spanks them. She really knows how to enhance the enjoyment level of bootie play. The three ladies moan pretty nicely and breathe heavily. The scene finally becomes quite a turn-on when Dana eats some snatch. Some butt on butt rubbing action occurs before Richie Calhoun enters the room. He starts to fondle and taste their assets while Dana is on a separate table pleasuring herself. Moments later, the man places his attention on Dana as he uncovers her ass. Then, while she is on her back, Richie sucks her tits. Next, the pair kiss a bit before she sucks his dick with much infatuation. A fuck from behind on Dana occurs while the other three ladies watch on as they pleasure themselves. In the meantime, Dana and Richie's sexual session becomes more pleasurable during the mish moments where the pace picks up some steam. An anal doggie screw gives the scene a more intense tone to it. In the end, Richie pulls out of her and cums on her butt.

Scene Four: Frisky and horny angel Chanel Preston and Prince Yahshua makeout in the dungeon. He sucks on her titties briefly before setting her on a chair so that he can get to her tasty pussy more effortlessly. He provides some nice leg fetish play along her sexy stockinged legs too. More kissing activity follows right before Prince sucks her hot tits again. The tone of this scene feels a bit personal. At least, when you compare it to the previous scenes. Later, the woman has a good hold of his dick as both performers do a good job in pleauring one another's sexual playthings. Chanel's cocksuck looks determined and well delivered. Once again, her rhythm shows off a personal affection and admiration towards the man. Their performance intensifies when Prince shoves her mouth deep into his dick as well as when they kiss more heatedly. Afterwards, the guy rips her stockings in order to apply a heated pussy rub with his strong fingers. His rapid rub-a-dub makes her cum. Some leg worship by Prince occurs while Chanel rubs her pussy while on the stirrups. Then, the man mishes the woman and fucks her pretty solidly. His thrusting motion gets Chanel off. I wished that the pussy eating action lasted longer. A heated doggie finishes their performance and he ends up cumming in her receptive mouth.

Scene Five: Katie St. Ives has a standing Chad Alva tied at the bed. She whips his butt with a riding crop and whip. Then, the woman stands in front of him in order for her fella to eat her pussy. The woman turns around later so that he can eat her snatch. Later, the guy is tied to the bed while laying on his back. Katie gets on top of him to fuck him. The tone of their performance feels personal at times. I really like the body language that Katie uses on him as more of her kinky behavior is shown. She bounces on his cock for a while before her man is untied. Her butt looks very cute in the cowgirl position. Afterwards, the screwing action picks up the pace as soon as Chad is able to put leverage on his partner during the doggie fuck. Then, Katie lays on her back and Chad cums on her body.

Scene Six: After a ceremony, Riley Reid and Michael Vegas make love in a separate room while the three female voyeurs Katie St. Ives, Cameron Canada, and Staci Silverstone look on. Some good pussy eating action by the man is shown. While the women are acting all touchy feely, Riley has taken out her man's dick. She sucks on his entire sexual package with solid horniness. Riley uses both of her hands well. I enjoyed watching her suck his balls. Her cock suck produces streams of saliva. The lady also does a nice job in providing nice eye contact with her fella. She continues to apply lots of saliva on his dick. A doggie fuck follows. At this point, the three ladies join them beside them. Cameron is on top of a table while Staci eats her out. Katie is busy focusing on fondling Staci's ass. As the scene progresses, Michael's fucking rhythm picks up the pace. Some hot ass shots of Staci and Katie are shown. Riley gets mished by the man as Staci fingers her friend's pussy and Katie pleasures herself. Later, we see Cameron pleasuring Katie beside the couple. Finally, Michael's good screwing session ends when he cums on his lady.

Final Thoughts: This film is a good creative one. This series is ending on a nice note especially with Riley Reid as it's leading lady. However, the major strength of this movie is it's supporting cast. Even though Ms. Reid is very appealing, the fetish assistants trio of Katie St. Ives, Holly Taylor, and Bailey Blue sizzle. These ladies ooze sex appeal. Moreover, Chanel Preston's first interracial sex scene was utilized well for this film. I liked that her first one was a pretty personal and somewhat romantic performance. Dana Dearmond's anal sex scene showed some effective intensity. Even though the screenplay was confusing, the fetish atmosphere, wardrobe, and behavior provided an enjoyable piece of eye candy among the ladies that the viewers especially fetish fans can get off on. I recommend this film. It's important to check out the extended fetish scenes on the second disc. It's a must for fetish lovers.


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