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Submission of Emma Marx, The

  • Release date:
    February 11, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 56m
  • Cast:
    Jacky Joy|Eddie Powell|Riley Reid|Penny Pax


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The Submission of Emma Marx

New Sensations(Erotic Stories Collection)

Genre: Feature

Directors: Eddie Powell and Jacky St. James

Cast: Riley Reid, Van Wylde, Penny Pax, Ritchie Calhoun
Non-sex roles: Jacky St. James, Lilian

Length: 116:34 minutes

Date of Production: 2012


Extras: The main extra was the 8:05 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. The cast and crew goofed around, Ritchie Calhoun getting a lot of screen time. There were trailers, a photogallery, a sexual positions menu, and some spam; a true double sided DVD cover included as well.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Submission of Emma Marx was presented in the anamorphic widescreen it was shot by directors Eddie Powell and Jacky St. James for New Sensations under their Erotic Stories Collection. Unlike the plethora of gonzo titles out there or wall to wall vignette outings, the whole point of this series is to generate some real chemistry between the performers, the virtual impossibility of doing so when given a few minutes between formulaic scenes as in most features one of the selling points for this new series. I’ll admit that I watch porn wanting to see a lot of sex and this is geared more for those not as jaded as I am but in fairness, I found the technical aspects to be handled as well as any of the bigger budget releases of late, the resulting feature offering a lot more coherence on the entire production (sexual and feature aspects). The lighting was solid and the editing appeared to be quite good, the fleshtones and pacing all contributing to a fun little fuck flick that I suspect will work wonders for couples exploring the thematic elements of BDSM than some of the over the top productions devoted to hardcore sex over the feature portions. The aural elements were nicely handled too, crediting “Paul Van Dik” for “sound” and Freddy Fingers joining Nathan Hall working the boom mics, Gabrielle Anex handling the mixing of the sound much like she handles the editing of the visual portions of the show. The music was really good here, no specific credits listed, but it helped me enjoy the movie that much more on replay. There was a company watermark on the lower right hand corner of the movie throughout the show but it was rarely distracting to me, the strength of the material included helping with that.


Body of Review: Eddie Powell and Jacky St. James have become proven talents due to their work at places such as New Sensations, one need only look at all the major award groups piling on the nominations and awards to see others agreeing with me. As they become increasingly popular with my fellow reviewers, I get to see fewer of their titles but I pulled rank to check out recently released The Submission of Emma Marxwhen it came in a few days ago. The movie is the first in yet another new line from the company, this time providing a home for some of the darker and edgier works swirling around in the creative minds of the talents duo. That the show starred increasingly popular Penny Pax in a great role as a woman exploring her need to submit to a male’s authority, in this case played by Ritchie Calhoun, added something as well given Penny’s stronger gonzo background in her 19 credited scenes to date. Riley Reid also had a smaller role in a scene with Van Wylde but this was Penny’s showcase feature to hopefully start the ball rolling for a great deal more (now that she has proven she can handle this kind of role). The back cover described the movie like this: “By all accounts, Emma Marx is a beautiful, confident, well-adjusted woman. Unfortunately when it comes to love and romance, she has found all of her previous relationships to be a bit routine and mundane. Suddenly, that is all changed by a chance encounter with a handsome and mysterious man. He introduces her to a world she had only dared to fantasize of -- a world of erotic sex, role-play and BDSM. She questions how a man can so easily strip away her inhibitions and replace them with lust and desire. How is it that he has such control over her? Why does she like it so much? Her journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening, however, may come with a price. What happens when the greatest love you've ever known forces you to face your greatest obstacle -- yourself?”

The company press release spoke of the movie like this: “On February 11th, New Sensations will release the sexy first installment in their new 'Erotic Stories Series', The Submission of Emma Marx. With the success of previous lines, 'The Romance Series', 'The Swingers Series', and 'The Couples Series', the studio knew there was a home for fans of darker, more edgy material. The film is the creation of the critically acclaimed, award-winning team, Eddie Powell and Jacky St. James and a cast of some of the industry's finest talent including Penny Pax, Richie Calhoun, Van Wylde, and XBIZ's 2013 New Starlet of the Year, Riley Reid. The Submission of Emma Marx centers around a woman named, Emma (Penny Pax) who is unable to embrace modern-day romantic ideals. Feeling more and more like an outsider as she watches her sister, Nadia (Riley Reid) get swept up into a whirlwind of wedding plans, Emma fears she is emotionally and sexually abnormal. That is, until a chance encounter with a wealthy older man opens her up to a world she never dreamt possible. The two enter into a contractual BDSM relationship that gives her the opportunity to explore the freedom and surrender that comes with the mental and physical aspects of the lifestyle. The Submission of Emma Marx introduces the couples' genre to a different kind of love story that will challenge the idea of normalcy. This latest feature will present more risqué sexual encounters within connected relationships. "What really excites me about this film is that it presents anal sex and BDSM in a tasteful, connected, and romantic way. Often times fans of the couples' genre have voiced concerns over harder core sex, because of the intimidation factor, but our goal was to depict more 'kinky' activities in a safe and positive light. Audiences looking for sex between couples that is both exciting and experimental are going to really enjoy this film," says Jacky St. James. Lead actress for the film, Penny Pax says, "This story is about discovering one's true colors and will show people that love can be found in all different kinds of relationships. I am so proud of this film because of that!" The Submission of Emma Marx will appeal to any couple or individual that enjoy plot-driven films with darker themes.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Riley Reid, a very cute newcomer with great looks and pretty eyes, a firm young body wanting to engage in sexual activities with Van Wylde starting off the flick as a means of setting a base line sexuality. Riley was playful and alluring, her top coming off as Van romanced her in a large bed full of rose pedals. Their eye contact sold it for me better though, Riley not hesitating to slob his knob caringly with ample tongue action and hand to gland friction, the pair shown as young lovers about to be married. There was a lot of kissing throughout the scene and he gobbled her gash deliberately too, providing her the oral pleasures desired as her erect nipples broadcast her appreciation. Riley’s shaven snatch then lowered itself on his pecker as she aggressively rode him vaginally, the multitude of penetrative positions allowing them plenty of satisfaction though she seemed more into it than he was, the resulting nut of genetic juice tossed onto her crotch fairly quickly. To me, and I might be projecting here, the couple had a shallow sense of connection that the following dialogue reinforced.


