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Ninn Box Set

  • Release date:
    May 7, 2003

Private Ninn Boxed Set
2 Funky 4 U

Your Time Is Up


Genre: Feature(s)

Director: Michael Ninn and Barry Wood

Perfect: Jodie Moore, Wendy Divine , Julia Ann, Kelly Steele, Kiwi, Kristal Summers, Layla Jade, Mia Smiles, Monica Mayhem, Brooke Hunter, Dale Dabone, Dave Cummings, Don Hollywood, Dru Berrymore, Eric Masterson, Flick Shagwell, Fujiko Kano, George Kaplan (non-sex), Gino Colbert, Hamilton Steel, Nick Manning, Nikita Denise, Sabrine Maui, Shay Sights, Tina Tyler, Tyce Bune

2 Funky 4 U: (voices) Midori, Alexander Michaels, Aaron Badman, Tyrone Jones

Your Time Is Up: Jenna Haze, Aria, Violet Blue, Sindee Coxx, Steve Hatcher, Evan Stone, Shayla LaVeaux, Cheyne Collins, Lee Stone, Tanya Danielle, Marty Romano, Samantha Sterling, Calli Cox

Length: 131.5 minutes (Perfect); 52.5 minutes (2 Funky 4 U); 91.5 minutes (Your Time Is Up)

Date of Production: 9/02 (Perfect), 10/02 (2 Funky 4 U), 4/02 (Your Time Is Up)

Extra's: Jodie Moore montage, Behind the Scenes featurettes, photogalleries, score, long location featurette, production notes, trailers, double sided dvd cover, interview with Michael Ninn, remix score (2Funky4U), various subtitles and language tracks

Audio/Video Quality: The picture in Perfect was presented in 1.85:1 widescreen and the other two were in 1.33:1 ratio full frame. The pictures in all three movies were typically done in artistic, heavy special effect mode. They had some grain and video noise but not a lot. The audio was generally in 2.0 stereo English with a variety of other languages and subtitles to pick from as well. The problem with the sound in Perfect was that Ninn wanted to overlay the vocals with a weird music that had a droning beat. If I wanted to hear that, I'd go to a club where everyone pops Ecstasy. The other audio tracks weren't as bad but I felt like turning off the sound for all three.

Body of Review: Michael Ninn is known for his artistic style of porn that uses a lot of special visual and audio effects. Most hardcore raincoaters prefer to look elsewhere when they see his name associated with a movie but others, particularly couples, seem to enjoy his lighter sex with less of the action that gonzo producers include in their films. Private hired him to make a series of films that had some heat but the results varied widely from their established formulas. Here's a quick break down of each movie by cast and plot but keep in mind that you'll either like it or hate it:

Perfect: The movie centered on a theme of sexual androids that were meant to pleasure citizens. Set in the future, such devices were popular until a new governmental regime declared them outlawed and to be hunted down. The plot was minimal and the sex was very well done if you can get past the artistic effects that Ninn uses far too often. There was some anal here but most of it was oral and straight. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene 1: Dale, Monica
Scene 2: Fujiko, Julia, Sabrine, Nikita, Nick
Scene 3: Eric, Wendy, Shay
Scene 4: Hamilton, Kelly, Kristal, Pier, Brooke, Dru, Don
Scene 5: Jodie, Tina
Scene 6: Art, Jodie, Tyce
Scene 7: Jodie, Kiwi, Mia, Flick, Layla, Tyce
Scene 8: Jodie, Nick

2 Funky 4 U: This was an experiment in computer generated graphics (CGI). There were a few sex scenes but anyone who gets off to watching racial stereotypes as designed by graphics that were at least 3 generations old (we're talking cheap computer game interlude graphics), probably needs to move out of their parent's basement and get a life.

Your Time Is Up: The theme here was centered on Jenna and more of the usual psychobabble stuff I've come to expect out of Ninn (Wood does a good imitation of him which is not a good thing). Some of the sex was actually pretty warm but too often it gets hampered by the heavy-handed techniques used.

Scene One: Jenna, Marty
Scene Two: Jenna, Sindee, Tanya
Scene Three: Aria, Shayla, Lee, Marty
Scene Four: Jenna, Evan
Scene Five: Calli, Violet, Samantha, Steve, Cheyne

Summary: Most of the heat from this trio of movies came from Perfect with a few scenes from Your Time Is Up worth checking out. Rather than bore you with mindless babble and endless detail about each scene (unlike reviewers elsewhere, I'm not paid by the word), you should know that folks either like his stuff a lot or hate it with little middle ground. Suffice it to say that this is worth a rating of Rent It. It often "looks" good but the over-production and effects lower the heat.


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