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  • Release date:
    May 17, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 58m
  • Cast:
    Paige Turnah|Samantha Bentley|Zafira|Cindy Hope|Sophie Lynx|Sabrina Taylor|Cipriana Schroeder|Adriana Rouso|Nicole Smith

Genre Girl/Girl

Director Viv Thomas

Duration 118 minutes

Cast Zafira, Sophie Links, Nicole Smith, Cipriana, Paige Turnah, Sabina Taylor, Adriana Russo, Samantha Bentley, Cindy Hope.

Date of Production

Condoms None

Audio / Video Filmed in HDV. Recorded in Dolby Digital.  Presented in 16:9 aspect ratio; music and dialogue were full and clear.

Extras Just trailers...

Preview The Viv Thomas / Girlfriends Films partnership is a godsend to fans of lesbian erotica.  V.T.'s consistently high production values, from the shots in each scene, to the music, and most notably, the stellar casting of the most beautiful girl-friendly starlets in Europe, have made each successive title a sensual joy to behold.  I'm looking forward to some beautiful Euro-babes and some sensuous licking with great production value. Five scenes and nine girls in the cast list mean we'll have a girl in more than one scene.


Passion on a Bed.  Two beauties kissing on a bed is usually a good start. Cindy Hope works her way down Cipriana's slim body to taste her sweetness.  Their lovemaking shows the true meaning of passion.  I becoming a big Cindy Hope fan, due in no small part to her resemblance to Olivia Munn (Sloan Sabbith on HBO's Newsroom).

Under a Shady Olive Tree. A romantic picnic is the culmination of desire for two busty brunettes.  Nicole Smith and Paige Turnah don't quite look like sisters, Paige is a little curvier, but best friends with a nasty secret seems about right.  The wine and sandwiches stay in the basket as the the horny gals would rather eat each other out in the open air.

The website says these two are an actual couple. Adriana Russo and Sabina Taylor are petite blondes with similar physiques, with Adriana's D-cups setting her apart from her B-cupped lover.  The scene is subtitled True Lesbians so expect your expectations to be exceeded.

Poolside Passion. When Samantha Bentley gets her hands, and lips, on Nicole Smith, she doesn't let up until its time for her to recieve the same loving attention.  Then, Nicole returns the oral favors, before maneuvering into a sit-up trib.

Seductive Lesbian Brunettes. Zafira is one of VT's most famous stars, and rightly so.  The busty Hungarian has a saucy demeanor that shows through her seductive gaze.  That gaze falls upon newbie Sophie Links, and it's all the neophyte can do to keep up with and experienced woman pleaser.  The foreplay was hot, with plenty of kissing and breast play.

Final Thoughts I have known for some time now, that Viv Thomas produces some of the highest quality girl-on-girl erotica the industry has to offer. The female form was on fine display. This is perfect for couples of any orientation. Replay value is through the roof, as any connessouir of erotic adult entertainment should recognize great talent and great filmmaking.  Oh yeah, NO TOYS! Another piece of top-drawer lesbian material by the top purveyor from across the pond.  For consistent quality, Passion is Highly Recommended There is not enough between any of these five very good scenes to pick a favorite.