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Party House

  • Release date:
    October 15, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 19m
  • Cast:
    Nacho Vidal|Carolina Abril|Noemilk|Amanda X|Bianca Resa|Brenda Boop|Pamela Sanchez|Xavi Tralla|Zenda Sexy|Laurita Peratta|Ivanka|Jesyka Diamond

Category: Euro/Spanish/Party


Cast: Amanda X/Brenda Boop/Carolina Abril/Laurita Peralta/Jesika Diamond/Noe Milk/Zenda/Bianca Resa/Pamela Sanchez/Xavi Tralla/Cristian Frey/Nacho Vidal

Director: Nacho Vidal

Condoms: First Scene Only

Extras: Photo Galleries/Trailers/Web

Release Date: 10/15/2013

Runtime: 140 Mins

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Scene 1:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bianca Resa/Carolina Abril/Ivanka/Laurita Peralta/Pamela Sanchez/Zenda/Nacho Vidal

The premiere scene in Nacho Vidal's debauchery-laden film Party House begins as we see five euro hotties sprawled out over the couch in front of us, with action taking no time to begin. Nacho Vidal soon appears upon the scene's brief introduction, and the girls pursue in taking turns slopping up his knob before Laurita Peralta jumps on for a cowgirl ride. Early action mainly consists of Nacho and Laurita in a world of their own as the other girls play with each other off to the side before he moves on to four-eyed cutie Bianca Resa. The scene progresses with Nacho rifling through mass amounts of pussy while whomever isn't involved proceeds in having their own lesbian lickfest next to the two. This scene, as I'm guessing the rest of the movie is, is an all out melee of fucking. Pamela Sanchez releases some notably monstrous squirts throughout her encounter with Nacho, and Carolina plays the part of Nacho's fucktoy through much of the later stages. The scene ends with Nacho busting his cock cream over Carolina's stomach and tits before the screen abruptly cuts into the next scene. A pretty good effort here, but unfortunately there is so much going on throughout the contents of the scene that it was hard to capture all of the good things about it. It's also very dimly lit throughout, and I felt like that took away from the scene a bit. Still a solid amount of whackworthy material here to enjoy though.
Scene 2:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Laurita Peralta/Zenda/Carolina Abril/Pamela Sanchez/Bianca Resa/Ivanka/Nacho Vidal
*Scene To Remember*
The next scene stars the same exact cast as the first, this time in a daytime setting beginning only moments after we see the girls blowing up balloons on the couch in preparation for the house party. After an outstanding facefuck is given to Bianca, things really get moving with Nacho slamming Laurita Peralta's fuckhole thoroughly. The sex throughout this scene has much more energy than the one that preceded it, with Nacho tearing apart every pussy that gets in his way, drawing a fantastic reaction from the girls, especially Pamela Sanchez. Unfortunately the scene ends with no visible cumshot, and fades to black after Nacho gives Pamela one final facejamming mouthfuck. A good scene here here that seemed very abbreviated, and although there was a cast of five girls, the action mainly takes place between Nacho, Laurita, and Pamela.
Scene 3:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[Cast list on DVD does not recognize this scene]
Action in the third scene gets underway in a slumber party setting, with five girls (some in the last scene, some not) playing some cards before Nacho enters view and gives some hard facefucks to Carolina Abril before a rough doggie style fuck. The other girls play with each other alongside of Nacho and Carolina but eventually disappear from the scene after about 5 minutes. Brenda Boop gets a quick cowgirl fuck in before leaving, and the rest of the scene entails Nacho schooling Carolina Abril on a lesson in hard fucks. Solid sex throughout the scene, with some pretty hard and intense thrusting from the swordsman as Carolina simply accepts her pounding. Things tend to get a bit lengthy by the end of the scene, and it all finishes off with an in-mouth cumshot sprayed in Carolina's cumcatcher. Nice scene, but it dragged at the end.

Scene 4:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Noe Milk/Jesika Diamond/Bianca Resa/Carolina Abril/Laurita Peralta/Xavi Trella

The fourth scene in the film begins with an almost new cast of girls, as Xavi Tralla is now the meat in this five euro-babe sandwich. Action begins with Xavi licking the assholes of each of the girls, before sex begins with pink-haired cutie Jesika Diamond. Action is pretty slow through most of it until Bianca Resa and Xavi go off by themselves for a pretty solid fuck sesh. Carolina Abril steps in later but action continues to be mainly one-on-one aside from the early parts of the scene. Xavi finishes up with ebony hottie Noe Milk, and after a tediously long and drawn out fuck between them Noe sucks him to completion to end the scene. I wasn't much for this scene, a lot of the sex was drawn out to the point of exhaustion as a viewer and by the end of it I was glad it was over.
Scene 5:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Amanda X/Brenda Boop/Carolina Abril/Laurita Peralta/Cristian Frey/Nacho Vidal
The final scene in Nacho Vidal's House Party kicks off in another party atmosphere, with Cristian Frey getting hot and heavy with a couple of the babes in the early moments. The sex again kicks off quickly, but drags big time before a pretty solid facefuck is given to Carolina Abril. Nacho steps in around the midway point, taking on Brenda and Amanda, while Cristian keeps Laurita and Carolina happy.  Action continues as mainly a fourway throughout the scene, capping off abruptly with no rhyme or reason as to why. Ummm...cool. I wasn't much for this scene either, and this movie seems to be quite the confusing escapade of fucking.
Nacho Vidal's Party House was a task to review, it's broken up into what looks like five scenes, but the DVD cast list says that there are only four, so yea. Good start! I did my best to get all of the names correct, but I feel that there may be some fumblings within the basis of the review. Nonetheless, it won't change the effect that the movie had on me, which really wasn't that strong anyways. The first scene started off pretty well, but as the movie went on it got worse and worse, losing steam and squeezing every ounce of life out of each scene until they were a dwindling pile of ash. I will say that the sex had some strong moments, as is usually the case when Nacho Vidal is involved, but some of it was extremely drawn out making an otherwise strong scene mediocre or even worse. Extras are relatively non-existent aside from some lackluster photo stills and a couple of trailers, giving me even less of a reason to put in a good word for this movie. I'd have trouble recommending this one, or even giving you a reason why you should watch it, because even though the cast seems to be having the time of their lives throughout the film, it seems to be at the viewer's expense. Leave this one on the shelf. Skip It.


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