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Oil Overload 8

  • Release date:
    April 10, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 37m
  • Cast:
    Sarah Jay|Nikki Benz|Chris Streams|Christopher Streams|Rachel Starr|Ava Addams|Kiara Mia


click for trailer, some scene specific trailers are linked to screen captures below

Oil Overload 8: Special Edition

Jules Jordan Video/Chris Streams Productions

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Chris Streams

Cast: Nikki Benz, Manuel Ferrara, Ava Addams, Erik Everhard, Mr. Pete, Rachel Starr, Luna Star, Rikki Six, Toni Ribas, Sara Jay, Lexington Steele, Kiara Mia

Length: 216:31 minutes (106:44 minutes & 109:47 minutes)

Date of Production: 3/13/2013


Extras: The discs had their own unique extras, the first one offering three trailers, a popshot recap, a photogallery, websites, and a cast list too. The second disc had similar extras, including a Behind the Scenes feature by Tony Flush lasting 10:58 minutes (a lot of comments like Chris pointing out how Sara Jay was the “most fun I’ve ever had” in a previous scene), all the other extras, as well as three more trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Oil Overload 8 was presented in an appealingly clear 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Chris Streams for Jules Jordan Video. As with almost everything the director shots these days, the lighting was great and the cameras angles showed a lot of talent, the video bitrate providing ample room to make the ladies look their best. There was a company watermark in the lower right hand corner for those that care, my preference being that they aren’t in view but understanding the fight against piracy impacting this aspect of many productions. The editing by Mecha was also well done, the tease montages providing great strokability and the scenes themselves allowed to show off the best assets of the ladies without as heavy an editing hand as other companies provide. In this sense, the movie was not the longest I have seen but the tease and action was typically tighter edited (in a good way) that allowed for the best of both worlds. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English audio was a bit basic with no separation or major dynamic range but I could always hear what was said and the music didn't interfere with my viewing pleasure. To sum it up, the visuals and audio were complimentary to the sexual antics in a way most gonzo productions don’t always provide.


Body of Review: Chris Streams is one of the best gonzo directors in the industry, the bulk of his current work coming out at Jules Jordan Video and companies they distribute. His latest title to make it my way is called Oil Overload 8: Special Edition, the double disc movie sparing no expense to stand out from the crowded field of gonzo offerings. I have long found this to be a favorite series, the plentitude of quality action enhanced by the top notch casting (both sexes), fine technical aspects, and nearly three and a half hours of material most should find exceptionally strokable in this particular volume. The ladies included Rachel Starr, Nikki Benz, Ava Addams, Sara Jay, Luna Star, Kiara Mia, and Nikki Six so I knew this would be another winner, the series as a whole trumping any of the other “oil” titles I adore so much given my experiences of the past year. Of note this time was a nice cast diversity, using some experienced stars, some newcomers, and some that are very selective about their appearances these days, the result making this one stand out from the pack. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Nikki Benz, the blond bombshell featured on the lower center of the front cover, was up first in this flagship title, strutting her stuff before engaging Manuel Ferrara in a smoking hot sexual tryst. Nikki’s experience as a performer and feature dancer were used to excellent effect here, the popular lady wearing some bright blue attire and black stockings as she caressed herself and otherwise looked fuckable. As she moved throughout the house, she posed in seductive fashion, setting the pace for her peers to follow suit as she poured some oil on herself, Manuel assisting her as she sprawled out on the couch for him to warm up. He used his hand on her snatch and kissed her, their chemistry helping the sparks fly as she vocally showed appreciation for his efforts. Nikki then slobbed his knob aggressively, applying some hand to gland combat as well as a titty fuck before impaling herself on her pecker, her sweet ass shaking as much as those coveted boobs of hers, the oil getting everywhere as she got off. They continued vaginally boning (one of the keys to this series is not needing anal to show a love connection in the scenes, relying on mutual heat to sell the action instead) and each did more oral, Manuel gobbling her gash like it was candy and Nikki enhancing her oral efforts as time went by but the penetration was the selling point along with her eye contact. The ending titty fuck unleashed a wealth of genetic juice to her face and upper torso, Nikki giving some post coital head in what was one of the most strokable scenes I’ve seen all year.


