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Nubiles’ Don’t Tell Mom 3

  • Release date:
    July 7, 2021
  • Runtime:
    1h 43m
  • Cast:
    Britney Light, Mia Martinez, Callie Black, Maddie Winters

Here’s four hotties with Daddy issues banging their lusty elders!

Maddie Winters is 20 years old and has landed in therapy for her love of older dick which deeply concerns her mother. Her therapist is older and male so she’s pretty down with this plan. She’s wearing a midriff halter top and a tiny denim skirt with nothing underneath and she keeps staring at our shrink with super bedroom eyes. She’s very sexually confident and while the therapist think she’s being taken advantage of, she doesn’t see it that way. She doesn’t see her promiscuity as an issue and her therapist asks about her father, who is not a factor in her life. Her therapist suggests that Maddie get all of her sexual frustration out during the therapy sessions with a safe guy like him who is good at sex. I have to admit the “shrink” is pretty well hung here and seems to know what he’s doing so she crawls into his lap and bounces with her sweet handful tits on display. Maddie loves living her best life getting older dick and gets a nice thick gooey facial for her efforts at the end of her session.

Britney Light is also in therapy for reasons of sluttiness. She’s been having naughty thoughts about her stepdad and tells them to her older male therapist. He’s clearly a bit rattled by this professionally but turned the fuck on personally and it’s kind of rough to hide a boner in porn world. He literally calls her attraction to stepdad a “sticky situation” and tries to delve into the reasons for it a bit more. He tells her that he’s going to put her in a “meditative state” to try and deprogram her obsession by getting all of the parts of the obsessive fantasy out into the open. He has her close her eyes and visualize her fantasies about her stepdad and to feel free to masturbate while she’s doing that so she quickly dispenses with her panties and the therapist acts as a stunt-cock for stepdad as he parts her thighs and destroys her beautiful bare pussy letting her call him Daddy and get all of her horniness out and he leaves his load all over her hairless mound and a promise of the same therapy to be repeated next week.

Mia Martinez has a super hot older personal trainer that she’s called in for a private coaching session. She’s dressed in an outfit that renders him rather flustered with a sports bra and shorts that give her just the barest bit of cameltoe. He doesn’t seem to understand at first why she called him over when she doesn’t really have any fitness goals for the session in mind. Dude’s a little bit slow and/or trying to be good because he has a girlfriend. Mia immediately shows off her excellent prowess at doing the splits and twerking her cafe au lait colored body. She asks that loaded question “Do you think I’m stretched enough?”. Yeah…. He leads her through a series of squats which she’s pretty good at--- she’s definitely got the “squat butt”. She says she’s seen his bulge through his gym shorts before but she’s even more hot for that cock when she gets to see it close up. She uses her mouth and her sweet pierced-nipple knockers to tease him before the real workout of taking his dick in many different positions begins. She ends her workout with a post-workout protein shake straight from the dick.

Callie Black has her older tutor over to study and the subject at hand is apparently the sexual reproduction unit in biology. She’s really cute with pigtail braids and a sundress with strawberries on it that her tits are almost falling out of which make up for her complete apathy toward her studies that she’s displaying to the poor tutor. Her tutor has some flash cards of reproductive vocabulary that she’s supposed to be learning so he’s going to through the stack with words like “spermatogenesis” and “zygote” which don’t really scream sexy to me but then we get to “clitoris” and she decides that she’d like to study the applied version of this biology lesson. She asks why her nipples get hard all the time, which does vaguely relate to the clitoris, being both erectile tissue. “Uterus” and “vulva” just serve to get him more flustered and she complains about her chair being uncomfortable so they go to her bedroom and by the time they get around to “penis” he’s fingering her and then showing her lots of fun things including his male reproductive anatomy and how semen comes out of it, between her tits and into her mouth, to be precise. She has a great body and I think this is the best-acted scene of the disc.

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Hot Crazy Mess.

You can watch the scenes online at Hot Crazy Mess.



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