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Crowd Control 2

  • Release date:
    April 24, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 42m
  • Cast:
    Claire Robbins|Tim Von Swine|Jada Stevens|Jennifer White|Penny Pax


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Mike John’s Crowd Control 2

Jules Jordan Video/Mike John Productions

Genre: Gangbangs, Interracial, POV

Director: Tim Von Swine

Cast: Claire Robbins, Mark Zane, Hooks, D. Snoop, Tim Von Swine, Jennifer White, Ike Diezel, Jada Stevens, Sean Michaels, Tee Reel, Penny Pax

Length: 162:30 minutes

Date of Production: 3/23/2013


Extras: There was a group of six trailers, a popshot recap, a photogallery, websites, a cast list too, and a great BTS lasting 34:17 minutes. The BTS was mostly a series of sex scenes mixed in with the attendant photoshoots, Tim and cast adding comments along the way (definitely adding some fun) including some background material during the photoshoots and additional sex material provided. If you listen to what Tim says, you will find some hilarious commentary, the man clearly shown as the top dog of the pack.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Mike John’s Crowd Control 2 was presented in an appealingly clear 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Tim Von Swine for Jules Jordan Video. The lighting was consistently solid and the grain limited, the visual aspects of the production as finely tuned as any of Tim’s recent works. During some of the group scenes, another camera might have helped catch more of the footage to be edited into the production and enhance it but overall it was a nicely shot fuck flick. The aural components of the show were pretty basic overall though, the vocals heard in each case but little else to speak of setting it apart from the wide variety of gonzo outings available for your purchase. The music was minimal (during the credits) and there was no apparent boom mike used, the minimalist approach helping to cover the basics well enough, just don’t expect anything amazing when it comes to the sound of hotties chugging hog sauce.


Body of Review: Tim Von Swine is an infamous director of smut at Jules Jordan Video (under the Mike John label). His latest movie comes out later this week and is called Mike John’s Crowd Control 2, the series providing gangbangs and anal action while using diverse cast members. For me, the inclusion of Jada Stevens and Claire Robbins was the main draw but Penny Pax and Jennifer White added some spice too. There were only four scenes this time but they were lengthy and showed the ladies willing to push their respective limits, the end result proving to be strokable smut for fans of multiple partners and interracial action. Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that obviously no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Claire Robbins, the attractive young lady with the perfectly fleshy ass seen on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up first with Mark Zane, Hooks, and D. Snoop. It began with Claire’s ass in the air out by the pool on a sunny day, her silver booty shorts wrapping around her labia and ass perfectly well as she talked to the director. She peeled the shorts down to reveal her perfect pucker, the otherwise lean gal possessing an ass many men would love to tap. The guys joined her and inspected the goods briefly, gobbling her gash and otherwise massaging her private parts before they all went into the small living room. Claire dropped down to slob their knobs, using her hands and mouth in unison to warm the men up with Hooks giving her the biggest rod of the scene. The men then started pounding her pussy as she blew another, the vaginal sex soon including anal as the men got ambitious. By one point they were giving her a DP and even making her air tight, Claire actively riding them and throating their peckers though little chemistry was observed. She taste tested them repeatedly and the men eventually took her one at a time, fucking her until popping nuts of genetic juice into her mouth for swallowing, Hooks coming up with a few more wigglers just before the scene cut away.


Scene Two: Jennifer White, the alluring brunette with the lean body seen on the upper right hand corner of the cover, was then up with Ike Diezel, Mark Zane, and D. Snoop. Jennifer had a shaven snatch like her peers here, the fetching young lady sporting pale white skin as she showed off in the living room, her purple and black lingerie enhancing her yummy body. She was very positive and wanting to enjoy the men, the guys pouncing on her after she bent over to show off a rather nice ass. They pawed her and a quick edit showed her on her knees blowing them, jerking two off while inhaling the other in time, Mark giving her some head before fucking her pussy. Her tits bounced around as the men took turns drilling her, Jennifer taking all of them either orally or vaginally until she upgraded to anal, the lady showing a propensity for ass pounding as she rode the first of them in cowgirl. The three initial mopes were not particularly inspiring but she made the best of the situation, easily throating them and taking them in all three of her sexual holes with no double penetrations even as she took a realistic creampie in pussy and ass after two swallowed mouth pops of population pudding.


Scene Three: Jada Stevens, the ever popular booty queen located on the lower left hand corner of the front cover, was up next with Sean Michaels, Tee Reel, and D. Snoop, the upgrade in moper personnel showing in the performance. At this writing, Jada was the biggest name of the female cast, her healthy ass made famous by another company. Her tease as Tim talked to her was fine, the emphasis on ass shaking a wise choice indeed. She sat on a wooden bar stool in her sheer black bikini undies, moving inside to greet the men as they poured all over her. Sean kissed her and savored her boob, all of them drawn to her sweet ass as she knelt on all fours to drain their dragons of spunk. She blew them and aggressively rode them vaginally before opening her ass to all comers, the guys surrounding her to take turns as she allowed them, Jada giving the most sexually charged performance of the cast by a significant margin. She maintained eye contact and never let up on them, using her spit as lubricant as she went air tight with the emphasis on DP footage taking place towards the end of the scene. She followed the standard course by letting them take turns at the end, fucking her until each deposited a wad of splooge on her face and to be swallowed, the “loser” semen pointed out on her face.


Scene Four: Penny Pax, the flexible and perky newcomer of the pack as seen on the upper left corner and middle of the front cover, then finished the show off by taking care of Ike Diezel, Mark Zane, and D. Snoop. Penny was built for speed over comfort but she had a pleasing face, the gal beginning her tease by lounging on the couch as she eyed a large glass anal plug while talking with Tim. She lifted her colorful dress and was soon expanding her ass with the toy, this drawing in the mope squad to suck her tits and finger her snatch as their erections poked her. This led to the edit showing her on her knees taking turns on them, giving some fine head as her boobs swayed back and forth and she continued to look at the director. Penny knew the impact she was having on the guys and they showed their appreciation the old fashioned way, fucking her boobs before her pussy and ass, the toy left in initially before moper cock was porking her perfect pucker and pussy at the same time. Penny did a good job with the air tight portion of the scene too, moaning loudly as they stuffed her completely, ending it with three facials where she swallowed most of the genetic juice down.

Summary: Mike John’s Crowd Control 2 by director Tim Von Swine for Jules Jordan Video was another decent effort by the director, the strokability, replay value, and quality of the action again adding up to a rating of Recommended or better. Jada Stevens was the fuck bunny of the moment but Penny Pax provided a surprisingly strong scene and Claire Robbins showed that gals with added flesh can get the job done too, Jennifer White taking anal creampies with flair. In short then, Mike John’s Crowd Control 2 was again full of the fun factor that makes the series so appreciated, Tim Von Swine’s ability to showcase sexually skilled hotties in a fuck flick a testament to his ability to enhance the performances of his already solid casting so give it a look if you enjoy interracial anal action.


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