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New Sensations’ My Young Hotwife 3

  • Release date:
    April 8, 2022
  • Cast:
    Kay Lovely, Kimmy Kimm, Macy Meadows, Summer Col, Will Pounder, Tyler Nixon, Chad Alva, Jason Moody

Eddie Powell and Paul Woodcrest direct this really fucking great entry in what has become one of my very favorite series these days.

Summer Col will be fantasizing for weeks from the last encounter that her husband arranged for her with Will Pounder, according to the scene's voiceover that happens while we see Col touching her lovely body. Col's scene with Pounder is her memories of the tryst and well, it's really, really hot. Col gets Pounder's hard cock all the way down her throat in the oral part of the proceedings. Pounder seems absolutely smitten by her oral efforts and the look on his face is pure concentration as she rides him. He studies her throughout the scene to give her all of the fucking she wants, exactly how she wants it. Her tanned skin glows with her sweat as she enjoys the fuck out of herself in this. Macy Meadows masturbates in front of Tyler Nixon while Nixon talks to Meadows' husband on the phone. Nixon is there to fuck Meadows to her heart's content and to take pics of the fun that they have for her husband's later consumption. Nixon rubs and licks Meadows until she squirts all over him. She gets right to giving great head after dousing Nixon with her girl juices and he adores how she works his balls as part of the mouth and throat fun. Meadows gets off on his girth as he skillfully fucks her pussy from there. She squirts more from the fucking and they definitely give each other a hell of a workout with their mutual amount of stamina.

Kay Lovely is more than a little nervous about her very first hotwife experience that she and her husband set up with Jason Moody. She goes to meet him in nothing but a lace bralette and panties and ends up bolting to another room because she has no idea what to do in the moment. She is overwhelmed by the experience. After talking to her husband for a moment, she is calm enough to try again. Moody goes into a nurturing but still lusty space with her, making sure that she is as thoroughly pleasured by his touch as she can be. He licks her pussy, and she makes him cum twice in their really fucking hot, very hardcore fuck sesh. Lovely gives it all in her really solid performance in this. Lovely works her body hella well, people. Kimmy Kimm looks lovely in the shower. Once she gets out, she is joined where she is joined by Chad Alva who gives her lingerie to wear. She dresses up for him and he is just so excited to be with her, just gushing over how he thinks she is lovely. He face fucks her well before she gets on top of his hard cock to ride him in cowgirl. She forces her hips down on him hard to take him nice and deep in their passionate scene.

The DVD includes a behind the scenes featurette, a bonus sex scene, a fetish menu, trailers for other New Sensations releases and company contact info. You can also watch all of these scenes on the New Sensations website.

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of New Sensations.


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