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North Pole 105

  • Release date:
    June 24, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 47m
  • Cast:
    Nicole Ray

Genre: Vignette

Director: Peter North

Cast: Teal Conrad, Nicole Ray, Dillion Harper, Kelly Summer, Peter North, Otto Bauer, Jenner

Length: 97 minutes

Extras: A photo gallery and several trailers are included.

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Overview: North Pole 105 is a film from Peter North and his popular and long-running series North Pole. I admire that he gets to film his own movies and have sex with so many hot babes of this industry. Moreover, it's fascinating that he still has many admiring women who want to fuck him regardless if they are porn stars or not.

Scene One: Cute Dillion Harper is in the pool wearing her blue bikini while Peter North is laying on a bed. He tells her to come over without the bikini. She removes it and walks towards him. When she gets on the bed, they kiss. The scene gathers some excitement when Peter eats her pussy with solid focus. Meanwhile, Dillion gets off well during the guy's oral massage. Next, the woman sucks his nice looking dick with good suction. She applies some nice spit during the cock suck. Her passion for his dick heightens when she is laying on top of him while Peter eats her pussy. A cowgirl ride follows that definitely picks up the screwing pace on both of their parts. Both of them fuck with good conviction. I really enjoyed watching Peter mish her. When he sticks his dick into Dillion for the spooning moments, she had a very cute and broad smile on her face. During the screw, you can tell that Dillion was cumming. Furthermore, Peter really pumps her with good conviction again. Afterwards, Dillion rides him pretty well during their reverse cowgirl session. Finally, she gets off him and Peter cums a lot on her receptive joyous face.

Scene Two: Kelly Summers is wearing a leopard printed mini dress as she walks down the stairs to meet Otto Bauer. He kisses her thigh and rolls her dress up to show off her panties. Soon, the man pulls them down and adores her fine ass. When the brunette removes her dress, Otto reaches her tits from behind her and then, kisses them. Soon, his pants are down and his dick is being orally pleasured by Kelly. Then, the woman gets on the coffee table on her hands and knees in order to get doggied by him. Her pussy looks very cute with his cock penetrating it. At times, Kelly tells him to fuck her harder. Next, she lays on her back for the mish action. She grinds her teeth with solid eye contact with him as he continues to fuck her. Then, Otto sits and lays against the stairs while Kelly rides him reverse cowgirl style. Her moans continue to be solid turn-ons. More cockriding occurs on the coffee table and sofa. During the mish moments, Kelly does a nice job in spreading her pussy lips. The spoonful of pleasure session is the most heated and exciting. We get some very hot fucking going on. Then, Kelly gets on her knees and Otto jacks off on her wide open mouth.

Scene Three: Very pretty Teal Conrad is moving around a stripper's pole while talking to Peter North. She joins him on the white sofa and they start kissing. Moments later, the top of her dress comes down and the man sucks on her tits. Afterwards, when Teal takes his dick out, she applies a very hot bj on it. I really like the way Teal moves her head and her technique. Her bj is a very lengthy workout. Then, the man puts his face down into her pussy and eats it well with his own time-consuming effort. After they kiss and she sucks his dick briefly, a good amount of cockriding action follows especially with the reverse cowgirl moments since the camera focuses on her wiggling butt. A spoonful of pleasure occurs next. Finally, he cums a whole lot on her receptive happy face.

Scene Four: Nicole Ray and Jenner are standing as he caresses her titties while she is wearing a pink spaghetti-straped dress. He feels her crotch momentarily and then, her dress is removed. He slowly plays with her pink panties before they are removed from her. Then, Jenner spanks her while Nicole is bent over. He fingers her snatch momentarily before the woman places her attention on sucking his dick. While Nicole is squatting down, she does a fine job in applying good fond passion for his manhood. She continues to suck his dick while standing up. Next, the cutie rides him cowgirl style. As their riding session becomes more active, Nicole moans with more emotion. I enjoyed seeing that her pussy got quite wet. A reverse cowgirl ride occurs next and then, a spoon. Her moans are exciting during the spooning moments. Then, the doggie screw provides a lot of emotion. Suddenly, the guy cums in her mouth.

Final Thoughts: There is a good amount of hot fucking action in this film. Covergirl Teal Conrad and Dillion Harper get a very good screwing workout by Peter North. Also, Jenner provides hot fucking action on cute Nicole Ray. This 105th installment to this series is one of the better productions in this series. I recommend it.