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Brit School Brats

  • Release date:
    March 26, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 58m
  • Cast:
    Paige Turnah

Genre: 18+ Teens, All Girl / Lesbian, All Sex, British, MILF, Teachers

Director: Tanya Tate

Cast: Tanya Tate, Paige Turnah, Samantha Bentley, Jess West, Katie Kay, Carla Mai, Faye Taylor, Alyssa Divine

Audio/Video: Both audio and video were excellent

Length: 2 hours

Release Date: 4/05/13

Extras: Extras included Behind The Scenes, Strip Tease and Trailers, Slideshow. Orgasms

Condoms: No

Overview: I’m sure many years ago the British exported some naughty drawings to the colonies until we decided we’d rather not have that kind of smut. We’ll make our own smut, thank you. And so we did, pretty great smut too actually, until we got a yearning again for pussy from across the pond. Brit School Brats is British lesbian porn at its royal finest. Only the British can make hardcore porn in a classy way. Tanya Tate does a superb job once again in this sort of sequel to Tanya Tate’s Tea & Muffins Party, directing ladies to remove their knickers then engaging in four sizzling, pretty rough yet stroke worthy sex scenes. These Tory brats definitely got a rise out of this colonial. Long live these queens indeeds.

Scene 1 Paige, Alyssa

Paige has her eye on the diminutive Alyssa, a tasty piece of chocolate eye candy who is willing to be a sub to the much more dominant Paige. Paige does a awesome job domming Alyssa who turns to puddy and succumbing to her teacher’s orders. Alyssa removes her clothing, revealing her skinny Brit body, turning Paige on but continues to forcefully berate her new little friend. The sex is sizzling, especially when it’s Alyssa pleasuring Paige. After being scolded Alyssa finally gets it right and begins lapping up Paige the right way.

Scene 2 Tanya, Samantha, Faye

Samantha confesses to Tanya she misses her lover in America, Adrianna, and hates her new boarding school. Faye arrives trying her best to make the school sound wonderful. Tanya leaves and Samantha immediately makes a move on Faye. Faye is shocked at first but finally succumbs to Samantha’s advances. Samantha literally wastes no time getting Faye naked and sampling her sweet spots. Faye also begins enjoying Samantha’s tasty treats but then Tanya comes in, startling Faye but then quickly relents to Tanya’s advances. Now she’s in the middle of this Brit sandwich with both Samantha and Tanya exploring all of Faye, and conquering her body making it a part of their own British empire.

Scene 3 Jess, Katie K

Katie is upset at Jess who’s not doing what she’s supposed to be doing as Katie is giving a tour of the school to Tanya. Katie feels Jess needs to be discipline so she begins taking charge and taking matters into her own hands. Katie fucks Jess who clearly enjoys being punished by her sexy friend and the two simply leave no orifice unfullfilled.

Scene 4 Tanya, Carla

Carla begins this scenes masturbating. She’s really getting herself off, nicely demonstrating how she fingers her wet pussy. We are treated to five full minutes of just watching Carla pleasure herself. Tanya walks in at the moment of climax for Carla and begins to work her hand all over Carla’s schoolgirl body. Tanya gets Carla to show herself to Tanya and to get seriously worked on by her tongue. They engage in pretty hot kitten/cougar sex that is simply a terrific way for this DVD to end.

Summary: Now this is the way to launch a British invasian. Brit School Brats is two hours of lesbian erotic fun that will give your hand a royal workout. Each scene has something for everyone, from lesbian domination, kitten/cougar, threesomes to spinners getting it on. Tanya Tate can now crown herself one of the best lesbian directors in porn. This ain’t no soft, girly loving DVD. It’s nasty hot raw girl on girl fucking. It’s earned itself a Highly Recommended rating.


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