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New Sensations’ A Black Bull For My Hotwife 6

  • Release date:
    October 12, 2021
  • Cast:
    Aubree Valentine, Charly Summer, Jamie Jett, Lyra Lockhart, Will Tile, Scotty P., Jax Slayher

AVN Hall of Famer Eddie Powell directs this solid, very well cast entry in the fan loved polyamory/interracial series.

Charly Summer comes home after after a hard day at work where she had to fire two people and she gets out of her work clothes, surprised to see Jax Slayher sitting on her living room couch watching her. Summer's husband thoughtfully arranged for him to be there as her stress relief. Once his huge cock is in her mouth, her managerial responsibilities are forgotten and she is all about getting dicked down. Slayher spits in her mouth to get the face fucking more lubricated and Valentine makes herself breathless with the oral part of this hardcore, quality fuck sesh. Masseur Will Tile is hired by Lyra Lockhart's husband to help her with her back issues and to giver her whatever kind of fucking that she wants. Lockhart was generous enough to share what she loved most about the scene with us here and I just have to say that Lockhart is just one of my very favorite performers to watch, ever. She absolutely is. Her body is banging, she is sweet as can be and holy cow, she loves getting dirty on camera. She works Tile's cock with her face and pussy hella well here and please treat yourself to some Lockhart in your porno viewing sooner rather than later, OK?

Jamie Jett is happy to see Scotty P. there to fuck her today as a present from her husband. Jett's husband also has P. present her with a lovely gold anklet which P. puts on her before Jett gets into some loud, particularly slutty throat fucking awesomeness. P. enjoys gripping her platinum hair as she takes him down her throat in this. She loves the hell out of pussy fucking that he gives her in this and wow, she looks fantastic riding him. Jett is a voracious performer and just looks like she would be a ton of fun to fuck. Petite brunette Aubree Valentine uses a black dildo to get herself off while blindfolded per her husband's instructions before she is joined in the room by Slayher. Valentine gets off for him happily here and wow, she loves giving him--and us--a show before he gets to enjoy her mouth and her snug pussy. Valentine has a ton of orgasms in doggie here and she is up for anything that Slayher dishes out in this pretty banging tryst.

The DVD includes a behind the scenes featurette, a bonus scene, a fetish menu, trailers for other New Sensations release and company contact info. You can also watch this online on the New Sensations website.

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of New Sensations.



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