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New Sensations’ Hair Down There 7

  • Release date:
    August 9, 2022
  • Cast:
    Hazel Moore, Laney Grey, Lilly Bell, Nickey Huntsman, Bruce Venture, Michael Stefano, Charles Dera, Tyler Cruise

Eddie Powell and Paul Woodcrest direct these very hot scenes that all feature female porn stars who have their crotch fur grown out and groomed nicely for their appreciative male partners. It could use a smidge more focus on the fetish, but it's got damn great fucking overall.

Michael Stefano arrives home from a business trip on his birthday, and Lilly Bell is waiting for him in red mesh, lace panties, a bra, and her nicely coifed bush. He joins her in a bedroom, and after some making out, she loves the fuck out of the pussy licking and pube pulling that he gives her. I love how they take their time with each other here, savoring and enjoying each other's bodies. Bell works to take his thick cock as far down her throat as she can. He plays with her pubes for a bit to get her even wetter, and she enjoys the fuck out of taking him deep in her in reverse cowgirl and a bunch of other positions in this. He treats himself to some time with her feet as he is wont to do. He shoots his load on her bush as she rubs it into her hair. In a voiceover, Laney Grey talks about how she likes strong men like her masseur Charles Dera. We see her pose in mint green panties, showing off her bush before she and Dera kiss, and he gets her out of her underwear so that he can adore her bush. He lifts her onto the massage table to massage her with oil all over and enjoy more bush worship. She gives him some ridiculously great-looking, dedicated cock sucking while kneeling on the table. She tugs on her pubes and is wonderfully submissive to him as he fucks her in their hot pairing. She gets off a ton on his cock from the pounding that he gives her, and he gives a great fuck sesh, with his load ending up on her bush.

Nickey Huntsman and her long-haired lover Bruce Venture reunite after spending some time apart, and she gets to share her bush with him for the first time as she grows it out in his absence. He turns out to be a fan of her bush, giving her lots of bush appreciation touch and fondling before their nice reuniting creampie fuck. Huntsman looks beautiful getting dicked down by Venture in this. Tyler Cruise arrives late to meet up with his girlfriend, Hazel Moore. She answers the door in a red lingerie ensemble which flusters him for a moment because of how hot she looks, but he heads inside, and everything works right out. She is supposed to be getting ready to go out and tells him that she must shower and shave. He tells her that she does not have to shave for him, and he watches her undress for her shower longingly in the bathroom. She shows him in the shower, getting her whole body wet for him. He decides to join her there. They look beautiful together in the shower as he rubs her pussy to get her all kinds of wet for him. They head into her bedroom for an excellent vag fucking time with him from there.

The DVD includes a behind the scenes featurette, a fetish menu, trailers for other New Sensations releases, and company contact info. You can also watch all of the scenes in this online over at the New Sensations website.

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of New Sensations.


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