Scene Two: Ava Addams, the lean fuck bunny featured on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up next showcasing her incredible boobs and great ass, her classic lingerie enhancing the package as did her alluring face and expressions. The large bank of windows allowed a lot of light to pour down upon her as she oiled up, her shaven snatch and nipple erections attracting the attention of Erik Everhard and Mr. Pete, the guys pouncing on her to do the only anal and DP of the movie. As a side note, there is a misconception regarding anal as a ratings booster for me; it is not, though I will certainly take points away if a series advertises anal and doesn’t provide it (I prefer vaginal sex) since I care more about what the performers are into than specific sex acts. That said, Ava had a prolonged tease in the well known brick loft, the guys assisting in squirting her fetching body with even more oil before she actively blew Pete while Erik took her from behind. Ava gave very good eye contact as able here, opening all three of her holes to satisfy the men, additional oil and oral enhancing the final product. She was an active rider and seemed to savor the cocks like those with less experience sometimes prove unable, the anal slowing her down temporarily but the gal getting into it and the double penetration quite well. In the end, Ava took a facial of population pudding and then allowed a titty fuck to lead to a burst of baby batter onto her tits, the gal laughing as she relished her ability to overcome the men.


Scene Three: Rachel Starr, the perfectly fine brunette babe seen featured on the left side of the front cover, her workout clothing tight against her body as she applied some oil in the white room with the stripper pole. I could go into great detail about how well built she is but you can look at the cover or my screen capture to understand just what I mean when I say “Yum!” so I’ll leave it at that. She shook her ass and boobs before getting completely naked, Manuel Ferrara joining her as the chemistry worked wonders once more. He gobbled her gash after she orally attacked his throbbing boner, Rachel coming across like she was getting off early on in the scene. She gyrated her hips and purred delightfully, Manuel giving her a short taste of vaginal penetration before she took him into her mouth yet again. She was an active rider with great ass cheek dynamics, the couple moving around into a number of positions to hit the right spots, Rachel shining as an example of why I like some experience in a beauty. I had no doubts that she got off and thoroughly enjoyed herself here, the taste testing and body language she provided as she kept her eye contact solid was outstanding. Her shaven snatch and perfect ass were the spotlight body parts but her boobs were favored by Manuel too, her dirty talk and moaning sure to please fans in the scene that ended when she took to her knees to blow him wildly successfully one more time, both hands helping drain his balls of spunk (and Rachel playing with the sperm before her exit interview).


Scene Four: Luna Star and Rikki Six, the two exceptionally cute newcomers sported on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, were up next in the first scene of the second disc. They began with some oil tease individually before joining together, brunette Luna seemingly delighting in the slick feeling the oil gave her. Blond Rikki, also dressed in minimal lingerie, then showed how her body was built for speed over comfort, Toni Ribas joining both of them as the camera kept looking for opportunities to highlight the look of the oil on the ladies in the vaulted ceiling white living room. He applied more oil as his hands worked their pussies into a very juicy state, the gals getting frisky by using their feet against his cock. That led to the gals taking turns sucking him off, stroking his turgid rod and caressing his chest before some limited titty fucking was applied to the cock. In terms of newcomer enthusiasm, you really couldn’t ask for more of the ladies and they gave fine eye contact as well as kept actively engaging him even when the other gal was the primary fuck toy at any given moment, the extensive oral leading to some active vaginal riding by both women, both of the gals possessing shaven pussies. They fucked on the furniture and the gray carpet on the wooden floor, Luna turning up the heat this time with Rikki following close behind. The flexible ladies enjoyed the moment here and Luna was given some hand to gland stimulation, the added oil giving the appearance of her squirting (though some might argue it was her juices flying so freely). In the end, the ladies blew him to completion while on their knees, Toni busting a wad of splooge all over their faces for sharing, some post coital head and kissing helping to end the scene on a high note.


