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Naughty Bookworms 32

  • Release date:
    July 26, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 18m
  • Cast:
    Haley Sweet|Lexi Bloom|Katt Dylan|Ashley Storm|Solhey Cancino

Genre: Teen, Schoolgirl, Naughty America Bookworm Series

Director: ? (N/A)

Cast: Haley Sweet, Solhey Cancino, Katt Dylan, Lexi Bloom (appears on cover) and Ashley Storm. Male cast information was not available

Length: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Date of Production: July 26, 2013

Extras: The main title page offers a couple of extras for the view. There are two 30 second trailers from Naughty America: Christy Mack headlining “Naughty Bookworms”; and Holly Michaels and Vanessa Cage featured in “Naughty Athletics”

There is also a “Behind the Scenes” clip featuring Bill Bailey and Julia Ann. It is just the two of them engaging in casual talk post scene, like how long they’ve know each other, who was Bailey’s first scene in porn with, etc. It was kind of an interesting look into the interaction between stars after a scene is shot.

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: There was no information provided in regards to the aspect ratio of the feature (fullscreen, widescreen and if so what ratio was used (1.78:1), and no audio track information (Dolby Digital 5.1, stereo, mono, etc.) was listed.

Overview: It’s pretty easy to understand, based on my first few reviews, what is considered a turn on for me when it comes to porn. We can throw in the schoolgirl genre into this mix. I have to be honest, I was not familiar with the cast of the film, and by the end of the movie, two made a great impression on me – Sweet and Bloom. The Naughty America brand and its multitude of series are a staple in porn, and the company usually delivers a quality viewing experience.  This is the 32nd installment of the Naughty Bookworm franchise. It doesn’t deliver anything (probably) new than the first 31 in the series, but I loved a few of the scenes, the starlets for the most part had good chemistry with their male counterparts and the camera work was stellar the entire film. It’s Naughty Bookworms 32!

Scene 1

Haley Sweet

Haley stops by her professors’ house in hopes to get help to pay her tuition. The professor (I apologize, I could not track down the male cast of the film) is first hesitant of letting her in his home and does and great job of avoiding her persistent nature … at first. We learn that the professor has money from a bonus he received earlier in the year.  Sweet’s persistence pays off, as she grabs his cock, pulls down his pants and goes to work. There was only so much the professor could do before succumbing to Sweet’s blow job pressure … as would I, probably. Sweet takes of her veterinarian outfit, exposing her hot pink lingerie, before she continues to slobber on his cock. I love her body and beautifully shaved pussy which he works nicely with his tongue. He slides his rod inside of her from the side, giving her a nice pounding, before she goes back to sucking on his staff. Sweet then assumes the cowgirl position riding up and down with enthusiasm and passion. There is solid camera work – close up and distance – to get the full effect. The professor really rams her hard and fast it certainly had me aroused. I absolutely enjoyed her dialog (simple and effective moans mixed with command of what she likes). Her pussy play while getting fucked from behind was another turn on for me personally. The professor ends the lesson by cumming on her ass.

Scene 2

Solhey Cancino

Cancino drops of research materials and her thesis late night to the professor. While he is reviewing her work, she is on her phone, which clearly bothers him. He snatches the phone from her and puts in in his pants, and says the only way she can get it back is if she personally retrieves it. She eventually agrees to get the phone from his pants and when she reaches in, to everyone’s surprise, she gets a handful of the professor’s cock. Cancino gives an average blow job to begin with, and she eventually warms up a little bit to liking it. She rides cock, but it is nothing special and the sex in the reverse cowgirl was just not as aggressive or as hot as I would like, especially from watching the previous scene with Haley Sweet. The doggy position is the best, thanks to some great close up camera work of her pussy being pounded. Cancino IS hot and has a great ass and shaved pussy, but it was hard for me to get into the scene – maybe it was the storyline set up, but it was a little lackluster for my taste.

Scene 3

Katt Dylan

This had horrible written all over it from the get go. Dylan breaks into her classroom wearing a panty hose over her face, and it looked real dumb/amateurish. And yes we can recognize you thru the disguise. The teacher catches Dylan trying to sneak back out, and demands that she takes off clothes and to suck his cock, which she gags on nicely. Dylan strokes it with 2 hands, and gets throated nicely. The scene had your typical positions – missionary, cow girl, reverse cow girl and doggy, but this was the second straight scene where I could not get into it. The transitions between positions were a little sloppy and I did not see any authentic enjoyment from Dylan.

Scene 4

Lexi Bloom

In a complete reversal from the previous scene, I LOVED this scene from the start. Bloom, who has a tight body, great tits, and of course sporting the glasses and outfit to complete the teacher-student fantasy, goes to her teacher’s classroom for some after school fucking. The dialog between the two is seamless, and the foreplay, combined with enthusiasm sets the tone perfectly. Bloom’s stroke and spit game is by far the best of the other starlets in the movie, and that just turned me on even more. The professor picks her up and fucks her standing up – if you can pull that off, I say why not! I loved her moans while she is getting fucked. This was a needed scene after the previous two. She has some hot pussy play during fucking, while on her back with both legs in the air. He does such a great job pounding her, before she sucks his cock to lick up her sweet pussy juice. I certainly appreciated the camera work from behind – Bloom’s ass cheeks were spread to expose the hot sex. I couldn’t get enough of this scene and the director did not let me down. I loved every minute of this scene, and I would not have been mad if I had to watch Bloom fuck in the entire movie! You can tell she’s really enjoying all of it, which just made the entire experience wonderful. She sucks him off wants him to cum on her face; and just when I thought it might be over, the sex kept going and I was not complaining. It is a 30 minute marathon, well worth every minute as he finished by dropping a creamy load on her face.

Scene 5

Ashley Storm

Storm wants to be considered for the botany grad program in London with her professor. Her professor notes that she is a good student and would be the perfect fit to be a part of the program. She wants to make it official and drops some clever botany metaphors in relation to sex. “I could use a little pollinating” she says. Great piece of writing! Storm has super hot thin body (tattoo on rib cage) and the professor warms up the scene by licking her shaved pussy. She then focuses her attention on his massive cock, devouring all the way in her mouth. I loved the way she put his cock in her mouth displaying nice and slow tongue action which really made my pants tight. He fucks her on her back on the desk, and the nice camera angle captures him ramming his rod into her. There is good enthusiasm from Storm, but things were just a little discombobulated at times during position changes. It was not as smooth as the previous scene with Lexi. Nevertheless I enjoyed watching Storm from the doggy position and enjoyed how she said she wanted his cock back inside of her – it was subtle, but hot … the rest of the scene was pretty par for the course position wise, and he cums on her face which she really enjoyed.

Final Thoughts:

As noted earlier, I always expect Naughty America to deliver a quality production. Not knowing the starlets in this film before viewing, I came away absolutely entertained by Lexi Bloom. Her command of the scene (camera presence), mixed with her enthusiasm, dirty talk and flexibility made for one of the hottest scenes I have watched. I also enjoyed Haley Sweet and Ashley Storm, which helped Bloom carry this movie. There are no surprises in the 32nd installment of the ultimate teacher-student fantasy and I give it a solid Recommended.


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