Scene Two: Penny Pax, the blond newcomer featured on the front cover, was up first as she tried to come to terms with her sexual needs, her initial disgust with domineering Ritchie Calhoun over his interview comments giving way to what she really wanted (or needed). There was a slight teasing masturbation sequence or two but her frustrations paid off with dinner, Ritchie providing her with a contract that would allow her the freedom from convention she sought. As she walked out, she stopped when bidden to do so, the couple kissing until she continued serving his will to get undressed. The tension elevated substantially, Penny touching herself before she became the main course on the dinner table, Ritchie eating her shaven snatch out. From there she undressed him, rubbing his package to start the chubby growing and kneeling down to actively blow him to a fully erect state. They fucked vaginally in several positions and did some foot fetish work, Penny kneeling back down to swallow his round of population pudding.


Scene Three: Penny Pax, dressed in dark clothing, was up next as she finally built up enough confidence to broach her greatest fear, submitting herself to Ritchie Calhoun to become his anal fuck toy. He bent her over the desk and orally warmed her up, her perfect pucker rimmed and tongued as she moaned softly and tried to get a foothold with her hands on the shiny table. Ritchie worked her asshole slowly at first, holding her arms behind her back as he built up some speed. Penny focused on the pleasure portion of the pain though it was without a lot of verbal communication, her submission just that, her agreement to do what he had wanted all along. The rhythm of the anal penetration grew faster as she learned to accommodate his pecker pounding her pucker, Penny pushing back in the doggy to receive him ever deeper. The couple then explored other positions where Penny could ride more actively, the straddling cowgirl in his lap beside the desk seemingly most satisfying for both though it ended in doggy where he tossed off a round of ball batter all over her ripe rump.


Scene Four: Penny Pax, having been broken in many ways, was finally ready to accept that she was both stronger and more vulnerable than she thought previously, all her devotion to Ritchie Calhoun rewarded when he picked her up off the floor to tie to the bed spread eagled and blindfolded. There, he played with her senses a little bit, using an ice cube and some hot wax on all the appropriate body parts with some light kissing and fingering leading to him going down on her, Penny’s ragged respiration rate showing her trying to cope with her desires. He fucked her in a few positions as she orgasmed, turning her around for some doggy (head down and ass in the air) as he thumbed her ass during the porking of her pussy. The scene then abruptly ended when he dosed her with spunk, tossing off the splooge all over her torso before he fell asleep next to her in bed.

Summary: The Submission of Emma Marx by director Eddie Powell and Jacky St. James for New Sensations was different in a number of ways from the majority of porn gathering dust in collections all over the world. First off, the amount of actual sex taking place was modest, almost to the point of some of Candida Royalle’s older works, but the devotion to building up a degree of suspense and chemistry was superior to most of the cheesy features I have seen over the years. This was enhanced by Penny and Ritchie showing so much talent in their roles, the casting of these two nothing short of inspirational in making the feature elements work so well. Of importance too was the willingness to leave the viewer wanting more, letting the movie tempt and open up some discussion but not overwhelm the senses to the point of walking away numb; the kind of thing that gave the movie some replay value beyond rubbing a quick one out. I would have liked to see a bit more development at the opening where the two leads met and perhaps something along the way to strengthen the bonds forged but with great technical aspects and all the rest going for it, I found this to be a movie easy to suggest as Highly Recommended or better. In short, The Submission of Emma Marx was a fine change of pace for even a jaded old porn hound like me so I suspect those not as thoroughly immersed in all things porn will appreciate it all the more, my nod again going to Jacky and Eddie for a job well done, leads Penny Pax and Ritchie Calhoun setting the bar mighty high this early in the season for others to shoot for.


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