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Naughty Bookworms 31

  • Release date:
    June 28, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 48m
  • Cast:
    Jessie Rogers|Riley Reid|Giselle Leon|Ashlynn Leigh|Maia Davis|Khloe Kush

Unless you're riding the shortbus to school (and if you are, there is nothing wrong with that), Naughty Bookworms 31 isn't a DVD which you'll be looking to add to your library.  Maybe you're a teacher?  If so, perhaps this collection of 5 scenes (with 6 girls total) will have you calling in sick so you can rub a few out; don't lose your job over a relationship with a student, though - just pop this bad boy in, sharpen your #2 pencil, and close the shades...

The cover girl shouldn't have been the cover girl, based on her so-so body or on her performance in this scene.  Jessie Rogers is her name, and my colleagues tell me that she has upgraded in the chest-section sometime after this DVD was released - honestly, it wouldn't have changed my grade... just not my kinda gal.  This girl's ass looks so much better on the cover than it did on the screen.

Tommy Gunn plays our teacher, our "anatomy" teacher, ha ha ha... she calls him "professor", so now I'm confused as to whether this is supposed to be high school or college.  The only people who wore backpacks at my college in Crete were selling shrooms, so now I'm thinking high-school; professors don't teach at high schools, though.  Anyway, Jessie is seeking knowledge on the male penis, and Tommy admits to having one, so... in the 'name of education', he drops his pants and Jessie begins to learn with some real-life experience / on-the-job training... they exchange oral, then fuck missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spoon, and doggie.  To close the scene, Tommy drops some liquid knowledge right on Jessie's face... a little disappointed that she wore glasses as a prop and he failed to aim his cum on them... she gets a B for looks, B for performance.

The weakest of the 6 girls in terms of appearance (to this Greek man's eyes), Giselle is a bad student with poor grades... she goes to visit Mr. Mark Wood (Professor Wood, my bad) so she can explore options as to how she can raise her grade.  Mark, already having been educated, has a great idea...

Gisele and Mark perform almost the exact same positions as the folks in the first scene - the exception here being spooning versus reverse spooning... her blowjob was decent.  I don't know what country this chick is from, and I'm hardly about to waste my time googling that shit, but she seems to be some sort of exchange-student.  On average, better at math & science versus the common American, Giselle also seems to have a few years of experience on the other girls here in the fucking department... Mark gets a C- on the cumshot; Giselle is on her knees, opens her mouth, and he misses the hole, instead blasting on her chin...

Khloe Kush & Maia Davis give us one of the top scenes on this disc.  Professor Jordan Ash should have gotten some tutoring from Professor Gunn... blackmailed by these two cuties, what a fool, Jordan keeps them quiet by giving them some dick action.  Khole, with the wide-open eyes below, sucks mad cock while Maia works his balls... the girls 69, they all fuck in all the ways three people can, and then Jordan pops in the blonde's mouth before she swaps it with Khloe, who then swallows the cum like so many girls before her have...

Anyone seen Human Centipede? This is kinda like that, without poop and blood...

Ashlynn Leigh & Professor Johnny Sinns both get top marks for their effort in this scene.  That being said, below Ashlynn is showing Johnny her A; but, he instead takes plan B and puts his D in her C.

Ashlynn wins best BJ on the DVD... she licks balls with passion, slurps her own saliva, chokes a few times... very sexy, girlfriend. She gets licked and then fucked from behind, enjoys it, and then flips around for some more. Her body isn't the tighest you've ever seen, but that kinda adds to the charm of the scene to me... the scene ends with Mr. Sinns shooting cum onto Ashlynn's glasses and her taking him back into mouth again... this lass was fierce - I think I like this girl now...

Riley Reid and Professor Tommy Gunn... this man is so dedicated to education, he may very well get put on a stamp someday; libraries shall be dedicated in his honor, wings of buildings will be named after him... or at the least, a lifetime achievement award from AVN. Edward James Olmos - go shove Jaime Escalante up your ass and give up the podium for Tommy Gunn as Professor Tommy Gunn... when does this man sleep?

Riley should have gotten this DVD cover - just look how juicy and inviting the above pussy looks!

I spy cum on your chin, running down your throat, in your hair, on your glasses, a bit on your shoulder...

The special features section is a bore, and once you get to know me, you'll find that I have no love for false advertising.  The cover clearly references a 'behind-the-scenes' featurette - it lasts one minute, literally.  That doesn't count - just ask Mrs. Pornopolis after I come home from 18 straight hours of watching my gyro meat roasting.

In terms of teacher-student DVD's which I've cum across, overall this one is slightly better than average. I needed more mini-skirts and discipline, I think...


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