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Inside My Panties

  • Release date:
    September 5, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 49m
  • Cast:
    Paul Arbiter

Inside My Panties


Genre: Vignette

Director: Paul Arbiter

Cast: Eden, James, Baily, Angel Long, Tony, Steve, Angel Long, Alisha, Kat, Jamie

Length: 130.5 minutes

Date of Production: 5/30/03 (box), 6/26/03 (credits)

Extra's: 20.5 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage, slide show, trailers

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color but it looked like this was done by cropping the picture, not by being shot that way. The picture was slightly soft on the focus and had too much grain with a faded look to it but overall, it was okay to watch. The audio was in stereo English with no noticeable separation between the channels. The vocals seemed hollow with a bit of dubbing but again, it wasn't terrible.

Body of Review: Hustler's latest series involves a fetish for lady's underwear. The first volume, Inside My Panties, shows a lot of footage with gals wearing, and then taking off, their panties. There was some lesbian action going on but more of the sex was heterosexual. If you like seeing plenty of action involving panties, here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Eden, an extremely lean gal that looked a lot like a young Christina Aguilera, and James, had a scene on a bed after she caught him sniffing around her panty draw. She didn't mind his panty fetish as long as the panties were on her. The two had some fun with oral and straight only.

Scene Two: Eden and Baily, both very young looking and lean gals, had a lesbian scene together after trying on a bunch of panties. Lots and lots of oral stimulation here while the two got busy on a couch. No toys were used here, just tongues and fingers, so those who hate toys will be happy.

Scene Three: Angel, the tall blonde from England, Tony and Steve, all had a scene together that included anal and a DP. I thought it was a solid scene although not her best work to date.

Scene Four: Alisha, another cute blonde, and James, had a scene on a couch. The scene started off slowly and built up to a pretty good screw (pussy only). Not a bad scene but not the best here either.

Scene Five: Kat, a brunette, and Eden, joined forces to have James on a bed. There was some more of that chemistry displayed in the first scene. Warm!

Scene Six: Jamie, the slightly chunky blonde that's made a lot of videos recently, Steve and Tony, all had a scene on a couch after having her model some panties for them. There was a lot of playful oral before the straight and anal sex. It ended with a DP and them dropping their loads on her panty-filled mouth. Warm!

Summary: The technical aspects of this one could've used some polishing but it was worth a rating of Recommended for the youthful gals, the panty action, and the variety of the scenes. The technical issues need to be addressed for higher ratings in future volumes but a lot of people like the whole panty fetish so I have faith they'll be able to improve.