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Oops You Took My Innocence

  • Release date:
    October 22, 2003
  • Runtime:
    2h 3m
  • Cast:
    Crystal Ray|Nyomi Marcela|Loni Punoni|John West|Cailey Taylor|Dick Delaware|Matt Bixel|Adam Wilde|Drew Hurlie|Dic Tracy|Mike Hawk|Brijaye Love|Damien Steele

The Genre:

Apparently a relatively new company, Cherry Boxxx (Cherry Box for the rest of this review), the studio's titles seem geared towards showing off relatively new talent. The sex isn't anything very hardcore (no anal) compared to much of what else is out there, but I found the girls attractive, the production values decent and the attitude - warm, very energetic and even a little silly at times - to be enjoyable.

The Movie

"Ooops, You Took My Innocence" fits what the studio is trying to go for for this picture; new girls who have been in adult films for a relatively short period of time and are energetic and very willing. The first scene is with Cailey Taylor, a friendly, big-breasted blonde who seems ready to go from the opening moments. She responds well to the interview questions - which are straightforward ("When was your first time?", etc) and although I didn't quite believe she's 21, she appears pretty close. Finally, her male co-star is introduced. She certainly doesn't just lay back - she's the one that does most of the talking in this scene, asking her co-star about how good it is (and demanding that he smack her rear and squeeze her breasts) and telling the audience about how they wish it was them with her. She seems to be having a lot of fun in the scene, which certainly adds to it. She and her male co-star go through some relatively short foreplay before he enters her in a few positions. The sex is pretty straightforward, but the scene has great chemistry between the two stars, Cailey is very attractive, lots of fun to watch and the scene overall has great energy. A great way to start and I want to see more of this girl, she's wild.

The second scene is with Loni, a Filipino/Chinese cutie who has nice, natural breasts and very attractive features. She's a little bad at trying to fake being nervous, but she's fun and eager in the same way that Cailey was. In-between riding her costar, Loni shows off her oral skills. She gets pounded in a couple of different positions, jokes with her costar ("I'm not done with you yet" she teases) and happily takes a decent-sized facial to end the scene.

The next scene is with Crystal Ray, a blonde with nice breasts and mile-long legs. She's taken in a couple of positions on a couch by her co-star; it's a good scene, but it's not as intense as the prior two and Crystal doesn't have quite as much of a personality as the prior two, either. The scene ends with her co-star cumming in her mouth.

The fourth scene is with Naomi Marcela, an attractive Asian who rides her co-star and gets taken doggy style. It's a better scene than the prior one; Naomi goes wild and moans and groans. She has good chemistry with her co-star and happily awaits a facial to end the scene.

The fifth scene is with Drew, a somewhat odd-looking girl (the strange, bug-eyed look she gives the camera to open the scene doesn't help). She has a decent body though, and sort of a goofy charm that grew on me. The scene isn't anything too special though - decent chemistry, a few different positions, but overall, pretty vanilla.

The last scene is with Briajaye Love, a tall, pouty brunette from New Orleans. There's a little oral from both, but it's over quickly as she quickly climbs aboard and bounces on top for a while.


VIDEO/SOUND: 1.33:1 full-frame image. Pretty good lighting and camera work results in a very nice picture - sharpness and detail are good and no artifacts or other major issues are noticed. The stereo sound is well-produced and clear and no obvious dubbing was evident.

EXTRAS: Nothing, really; a photo gallery and weblink are about it.

Overall: Overall, this was a pretty good title. It featured mostly attractive women and the sex was straightforward but usually energetic. The last couple of scenes go downhill and the DVD is pretty bare-basics, but overall, I'd give this title a recommendation.


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