Scene Five: Sara Jay, the busty woman seen on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up next and served as the senior female performer of the cast. Make no mistake about it that Sara is not some 80 pound flavor of the week type so typical in porn, she is the real deal with all the curves needed for men that appreciate them. Sara also benefits by providing lots of fun factor fucking in the limited few scenes she does on DVD these days, even the director commenting on her wonderful abilities in the BTS feature found elsewhere on the disc. That said, she entered the room on the staircase, her thigh high boots and black mesh body outfit covering her skimpy patterned bikini, her delicious ass easily the thickest of the cast as she shook it to show she is as lean as ever but not lacking in curves. Sara smiled a lot, this being part of her persona of a fun loving chick on the prowl, as much oil applied to her tits as the rest of her during the tease. She was shaven clean and looking keen when Lexington Steele came up behind her with a full blown erection, the man savoring her juicy ass before inserting his pecker into her oiled up snatch. She was in doggy and pushed back actively, the gal taking a break to suck him off and titty fuck him before moving back to her favorite action of riding him rapidly. The chemistry levels were high, Sara gave good eye contact, and the passion for pecker she displayed during the vaginal and oral tryst led to him plastering her face and torso with ball batter, Lex launching it when simply overwhelmed at the sensations provided his massive meat missile; Sara beaming at her impact on the fellow.


Scene Six: Kiara Mia, the busty brunette hotty seen on the upper right hand corner of the cover, was up last but certainly not least. She wore her cover dress, a form hugging piece of fabric that did not cover her cleavage or ass, this being the only lady able to give Sara a run for her money in the curves department. Built for comfort over speed, Kiara had a lot of self confidence as she pawed herself and showcased her form, this title becoming what I would consider her first high profile release out of her few dozen movies available at this writing. As with the others, her appeal was readily apparent, the woman applying the oil to her boobs before the rest of her voluptuous figure followed suit, her thong lost helplessly inside her sweet ass crack as she applied more oil there in a doggy position. She had a shaven pussy too, Manuel Ferrara adding some oil to her as he rubbed her clitoris to get her excited, the man then using her ass crack to masturbate with before gobbling her gash and ass. Kiara responded as expected and their resulting chemistry was delightful as it unfolded, her superior eye contact elevating her stance in the pick up spot of the movie with the last scene. He vaginally fucked her and gave her foot some oral loving, kissing her a number of times as they embraced during the penetrative positions. Her boobs shook nicely as they continued and she did some nice taste testing, the gal rubbing herself as she demanded he fuck her in a number of positions, a titty fuck causing him to lose it as his control went out the window to leave her glazed with spew.

Summary: Oil Overload 8 by director Chris Streams for Jules Jordan Video was another great gonzo fuck flick full of oil, hot women, enthusiasm, energy, and the kind of technical values that you just don’t find too often theses days. Every single one of the ladies provided some superior strokability and replay value, the nearly four hours of great spank bank material meriting a rating of Xcritic Pick as far as I’m concerned. Nikki Benz continues to impress, Sara Jay made one of her rare but very welcome appearances, Ava Addams was sexy as all get out, and Rachel Starr worked it like she so splendidly can, all had their own strengths this time, the direction allowing them to showcase their talents better than in most shows these days (Chris giving them much more room to follow their own desires rather than stick with a strict formula as my other favorite oil series tends to do). In short then, Oil Overload 8: Special Edition was the kind of gonzo offering I so look forward to these days, the oiled up bodies going at it so earnestly and getting off left & right made it a tremendous amount of fun to enjoy, the inclusion of top notch men to enhance the work by the ladies appreciated too so give this one some consideration regardless if you’re picking up a stroke flick or picking awards at the end of the year; it merited all the praise and more. On a related note, most genre outings that focus on oil offer copious amounts of the favored wet look during the tease but fall short for the rest of the scenes but this was not one of those cases; every scene incorporated oil throughout the scenes without fail; giving this series the edge in terms of the material provided.


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